Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Ladies and Gentlemen, i’d like to introduce you to Ladies and Gentlemen. 

I saw their new line at Dwell on Design and fell in love.  They have the perfect mix of modern lines but with warmth and character, thanks to to their use of brass, copper and natural finishes and fibers.

I mean.  You know i love this hanging chair.  

So right now on OpenSky i’m selling their beautiful tray:

Lacquer, marble and beautifulness. 

Of course i want it in white:

So, beautiful.  It’s expensive at $210, but i’m telling you that good trays are hard to find.  You can find a million white lacquer trays or vintage brass trays, but this tray, despite its large price tag is worth the splurge.  Buy it HERE.  

I’m also very into these candleholders.  Picture them on your mantel, ladies and gentlemen.

The Homestead candles, for $48. Copper and wood and VERY adorable.  HERE. 

Speaking of hanging chair, this is also on sale:

And there she is at the Lake House i designed.  See the rest of the Lake House HERE and grab the chair for $375 HERE.    And this chair is one thing that i don’t recomend buying vintage. You’ll see them at the flea market and be tempted, but it’s a natural fiber that has been carrying weight for 30 years so its actually going to break a lot faster.  Lesson learned by yours truly. 

TGIF, my friends.  It’s been a crazy week full of hot pink christmas trees and lifesize nutrackers and i for one am very excited for a weekend full of The Bearcat, Brian, yoga and shopping.

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The most amazing purchase i’ve made lately

Calm down, Emily.  Not everyone is going to love this as much as you:

It’s a hanging macrame TABLE.  I’ve never seen one before so when i saw it a month ago i knew that it would eventually be mine. But i didn’t buy it because it was $200 at this random antique store in the valley which i thought was overpriced. But then it kept creeping back into my thoughts, poisoning my mind, teasing my psyche.  So i went back. And it was on sale for $150. Still too much, but these are the things you splurge on: things that you can’t stop thinking about and things that you’ve never seen before.  We are painting the ‘table’ part of it white because i don’t like the finish of the wood and i want to freshen it up a bit.  

I also recently bought this painting for $50, which i love.  She’s all, ‘hey guy, you like-a-my high waisted jeans? Yeah, they are Jordache.’ 

And this new vase came from a thrift store.   The colors are perfect, as you know, and it’s huge so it makes a big impact in the room.  

And finally, this new abstract painting.  The colors are perfect, the price was more than i wanted at $150, but it’s totally worth it because it modernizes my art wall so much.

Must run and spraypaint life-size nutcrackers hot pink.  You know, as you do.  

Hot Pink and Green; currently my favorite color trend.

Combining two very saturated colors is VERY tricky in an outfit and your home, and you can often come off looking like Dr. Seuss, a fast food restaurant or like you are auditioning to be a mascot for your college football team.  

the-moustached-king:    Vlada Roslyakova by KT Auleta, Vogue Russia September 2007.   Coat from Christian Dior Fall Winter 2007 Ready-to-Wear, headpiece from Christian Dior Spring Summer 2002 Haute Couture

But some people can pull it off and i want to be that person.  It’s just so exciting and adventursome.  

summer colours

awesome colors.....

Beautiful green dres


crazy room but i'm intrigued.



Kelly Green Front Door

Splatter paint on vases. From Australian Vogue or Elle Decor UK, I forget.




My new guest room from

Above photo from my guest room redesign.  

Pink and green

Pink and green

Can you handle it?

I’m shooting my holiday episode this week and crazy busy spray painting life size nutrackers hot pink. Yes.  So this week is getting nuttier and nuttier, pun very much intended.  But stay with me for and follow me in Instagram (emhenderson) for behind the scenes pics of the most hot pink and red christmas you’ll ever see.  


Sweating and Shopping With Emily and Orlando

Dear Emily’s Readers,

Can we all just agree that there is nothing worse than sweating? I myself am a prolific sweater. No, I don’t mean that I am a knitted long sleeved piece of clothing. What I am is a sweaty, sweaty man. This is always a problem for me in hot situations such as dinner at restaurants with spicy food, sitting in the sun, and laying face down on the floor on a cool day (which would be a cool activity for anyone else). I’m always the one disgusting, dripping buckets of sweat at the wedding, all over grandma, while everyone else sits there with their matte-finish skin and cool composure. Anyway, Emily and I been sweating our faces off out here in Los Angeles. Mostly because the August weather has been clammy and gross, but also because we keep finding a lot of furniture and accesories worth sweating for. And isn’t that what life is about?

Saarinen Tables seem kinda boring and played out, but check out this beauty from Danish Modern North Hollywood. $525.

Look how exciting it looks paired with these ridiculous chairs and fancypants chandelier.


These school chairs (also from Amsterdam Modern) have pretty, simple lines. $80/each.

Imagine how great they’d look around a casual dining table. Also, please note the miniature stove in the corner. I wonder where they find logs tiny enough to fit in there…

I’ve been sweating this painting for a long time. It’s $275 at Wertz Brothers

But wouldn’t you, like, die to see it displayed like this:

This classic mid-century woven chair was $475 at Amsterdam Modern.

It would make a totally glamorous accent chair in a living room. Especially if the living room is bright and airy and Spanish-inspired like this one.


Emily liked this pot so much she almost threw it on the ground and broke it (accidentally, in front of the store owner). $90 from the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall.

The gold and blue vase is so pretty it seems necessary to buy multiples and display them in your ridiculously oppulent dining room. Because everyone has one of those.


Emily and I were stoked to find this antique wooden giant mirror. $1800 at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall.

I think I might pair it with some more modern elements to all its warmth and character to shine through. Sometimes if you have something that has crazy personality you should put it next to something more simple. It’s kind of like seating Sophia Vergara (crazy personality) next to Megan Fox (something more simple) at the Oscars. It just works.

Meet these crazy masks. Sure, their glazed over eyes make them look like murders who are high on drugs, but don’t you want to take them home with you? $195/each at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall.

I think they’d look great on a gallery wall, peeping creepily at all the art surrounding them.

All of this sweating is kind of worth it considering how many fun things we’ve been finding lately. But please summer, go away and let us shop in peace, free from the clamminess and pit stains that are currently oppressing us. 



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Designer Mashup Challenge with Project Runway

Big old announcement, friends. It’s a Designers Mashup with HP, Jeanne from Aphrochic fame, Hewlitt Packard, and ME for a big Project Runway project.


In case you don’t know Aphrochic, Jeanine is a designer and blogger who has really beautiful African inspired textiles and wallpapers.  They are rad.

I used her wallpaper in the recently aired episode of Secrets from a Stylist, ‘Sexy Aphro Glam':

This room is one of my favorites i’ve ever designed, if i do say so myself.

I didn’t style these shots that were taken by Patrick, but he did a great job because that room had no natural light – that sole window looked into a wall.


It’s so girly and feminine, but i could absolutely live there.

Those tables are from West Elm, but everything else is vintage and reupholstered or refinished.  The rug was from Bonita Interiors in Pasadena (i want this rug so bad, it is exactly what i’ve been looking for for my entrance), and the drapes are custom made, hot pink linen from Grey Lines in New York.

So that is Jeanine, the designer of the wallpaper and an all around extremely lovely and talented person. The wallpaper is called ‘Vibe’ and i’ve loved it forever because the motif is African inspired but the colors are so updated and unexpected.  My client screamed and cried when she saw this room. Watch that episode HERE.   It’s called ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’.

So now Jeanine and I have been asked to partner up for a design challenge for Project Runway and Hewlitt Packard. We are to design a new product inspired by this season of PR and then during the Project Runway finale (s’right, i’m going to the final runway show and i’m going to the parties afterward) we will present them to HP and Project Runway with the three other teams that are doing it.

So what does that mean for you? You guys get to decide which outfit our product will be inspired by:



Jeanine and I will count up the comments between both blogs and whatever outfit/styles win will be the inspiration for the wallpaper we’ll design.  Then we’ll design it on one of those fancy HP Touchsmart with photoshop, like they do on Project Runway.

Then i’ll spend the next six weeks planning my outfits for the big night, which is really why i’m doing all of this. I’ve watched every season of Project Runway since it started and am a massive fan, so being able to go to the final show and the party afterwards is major.

Vote away, my friends.  Make it work…

1. Pattern gone Wild

2. Crazy 80’s or

3. Modern Floral

And naturally you can vote twice so head to Jeanine’s Blog, Aphrochic and cast your vote there.  You have til August 18th and then we’ll blog about the results and start the design process. We only have til September 4th, which is crazy, but sometimes the best things come out of really hard deadlines. Wish me luck…