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First of all did y’all see my closet and casa over at Oh Joy’s yesterday? It’s all to get amped up for the big night. Next saturday night. SFAS premiere.  And the best part is that unlike the special its going to be on every week – for 26 weeks.  That is like a lot of secrets.  

But you know what isn’t a secret?  i sewed this dress when i was 11 for 4-h.    

Watch out Marc Jacobs.  And i told you about my floral obsession, clearly it started real young.  

And don’t worry, if you want to wear a pink t-shirt underneath you totally can:

Like no big deal.  and yes, i sewed that ‘t-shirt’ too.  And the best part is that if you just wanted to wear it as a skirt you the straps were removable.  genius.

I’m sure i did not ‘Go to State’ on this one.  Not my best work.  

  1. Too funny! You did much better in 4-H than I did. I honestly can't remember anything I made and neither can my mom!

  2. Watch out Marc Jacobs? How about "watch out Giselle!" love the poses!!! xo.

  3. Ha ha! You crack me up! Your posts and in this case, little numbers, make my day!

  4. Amy

    Love it! Very Juniper Creek.

  5. amyks

    Love the versatility of the dress/skirt…very clever! :)

  6. Lisa

    SO excited to see your promo on HGTV today!

  7. That is too funny Emily…you are still as adorable as the 11 yr old girl! Glad you had the spunk back then too :) Kisses!

  8. Becky the Other

    I love the floral prints also! Where can I find that lovely blue and yellow floral fabric from Oh Joy's closet and casa segment with you? It would work in my bedroom perfectly! Loved you on Design Star, loved the Secrets from a Stylist with Ian, love the blog, and I can barely contain my excitement for your show!

  9. I made a very similar pattern in high school – my skirt was pink with little ivory flowers and the shirt was ivory to match the flowers – I wore it to a Valentine's Day dance. So far you are the only other person I've seen who had one! Cool! :-)

  10. Sandy

    I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! Sucks I can't watch your show as I'm in Canada. Totally following :)

  11. Janet Hild

    Just out of curiousity, what statue are you standing in front of??? If I'm guessing correctly, I know exactly where you were. Janet.

  12. Karyn

    I'm pretty sure my grandma used the same pattern. My version was a tan thin whale corduroy…yours is so much prettier.

  13. Oh, that's hysterical. I love the uber wide floral straps! Too cute. Clearly you learned more in 4-H than I did — of course, I only went to two meetings ;). As it turns out, I'm better at taking pictures than making jumpers.

    SO excited for your premiere Emily! I have a premiere party in the works :-).

  14. You are the cutest thing in the entire world. Plus, I honestly love the dress! I love flower prints.

  15. Darling! So so cute and funny to look back on. You'll be proud; I won 1st place for "cake decorating" in 4-H. Booyah. ;-)

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR PREMIERE TOMORROW NIGHT! I have the DVR set but I'm hoping to watch it live. I've been on team Emily since the first Design Star episode!!

    warm wishes,

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