4-H post 2.

This reads:  I made a nutritious sandwich for this, it looks like this: (and then there is a rather crude drawing), it had cheese, ham, turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, red lettuce and different kinds of cheese and meat.  (redundant much, emily?)

And lets not be mistaken, i won $3 for that sub.  i mean, is sandwich making really a viable skill to learn? 

oh and the first one said:  this ribbon is for a recipe collection i did.  that one i’m ignoring because i remember it being a lame collection of hand written (was this before computers? quite possibly) recipes in a box 

look at the beauty i sewed on the left.  princess sleeves, florals….yep, that’s me alright. 

and the jewels.  fancy, emily, fancy.


  1. I wish I had your childhood! Wow. I wonder if theres anything like these type of competitions here in Austin… For my future kids.

  2. Gosh Emily, even in comparisons to the post I wrote about couture (Couture Considerations I may just say you have insane skills!!! That may be because I can't sew a single stitch, but I digress…

    Oh and as for the sub, ummmm in my house that is considered a legitimate skill. My husband and I have daily battles over what belongs on the sandwiches that he takes to work!

  3. whisterpotpie

    Careful or I'll post my 4-H sewing project. A yellow (!) swimsuit with a parrot print cover up. Striking!

  4. Um, can we talk about how fab those earrings are? Maybe it's because I don't have pierced ears, but I'm in love. I think you should design a room around them.

  5. Mrs.B

    Emily. Completely off topic, I want to tell you that you have impeccable taste. I am serious – you can NOT pecc it. Everything you do I love, There are very few designers I feel that way about. I didn't watch Design Star, I thought it was going to be DIY central and I am not a fan (although I love to DIY, I flatter myself that you can't tell with mine!!). However I saw a promo for the special on Ian's house and I was blown away, I wrote large notes around the house so I wouldn't miss it! It was AMAZING. I am so looking forward to your series and hopefully you have a book in your future???
    Blessings to you, Mrs.B.

  6. Carly

    YES!!! More of these pix & relix! They make me want to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

  7. marisa

    Oh do these pics ever bring back memories of those days. I have great pictures of my sister in that sort of hair and dresses – just like that. Love it.

  8. bekah

    Any one know where I might be able to find the first episode (the special with Ian) online? Hulu nor HGTV seems to have it…

  9. Julia Matejka McMorran

    Love the photo with you and Robin. Was that 5th grade? As for the Coos County Fair ribbons… classic. I've a couple of those myself, although I don't remember there was a monetary award to go with them!

  10. Sarah

    ahh the talent brewing at an early age :) adorable!

  11. I have a question and you should totally email me back! Yes, yes you should. (<— that was me asking)

    What do you think of when you hear the word "METROPOLITAN"…?
    I have to make a concept board based off of that word and I don't know where to start. I can pick anywhere from wood samples and fabric to everyday objects and I don't have any idea where to start!! UHMM….ok so when you did the final challenge on design star and you made the room based off of Tom's suit, would that be Metropolitan or am I totally off base?


  12. Wow – your work is incredible. I just finished watching Design Star marathon-style and absolutely fell in love with your last two rooms!

    This comment is unrelated to your 4H work (though I must say you were quite the seamstress). I'm wondering actually if you have any resource suggestions for branches. I noticed that you feature quite a few beautiful versions in your portfolio and I have always loved the look, whether on a dining room table, mantle or in a beautiful vase on the floor. Where do you find your branches and any suggestions for kinds that last a bit longer or are even a more permanent option? Thank you!

  13. Jen

    Hahaaaa! OMG. So funny. At least you are a good clothes shopper now!

  14. Oh God, I love the earrings.

    (And I think I had a dress in that same pattern…. Maybe that's where my love of painting flowers came from haha)

  15. Kate

    I had a dress exactly like that! Well the flowers were bigger and the colors were more like the other dress but it was probably the same pattern. My mom made them for all of the bridesmaids for my older sister's wedding 20 years ago (I was only 10 so I was a junior bridesmaid).

  16. diana

    I am a "Home-Ec" teacher for high school- and I must say it would be pretty kick ass if I had more students like you!!

  17. teacher for high school- and I must say it would be pretty kick ass if I had more students like you!!

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