49er themed Superbowl party; styling with red/white and gold.

A girl rooting for the 49ers because their outfits have a better color palette is like a dude liking Jacob over Edward because he probably has more powerful lats and could challenge him in a arm wrestling contest; it’s just all wrong, and totally beside the point and YET, you can see it makes a bit of sense.

Red/gold and white are pretty colors together; they just are. So, this is how I would style my casual, rustic and oh-so-very masculine Super Bowl party.

A little bit organic, a little bit of glam. Casual enough for Brian but with just enough femininity for me.

1. Tessa Ivory/Gold Porcelain Irregular Tray, $237.60, 2. Root Platter (Medium), $13

3. Colorblocked Baguette Board, $198, 4. Egg Platter, $19.95

5. Threshold Appetizer Plate Set of 4, $14.99, 6. Ticking Stripe Placemats/Napkins Set of 4, $160/$128

I pretty much only drink beer from Stella glasses. I’m VERY fancy like that. I love the mix of the footed wood platters with the gold and white bowls. I also love dip, mainly because they are like fancy condiments and plus you can say the word ‘dip’ all the time. For instance, “Pass me that onion dip” or “What is in this nacho dip?” So fun. It’s a party for your lips.

1. Glass Yorkshire Dispenser, $19.99  2. Stella Artois Chalice, $14.99/set of two

3. Shallow Salad Bowl, $125  4. Falcon Plate Set, 24.99 GBP

5. Diamond Cut Nesting Bowls – Gold, $99  6. Blonde Wood Pedestals, $24.50 – $89


I have that white enamel bowl with the red hearts and I love it so much. The straws might be a bit fussy with your beer, but they’ll look very good in a cup on your bar and that’s really what the party is about — your bar cart styling skills.

1. Paper Straws – Red and White Striped (144), $8.59  2. Reusable Knork Red Set of 24, $10

3. Heart Enamel Bowl, $49.50 (already sold)  4. Acacia Wedge Server, $21.95

Do you also base your football picks on their outfits color palette? ALSO I’M KIDDING; I root for the team with better hair.

  1. "Outfits" hahaha… I've slipped and called them "costumes" before. Whatever. Football blows, but this is pretty and lovely and as close to the Superbowl as I would want to get.

  2. dude, i root for the church with the best outfits. so far the apple green satin summer surplice of the greek orths wins.

  3. Mariah

    I know purple and black is kinda tacky, but I get to wear purple legwarmers and purple feathers in my hair. But it's all for the boyfriend anyway, lets just say he can have a man cave (when we have room) but it will be not be in his team's colors.

  4. Elise

    I think EVERY superbowl party nationwide should be all about the styling. And the food of course.

    Great ending line about the hair! My imaginary football boyfriend has great hair. Check him out everyone: Chris Kluwe of the MN Vikings. A beautiful boy inside and out. Fights for LGBT rights and gay marriage. Love Love Love him! Don't tell his wife (or my husband).

  5. Haha I choose my team the exact same way! To be honest I totally didn't even realized Super Bowl was this weekend ;/ So many great picks here though, that first white and gold tray is amazing and the hearts bowl is too freakin cute.

  6. oh my. i love those gold nesting bowls. and totally agree, the superbowl is all about the styling and food…game is just background noise. but shh, don't tell my hubby!

  7. Ariel

    Um, Elise, Chris Kluwe is My Imaginary Football Boyfriend!

    In other news, go Ravens! And also, those gold nesting bowls are awesome!

  8. Sara

    i must have those Threshold plates now. I can think of no better way to display some chicken wings. which are in my opinion the only reason to watch football.

  9. Jeanne

    Beautiful but you might as well watch the Downton Abbey marathon.

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