New artwork collaboration with Jen Gotch and OpenSky

You might know my friend Jen Gotch from this post, or this post, or this post but mainly because she is a former stylist who helped me transition styling into LA and now is the founder and Creative director of Ban-do.

She’s also just one of my favorite people in the world. 

But i don’t require my friends to just be funny and cool and smart, NO, i insist that they also take really beautiful polaroid pictures. Jen has been selling them on her site for a while, but i knew that she had hundreds, nay, thousands of polaroids that i wanted to get my grubby little hands on. So i went through them (whilst brunching) and picked out 10 that are my favorite and thus the collaboration begins.  

Some are girly and pretty and sweet and some are weird and mischievous.  Like me.  

Here are the details:  They are printed on 12×12″ high quality photo paper, the actual image is 11.5″ with 1/2″ border around it. They are $85 unframed and exclusive to opensky.  Here are the ten photos:

A Horse of Course

We’ll Cross that Bridge

Life’s a Beach

 Vintage Flowers

Let’s Bake, Cupcake



Lucky 13

Meet your Maker



So here’s how i’ve used them so far:

These two go perfectly above my barcart. They are all, ‘hey lady, its 6am on friday morning but i’m sure its 5pm somewhere’.  Chevron up top and Lucky 13 on the bottom.  I love these two together.  

Meanwhile i used a bunch of them while styling and shooting the Venice loft we finished decorating this week:

Oh hey instagram.  I wish that lampshade wasn’t so white and big. It didn’t look weird in the space, but its bugging me in the photo becasue i just wants to sees the pretty photograph. That one is ‘Life’s a Beach.’

Here’s an actual photo by Bethany Naurte of the vignette.  Wallpaper by Kremelife, in a custom color.  The color is true to this photograph, not the instagram above it that looks all serious and less colorful.  

That photo is ‘Life’s a Beach.

Then i used these two photos, ‘A Horse of Course’ on the left and ‘We’ll Cross that Bridge‘ on the right.  

I’m obsessed with that horse and bought one for me as well. The golden gate bridge photo is so quiet and the perfect gift for someone who has nostalgia for SF or just lives there and loves it. 

This was the guestroom with Vintage Flowers, and yes, i love that Shirley Fintz lamp by West Elm. 

I love them all. I’m getting my little brother the ‘Static‘ because he thinks its ‘cool’ and he’s right.  

The framing situation is extremely easy.  Ikea sells these frames (all above) for 19.99. They are called ‘Ribba’, link HERE.  They look totally high end and gallery and fit perfectly in these frames.  You don’t need to buy a mat or anything. 

So for under $100 you can get a beautiful photo in a great frame (frame NOT included) curated by moi, shot by Jen Gotch.  I truly love them all so much and i’m having to stop myself from having a huge grid of them on my wall, looking like the truly obsessed Jen Gotch fan that i am.  

Link to collection HERE.

FDR Chic – a dude’s mix of antique, mid-century and bohemian style

Ian Brennan wears polyester wranglers and white v-neck tee-shirts everyday – but in a good way. He’s like a Hollywood cowboy.  He is a co-creator of Glee and has a black belt, but is obsessed with history.  So doing his style diagnostic took a few days to figure out. What i came up with was a mix of masculine antiques, global pieces, and 60’s mid-century.  He loves FDR, Mexico, and the Beatles. But he’s still a dude and at the time he was a single dude so i needed it to be layered and styled and full (because hes NOT a minimalist and didn’t want it to be cold and modern) but still masculine.

I purchased the coffee table at HD Buttercup and it was  a splurge at $1200, but i’m still so glad we paid it because it’s the most functional table ever – it’s huge but indestructable so when people come over everyone throws all their food and drink on it and not a mark is left. It also grounds the living room, plus it’s edgy so it brings an immediate ‘cool dude’ vibe. Remind me to never say cool dude again.

The sofa is from HD Buttercup as well and it wasn’t expensive ($1100) but as you’ll see 2 years later it has faded a lot. That’s a good lesson, folks, – if you have a really bright room, don’t get a really dark sofa.  The fabric didn’t seem cheap to me so it wasn’t that – i think ultimately dark fabrics will fade unless they are leather, full of poly or sunbrella (outdoor) fabric.  I brought in that silver dome lamp recently that i got at the flea market (and strangely it didn’t sell on One kings Lane).  The Beatles pillow is an addition that he made and i think it works – as long as there is just one (there are 3 and i always hide the other two when i go over – i’m VERY annoying like that).  The black and white pillow i made myself during the show.

The shelves are propped with what i call ‘dude accessories.’  These tend to be globes, encyclopedias, leather objects, boxes, weird books, antlers and vintage fans.  Some of them up top are kinda ‘proppy’ but you can’t get to them because they are up so high so i needed objects that were graphic, not too busy and popped out of the shelves.   The pendant is from MIX on La Brea but it was in black so i spray painted it white.  There are two of them in the space and they are awesome, and were each $300 which is not bad considering how much impact they have.

Here’s a question i get all the time, ‘How do i style my Golden Globes in my home decor?’  Ugh, i totally understand. Golden Globes are the worst.  Actually to be honest these are beautiful. I work with a lot of writers and very often the trophy awards are purple triangle things and actually hard to make look cool, but these golden globes are 1. GOLD and 2. simple and classic looking.  (He won for creating and writing Glee – he’s the shit).

The side table is from TINI, i believe. The Rug is from Stark Carpets and was $1800, which isn’t pennies but i love it. It’s the perfect golden, ochre-y contrast to all the grays.  Plus it really pulls in the Golden Globes.

How can you entertain Steven Spielberg without a proper bar? You can’t. It’s social suicide in Hollywood. I got the table at the flea market, the vintage tea towel is from Etsy, the glasses are from an antique mall upstate New York (those are mine, though, i brought them in for the shoot, i’m obsessed with them and their little gold crests on them).  And the ‘Scotch’ Vase and leather decanter are also mine.  Above the bar is a page from the Chicago Sun Newspaper from 1887 or something and it’s TERRIBLY fun to read.  I mean, people talked about their horses, hangings and yes, guns.  Also people were very racist, its totally fascinating to read how we have changed in the last 150 years.  There used to be vintage photographs of The Who, but we moved those downstairs and replaced them with these newspapers which we got at the flea market for $80 each.

You might remember that during the show i put edison bulbs in the sconces and left them bare – all hipster like. Well that didn’t last too long.  A. i got over that trend really fast and B. they give off terrible light that pierces your eyeballs even when you aren’t looking at them. So i replaced them with these glass shades about a year ago.


That’s how it was when i finished the show.  In general it hasn’t changed too much, but per usual after living in a space (he moved in the day that we finished) you realize your actual needs and things get shifted. Also when you are doing things for TV you kinda have to commit to something that has been approved even if you know you’d change it.

AGAIN THAT IS A SET PHOTO.  For instance those chairs in the background, i had to leave them there because i was supposed to be mixing more ‘global’ pieces in, when ultimately the bench looks wildly better there.

If you turn around in the room, you see the dining area with this black and white toile wallpaper going up the wall in the stairway, creating an accent wall.  It’s awesome.  The chairs are thrifted and the dining/console table is from HD Buttercup.  The pharmacy trend was still pretty big when i decorated this place so there are a bunch of bottles styled up here, and i still really like them. I’m not into the fake repro’s but these guys are real and have a lot of age to them so i’m cool with it.  No, that is not Ian’s purse.  He prefers vintage airline bags.

And there he is. The worst president of all time. How very topical since the debates were last night. This is a portrait of William Henry Harrison, otherwise known as the worst president of all time because he caught a cold at inauguration and died 30 days later.  That is a very short term.  I found this at TINI. It was probably from a film.

The chair is from the flea market but i had it upholstered in new belgium linen. The pouf is from Mosaic on Beverly, but you can get them HERE online. The lamp is from West Elm and i think it looks super expensive so i wish they still sold it.  When i first designed his house i had a lot of awesome task lighting, meaning lighting with metal shades (like the chrome dome lamp) but ultimatley these give off terrible ambient light since they have harsh light that only spotlights down. Lesson learned.  So a couple months later after i was at a party at his house i changed it up and made a big West Elm order.

FDR Chic; Secrets from a Stylist pilot episode

I know it was 2 years ago but i never properly shot Ian’s house.  So last week Bethany (and her lovely assistant Lauren), Bonnie and I all went over there and styled and shot the hell out of that house.  I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see your work in a photograph.  Weird i know.

But today is a crazy day so its just one sneak peek and i’ll write the proper big post tonight with all the photos.  

Yes, some things have changed, but man i still love this house. And now that Bethany properly shot it i get to stare at this photo for the rest of my life. Even when i’m in his house i’m going to stare at the photo, like the truly obsessed freak that i am.  

if you haven’t seen that episode, check it out HERE. It’s still in my top 3 favorite episodes of SFAS ever.

Check back tomorrow for all the resources and behind the scenes everything.   

The Art of the Bar Cart

If you want to be fancy and posh, whilst filling your home with friends, merriment, and breathtaking vignettes, you should probably invest in a bar cart.  Bar carts have been back for a while — and come in at a close second to weddings and puppies on the pinteresting popularity scale.  Form and functional combine in these pretty little things and with all the vintage glassware floating around the flea markets, the styling opportunities are endless. While ogling some favorite images, I tried to decide how many bar carts one can reasonably own and realized that as long as they are all styled differently, no one would care.  


The necessary ingredients for a successful bar cart usually include: colorful glassware, decanters, ice buckets, pretty booze, a tray to corral odds and ends, cocktail shaker/tools, and coasters.  I also like adding at least one unique and unexpected item as a conversation piece, and to stay ahead of the Jones’ and their mult-bar-cart-situation.  Some of the best sources are sites like etsy, ebay, and craigslist, the amount of vintage barware out there is endless, so might as well pick up something that will make a statement. Here are a couple of products I would use for my Golden Regency Bar Cart, which might be parked in my powder room.


1. Glasses, 2. Geometric Bottle Opener, 3. Coasters, 4. Bar Cart, 5. Vases, 6. Glasses, 7. Decanters, 8. Tray


I thought Brian might want a bar cart too, obviously.  So, for a more masculine look I chose items with a lot of texture and warmth, and some quirky pieces that might appeal to a guy who primarily likes his decor ‘funny.’ Here are some picks for my Executive Bar Cart:

1. Bar Cart, 2. Bowl, 3. Horn Coasters, 4. Tray, 5. Cocktail Shaker, 6. Whiskey Stones7. Snack Containers

8. Fish Glasses



Finally, my third bar cart would be parked outside next to my infinity pool and bocce court, naturally. I went with a summery color palette with lots of pattern. I don’t care if its fall for many of you, it was 90 degrees yesterday – summer still exists.  A few options for my Color Pop Bar Cart might include:



1. Cocktail Swatchbook, 2. Bar Cart, 3. Vase, 4. Speckled Tumblers, 5. Coasters, 6. Straws, 7. Trays,

8. Ice Buckets 


For more pretty pretty pictures and my favorite product picks, feel free to follow me on pinterest.   Grab a drink while you do it.  From your bar cart.  



22 new and creative ways to DIY your Pumpkins

DIY is in my blood. You can take the girl out of the church but you can’t take the mormon out of the girl. I’m not particularily good at them because i have no patience so i do the first part all great, but then i get frustrated because i just want to see it pretty and styled and instead i have gold leaf all over my face, mod-podge riddling my jeans and Bearcat is just looking at me with utter embarassment.  She gets particularily cocky in October since she’s a black cat and she knows she is important.  Punk. 

But it’s different with holiday because there often isn’t a TON of really amazing decorations out there to purchase, plus you can be kinda sloppy because its temporary and you can be more creative because if you mess it up it’s just for fun – it’s not like trying to refinish your own dining table, spending 3 days on it before you hire a professional. It’s just a pumpkin.  

So here are 22 creative pumpkin ideas that made me want to get my DIY on…..Or at least pay Bonnie to DIFM. (Do It For Me….and i’m kidding…although I once knew someone that got a ‘how to learn to knit’ kit as a gift and she made her assistant do it so she could take credit for it and pretend she learned).  

1. Drink Bowl,  For your kids party – that pumpkin’s not gonna hold much, but it is clever. 

2. Black and White, Totally grown up but still feels creepy, a la John Derian.

3.Decoupage, Not sure if you’ve heard my decopauge stories but one year, i decopauged my life – EVERYTHING was collaged on top of EVERYTHING.  I would kill at this DIY. 

4. Placeholder,  So pretty. Let’s have a fall party.  

5. Leaves  For the traditionalist – totally lovely.  

6. Lace, Lace is trending and your pumpkin can’t be without it this season. It’s Halloween suicide. 

7. Choir Boys, Meet the goofy and friendly pumpkins. The Glee trend continues. 

8. Mercury Glass, i’m actually not sure if this is DIY or not, but she is pretty.  

9. Tourine Topper, So smart. Although measure your tourine before you go to the pumpkin patch – that picture is the result of 4 stylists and editors trying to find the perfect pumpkin.  It looks amazing, but probably not as easy for a normal person without 4 days prep time and two styling assistants.  

10. Planter or vase.  One of my favorites, naturally.  It’s not as playful as a lot of people like to be on halloween, but it’s just so pretty. 

11. Painted.  Not sure if you know, but chevron and dip-dying are trending. Don’t let your pumpkin be caught without them.  

12. Decoupage,  Another decopauge, but different.  

13. Crayons, Probably the best DIY i’ve seen on a pumpkin in a while.  It’s playing on the 80’s saturated splatter paint trend and i’m 100% on board.  I want to try this on walls real bad. 

4. Branches, This one i like, but not a fan of how its styled.  It’s creepy so it needs a more stark creepy environment.  

15. Porcupine Anything that reminds me of a hedgehog is in.  So cute.  

16. Chevron Again, with the chevs – but its the perfect place to do them; non-committal and temporary. 

17. Gold Leaf, Hello, beautiful.  Amazing. Love. 

18. Moth Decoupage  No better time and place for the insectarium trend to continue.  Creepy, but sophisticated. Kinda like Steve Buscemi. 

19. Black Out, Chalkboard paint – so easy, matte and apropos.  I love how they painted the stem, too. 

20. Modern Painted, Apply your painters tape skills to your pumpkins.  

21. Chalk Paint Not to be confused with chalkboard paint.  Chalk paint is milky and extremely matte, giving a really sophisticated finish.  

22. Neon Ah, man. Did you just paint that pumpkin hot pink with a gold stem? I’m 100% all over that.  

So which ones will you guys do? Vote for your favorite and may the best pumpkin win.