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You like my pretty things don’t you? Well they are all from Etsy, and I picked out a lot more that are being featured over on the Etsy Site with all the crediting and “where to buy” info. Let’s support the little guy, shall we?

But meanwhile don’t forget to come to West Elm this Saturday for my event with Etsy, 1 – 6pm with Flashdance, HeirloomLA and Orlando. He’s really my daily guest of honor at the office.


more One Kings Lane sale sneak peeks

More One Kings Lane sneak peeks for you because I’m a total tease like that. The sale is March 10th, which is VERY soon, and I’m scrambling to finish the spreadsheet for it. Sorry, no pricing yet, but just be warned, these pieces aren’t cheap. The amount of work that goes into the sale is out of control. But I won’t bore you with that, instead I’ll tell you a story about how I turned garbage into glory.

One day, six months ago, I found this set of sofa/chairs at a thrift store. They were desperate for a face-lift but had great lines and were a great scale. The sofa is actually a hide-abed which you can have completely redone. (The inside mechanism and mattress will run you around $700 = upholstery + labor, etc.)

thrift store chairs

Now, they are these hot pink wonders. I splurged on the fabric because I knew they needed to be in a really amazing color, so I think the fabric alone was $300, but they are just oh so good.


vintage hot pink club chair

You can’t tell in the picture but I de-skirted them, making them way more modern and less retro.

Then there is this vintage plycraft wonder in disgusting ripped black vinyl:

mid-century chair

But don’t worry, because now it is covered in this wonderful teal.

vintage teal mid century

This is the only chair that Brian is BEGGING for us to keep and I still might pull it from the sale at the last minute, but for now it’s going up.

Next are these little ’80s bedroom chairs:

Image 11

The lines are challenging and not for everyone. But I love their little shape and style.  They just need new fabric:

bedroom chairs

Now they are VERY cute indeed. That fabric in the photo looks busy, but it’s actually super soft high quality velvet.

Other goodies up for sale?

waterfall bench

Love that bench. I wish I had the before photo of it because it was in a really beautiful (not) marbled cotton.

lucite bench vintage

And this awesome Paul McCobb desk that I had white lacquered:

paul McCobb desk

My coffee table, I know … she’ll be VERY missed.

brass coffee table

Or these Ming chairs that I had matte lacquered and then dressed up with some vintage handmade wedding blanket fabric:  Please take note of all the brass accents …

ming chairs

To see more sneak peeks check out this post. The sale is March 10th and lasts for three days, so get your measurements ready and distract your spouse just long enough to hit “buy.”

So if these were free, which one would you want to own the most?

Etsy + West Elm + Me, this saturday

Cancel your plans. Clear your schedule. Come to West Elm on Beverly this Saturday (March 2nd) and buy some awesome Etsy stuff (and meet the designers, artists and yours truly). It’s going to be F.U.N., like the band, only less anthem-y and more meeting new people.


As a bonafide shopaholic, I buy a lot from Etsy, often in the middle of the night or while I’m watching Carrie Diaries. That’s why it’s so dangerous. You can shop at any time of the day or night, and find totally unique and one of a kind pieces that impress your clients and make it look like you are just really good friends with a lot of artists.

So here’s a sneak peek into some of the items you’ll find at the pop-up shop. It’s one day, from 1pm – 6pm and there is limited quantity since everything is handmade.


1. The Sailor by Kelly Kyoko  2. Big Twig Mobile by Kim Baise Mobile  3. The Arrow by Kelly Kyoko 4. Triangle Inca Scarf by Sol del Sur

What’s so smart about West Elm is that the people that run the company aren’t intimidated or threatened by other designers, in fact they embrace them, help them grow and make money and that in turn makes them look good.  With their collaborations they are actually helping smaller artists and designers become more successful — not putting them out of business. Now that, my friends, is good PR and marketing. It makes designers like me want to buy their stuff because they feel less “big box” and “corporate beast” and more modern, boutique, interesting, unpredictable, and constantly evolving. In fact, I tend to always buy their collaborative pieces because they are always very interesting and awesome, but also because they are seasonal so they feel exclusive and short-lived, unlike most big box pieces that you see over and over and over.
etsy event 4
1. Book Plates by Krank Press  2. Roly Poly Soap by Fabled Soap Co.  3. Mini Hearts Tea Towel by Sass and Peril

All the artists are L.A. based, which is very exciting because it means that maybe we can be friends and maybe they’ll come to my birthday parties looking and acting all eccentric and then people will think that I’m very interesting.  I’ll be all, “Oh hey friend. This is my new friend, Steve who has changed his name to ‘Mother’ (true story) and is a performance artist and a dog whisperer.”

etsy event 1
1. Sweet Grapefruit Soy Candle by pommes frites 2. I Heart Earrings by Upper Metal Class  3. AWESOME by The Iron Curtain Press 4. Solid Maple Wood Cutting Board by Dominik Woods

It’s a lot of jewelry, accessories, art, stationary, candles, soaps (but pretty ones, not weird craft party ones), and pots, etc.

etsy event 2
1. Dover Hanging Plant by tw pottery  2. Clutch Purse by 1.61  3. Braided Wrap Bracelet by Sol del Sur

Please RSVP to the West Elm Facebook page. And if you still aren’t enticed you should know that The Flashdance is DJ-ing, HeirloomLA is providing delicious treats, and there will be a Smilebooth on site to capture all of your pretty photo booth moments.

Spread the word, people. I want everything to sell out and for these designers and artists to get rich!!!!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post and I’m not getting paid. I just like both of these companies a lot.  :)

Best Movie sets; a dedicated post to all production designers

Production designers and set decorators are WILDLY under-appreciated. I would love to do an experiment where different scenes from various amazing Oscar-winning movies are reproduced on a sound stage with the same director, cinematographer, and actors, but without the amazing sets or maybe with just a kinda bad set and prove to everyone how god damn important they are.

With the Oscar weekend here, I thought I’d show you some of my favorite movie set interiors. May we all appreciate them for just one second before we turn our attention to who Snookie is wearing to the Oscars, because the answer is undoubtedly “not enough.”

The Royal Tenenbaums; Production Design by David Wasco


Oh Wes Anderson, you quirky mother who I love and yet am annoyed by. These sets are exciting, provocative, and just so weird.

500 Days of Summer; Production design by Laura Fox, set decoration by Jennifer Lukehart

500-days-of-summer-set-design 500-days-of-summer

I couldn’t find photos of her apartment which I remember thinking, “Ooh that is VERY cute,” but it was refreshing to see actual style and some hipness in the apartments of these young LA-ers. Indie movies normally don’t allocate the budget to this kind of stuff, so the production designer probably worked her ass off to decorate them with so much personality.

Argo;  Production design Sharon Seymour, Set Decoration Jan Pascale


One of my favorite movies this year. This set in particular didn’t blow me away, no, but the whole production design put us smack in the middle of 1979, the year of my birth. It told the story in such a detailed way.


American Psycho; Production Design by Gideon Ponte, Set Decoration by Jeanne Develle


Not my favorite movie and not my favorite set, but it undoubtedly did it’s job in the film. All I want to do is layer some mother loving textiles at least on that cold, hard sofa. I mean, can we get a bloody book for the coffee table?  But, that’s exactly the point because this guy was PSYCHO. Which goes to show you NEVER trust a man with an apartment without accessories. He will kill you with a knife and drip you dry.

Amelie; Production design by Aline Bonetto, Set decoration by Marie-Laure Valla,  Art Directed by Volker Shaffer




Remember when this movie swept the year in movies? I remember seeing it in Ireland when I was doing my post college European tour, and when I got back months later it still hadn’t come to the states, and therefore I felt very cool.  The sets were just so feminine and quirky and full of personality.

Atonement; Production design by Sarah Greenwood, Set Decoration by Katie Spencer



God, this film should have won an award for the best first half of a movie, with a quick turn to a bad second half. Although that library scene was amazing — am I right ladies? Eh? Eh? You know what I’m talking about. Beautiful sets, beautiful costumes, with a little bit of weird lovemaking on the side.

Down with Love; Production Design by Andrew Laws, Set Decoration by Don Diers



I remember not liking this movie, but LOVING the sets, and I still do. That sunken living room with the hot pink circular sectional? Get out of town. Look at that Lucite bar cart? Those hot pink womb chairs? It’s very fun, indeed.

James Bond; Production Design by Peter Lamont



This one is for all you dudes out there — and by “dudes” I mean guys that love extremely well pulled together apartments with gold silk pillows. It’s not exactly a straight man’s bachelor pad, but it’s a well designed space.

It’s Complicated; Production Design by John Hutman, Set Decoration by Beth Rubino


Let’s stereotype for a moment, shall we? When I ask people during a style diagnostic what movie they would want to live in sooo many women say, “It’s Complicated.”  Sure, maybe it’s that we all want to be Meryl Streep or maybe it’s just a really warm, pulled together, yet casual house full of antiques and personality. It’s not my style, but it’s undoubtedly a house that I would want to go home to. You know that fridge is full of delicious food and the DVR is just piled up with episodes of ‘The Americans” and back to back Nicolas Sparks films. The production designer created a space that feels like what we all want to create for  our potential families — somewhere super warm, inviting, casual, yet absolutely high end. It’s the kind of unpretentious wealth that many of us secretly fantasize about.

Marie Antoinette (speaking of wealth) Production Design by KK Barrett, Set Decoration by Veronique Melery



This bedroom is what I like to call a ‘Two weeks ’til he files for divorce” kinda room. I’m sure you get why. Oh the decadence, the lushness, the total absolute indulgence of one Marie Antoinette. The sets were sooo beautiful. While I’m sure they were fairly accurate, I loved how they felt slightly edgy and updated, too. Brian would absolutely die if I forced him to sleep in that bed.

Clockwork Orange; Production Design by John Barry john barry production design


Oh, hell yes. I just went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA and felt totally underwhelmed with my artistic career. I mean, this dude was a total genius and such a visionary. And that set above is crazy exciting and totally weird.


Lastly, a movie that I still haven’t seen and yet I reference it enough to make people think I was in it:

A Single Man:  Production Design by Dan Bishop

A single man set photo

Again, with the circular sectional. Just stop (and by “stop” I mean NEVER STOP). The whole film (or should I say the stills and clips I’ve seen) was amazingly designed and decorated and created an undoubtedly beautiful 1960’s Angeleno world that we all fantasize about. It also doesn’t hurt that it takes place in a Lautner House.

a single man production design

There you are my friends, some of the best designed and decorated film sets of all time. Next time you watch a movie, please take note. It’s their job to help the story along, not to distract from it so we often don’t notice the sets. MANY people think these are actual spaces that exist and I promise you, THEY RARELY ARE.  Sure, they might be shot in a house, but virtually every effing detail has been designed, coordinated, and obsessed over by a team of people that never get credit.

So production designers, art directors, and set decorators, during this weekend where the films that you slaved over will get a massive amount of attention and you’ll get virtually none, know that I love you very much and am inspired constantly by what you do.

Benches; from inexpensive to well, expensive

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Benches are one of the pieces of furniture I need the most. They kinda go anywhere. At the foot of a bed, in a hallway, entrance, under an art wall, in a living room to counter act so much taller furniture, at a dining table … you get it. So here’s my roundup of benches, starting with the cheapies.

These three are pretty great for how inexpensive they are:


1. Bamboo Folding Bench, $59.99  2. Threshold Woven Accent Bench, $99.99  3. Velvet End of Bed Bench, $129.99

And if you want to spend a bit more … That orange one is adorable and if I was traditional, I’d be all over that skirted one that has storage:


1. Antiqua Benches, $149  2. Retro Orange Wool Bench, $148.49  3. Skirted Storage Bench, $191  4. Andalucia Large Dark Brown Leather Bench, $172.99

My friend Scott owns #3 below and it’s strangely great for the price:


1. Dylan Bench, $249  2. Alondra Storage Bench, $207  3. Martha Stewart Living Lombard Long Bench, $239  4. Rainbow Weave Bench, $229

I would officially own all of these, well the ruffled one I’d have in my french cottage, but probably not my current house:  benches-329-400

1. John Vogel Bench, $499  2. Wrap Bench, $399  3. Modern Bench in Knoll Upholstery, $400  4. Betsy Ruffled Skirt Bench, $329 – $519

For those of you who kinda want to splurge more (take note, that navy blue copper bench comes in other bright colors — it’s amazing):


1. Kilim Bench – Blue Stripe, $599  2. Cooper Aluminum Bench, $519  3. Darwin Dining Bench, $549  4. Mueller Bench, $575


1. Moller Model 63A Bench, $800  2. The Clarke Bench, $895  3. Morris Bench, $899

And in case you own your own plane and found an extra $1200 underneath the cushion, here are some splurges for you:


1. Flying Point Bench, $2,400  2. Illusion Bench, $1,698  3. Florence Knoll Bench, $4,320  4. Kilim Rose Bench, $1,298

To read about how I use benches check this post.  And you want to see one of my most favorite benches in the world?

gold bench under art

I know.  My feelings for it are intense.

Thank you very much, Alexis, for helping me with the research and creating the boards. Y’all can check out Alexis’ lovely blog HERE.

So which one is you favorite or do any of you own any of these benches and recommend them?