Design compromise for couples

Men and women decorate differently. We just do.  Excuse the generalizations that are going to happen in this post, i know that everyone is different. But after designing 22 rooms for 22 different couples I’ve come to realize that many of the differences between the sexes are actually the same. So here are some tips–based on my life experiences–that will help you compromise as a couple and decorate your home to be the happiest place you can be.

Let’s start with a story:

Once upon a time, Brian and I  designed a table together. The time was 2001, and with $300 in the bank and a 300 square-foot-studio in NYC/the East Village, we rescued this beauty, this saarinen table base from the basement of our ‘wanna-be-the-musical-Rent’ apartment building. 

It was teeny, we were 22, life was awesome.  But let’s not overlook the fact THAT WE TURNED A SAARINEN TULIP TABLE BASE INTO A STOP SIGN TABLE!!!!!

What? More information you say? So here we go:

The base didn’t have a top or obviously i would have used that.  So the following weekend Brian and I went to the flea market and found a very large stop sign for $20.  Then we had a piece of wood cut exactly the size of the table.  He loved the stop sign, i loved the tulip base. Boom = design harmony. Please note that he has a flavor savor. 

That table isn’t exactly ‘good’ but it IS a conversation piece and that is what we wanted. It was quirky and totally one of a kind.  Too bad i donated it years ago, because it would have been a great relic of our 20’s in New York and we could have burdened our children with it.  

It’s hard for couples to decorate together for 1 million reasons.  He wants comfortable, she wants beautiful. He wants inexpensive, she wants realistic if not luxury.  Ultimately your space does need to reflect both of your tastes in order for both of you to be happy walking through that door at the end of a long day, so i’ll tell you how through the example of me and Brian, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson.  

Also note that these tips apply to any relationship, not just male and female – roomates, same sex, etc, but i’m just using Brian and I as the example.  

1. PRIORITIZE AND LIST HOW YOU WANT IT TO FEEL: When Brian and I moved to LA and started with a clean slate here’s what we did: I asked him what was most important to him, design-wise, and he said:  ‘Comfortable, inexpensive and funny’.   

OK. i can handle that.  

Mine are:  ‘Unique, exciting and personal’.   We both like TV so that wasn’t an issue for us but if it is for you, then truly think about how much you watch tv and how big a part of it is in your relaxing at night. If you don’t too much, move it to a different room, but this battle is extremely hard to win if he truly enjoys watching tv to unwind.  You don’t want to shove him in the other room, just because you don’t like that big black box messing up your decor.  

List what is the most important to you and don’t compromise within that, compromise outside of that. 

2. START WITH A CONSISTENT COLOR PALETTE.  Any two, three or 9 styles can work together if you have one consistent color palette. I can’t stress that enough.  We both love blues, grays, white, green and hot pink.  Once you have a consistent color palette everything becomes so much easier. Just stick to that palette.  

 Bring in masculinity by having a dark color in your color palette, and it doesn’t have to be black.  Navy or charcoal has the same level of masculinity without the heaviness of black.   And while blues and grays are colder tones i balance them with woods, warm leathers and brass.  So make sure to have both cool tones and warm tones to keep it balanced.  




We chose White Diamond by Benjamin Moore for the walls – its a very cold white that works really well with our dark blues.  Anything can go with it and it allows you start with  a blank canvas.  

In our foyer (which i have yet to finish) i chose a neutral gray for the walls:

Half moon crest, by Benjamin Moore. 

In my office i used ‘Loyal Blue’ by Sherwin Williams.  

In your more ‘temporary spaces’, your offices, guest rooms, foyers, hallways, bathrooms you can go more bold – like this gender neutral navy blue – and this is where you also can do your crazy colors, like my guest room in hot pink and green (four leaf clover by Valspar)


4. BUY ONE PIECE OF LEATHER.  He loves leather a lot and i could go for it if it is caramel leather and vintage or really worn. New, black and shiny was not going to work for me.   It took me years to find these chairs. YEARS. So when i saw them in Salt Lake for $900 at a vintage store i knew they were our chairs: 

When you have two fairly masculine pieces that are so prominent, it instantly infuses the room with A TON of masculinity which balances out all my feminine pieces.  These chairs are the perfect balance of Brian and I – they are super low-maintenance because they are leather of course. They are extremely comfortable and large scale and obviously design-wise they kill it with their safari straps and rosewood.  

Anthropologie sells new versions:

I’m not psyched that they are being knocked off, but at the same time i know that i have an original Brazilan piece that can’t be copied, plus this piece (which truly is beautiful) is $2498.  I got mine both for $900.

5. BUY VINTAGE.  We both love vintage and it normally falls into his ‘funny and inexpensive’ categories and definitely falls into my ‘unique and exciting’ categories, so that’s what we buy.  If your partner doesn’t think he/she likes vintage show him/her picture after picture until he realizes that vintage doesn’t mean doilies, it means character and interest that is MUCH cheaper than new/big box pieces.  If budget is your issue, which is it for most of us, then vintage normally solves that problem. 

6. KEEP AT LEAST ONE FOUNDATIONAL PIECE SIMPLE.  We have a couple simple foundational pieces that help all the craziness work together.  While i’m a massive fan of this hot pink sofa that i used in this episode  


It’s a great sofa, but even if it were in grey it is still a bit too feminine to be a major piece in your room.  I love it, i want it, but its not going to work as a compromise with a man in the house.  

So instead i have this:


It still has style and in a unique shape, BUT its deep and comfortable and streamlined enough that it can handle a lot of crazy accessories around it.  

7. GO FOR A FEMININE SHAPE IN A MASCULINE OR GENDER NEUTRAL FINISH.  This is an extremely important rule.  

This bird lamp, for instance is an example of feminine shape, feminine finish.  Brian doesn’t like this lamp, he doesn’t make eye contact with it, he said it was one of the few things that he woul donate if he could.  

I love it.  But its feminine in every way.  If it were navy blue porcelain or wood or even had a navy shade i think he would like it more, but otherwise to him it looks like a ‘knick knack’.  It sits behind the sofa, opposite the TV so Brian doesn’t really care, but its a good example of not gender neutral.  

Instead, go for a feminine shape in a gender neutral color, like my headboard.  I mean, if this thing were in hot pink it would be amazing and i would be divorced. But Brian doesn’t really notice the fact that it has 1 million tufts, that it has rouching and that it is overly feminine in shape and style.  I’ve tricked him. 

I’m revealing my bedroom soon, so this is all you get to see right now.  Stay tuned.  

8  SPLURGE ON CONVERSATION PIECES:  Everybody loves when their friend says ‘OMG, where’d you get that?’, and men like to show off even more than women.  One of these pieces can go a long way and will get everyone into the process.

For instance this chair isn’t exactly practical but he likes it because it is ‘funny':

He also strangely loves this dog because its’ ‘funny’.

And he’s right.  It is funny.  

9. GO CRAZY WITH ACCESSORIES.  As long as you have some simpler foundational pieces and a consistent color palette, bring in you individual personalities through artwork and accessories. 

Porcelain legs, brass A, hot pink art…..

 Floral pillows…..all over the place, but its fine because they are just accessories.  These can be changed out all the time, this is where you go crazy feminine when you want to.  

The question/comment/tweet that i get the most is, ‘He doesn’t want to spend any money on decor and instead  wants lazyboys.’  Men are more practical when it comes to decorative items, they just are.  But practicality doesn’t buy you family heirlooms, so this is my biggest piece of advice for men:

10. Don’t splurge on big box pieces, splurge on heirloom pieces.  If you are on a budget, don’t have an expendable income and its hard to get him to spend $3000 on a sofa, then don’t and instead spend $1200 reupholstering a sofa that will be one of a kinda.   Whether its at a flea market, on a trip somewhere, find something that you both love, that is TRULY UNIQUE and feel good about paying a little more for it.  These are the pieces that you’ll love forever, that your children will be able to pass on to their children and say ‘Grandma Cool and Grandpa Awesome bought this in the 2012, isn’t it amazing?’ to their friends.   This could be art, designer pieces or custom made pieces. This is what you splurge on in life, not the sofa that you’ll have for 10 years. 

The more confidant you feel in your home the better life you’ll have.  You’ll walk through the door every night happy that it looks like you, that it represents you, that its comfortable and inviting.  You’ll have more dinner parties, improving your social life and stregnthening your relationships.  Your kids will have fonder and fonder memories of their childhood.  It truly doesn’t take a ton of money, just a consistent color palette and lots of trolling for the right vintage pieces that fit within your priorities.   Tell your husband that.  Have him read this post.  It’s important to love your home.  

This post was in partnership with smartwater.   

smartwater, simplicity is delicious.  Click here to learn more.  

‘Moments’ from around my house

Playing around with the styling on my dresser. This might feel a big ‘young’ for me, but i like it for the next few days til i change it.  Orlando painted that painting in like 5 minutes for a shoot we had and i might have him add to it, and do it crazier….

Meanwhile notice those porcelain legs? They are so amazing it hurts. I’m selling them on the One Kings Lane Tastemakers sale (SEPTEMBER 18TH MARK YOUR CALENDARS) for $450. Why so much? Because they are amazing ‘pantyhose’ display models from a department stores in 1930’s. I love them very much and in order for me to part with them they will have to go to someone who really loves them.  

True words from a hoarder.  

I’m also selling that blue footed compote from on OKL (with the Ban-do in it) for $65 which i’m already regretting because i think i might love it a lot and need it.  Again, with the hoarding. 

The white vase is from West Elm and the lamp is fro Lawson Fenning.  


Please ignore the teenage level of reading material on my nightstand. Instead notice that bunny.  She was ugly wood and we painted her white, but left the brass, naturally.  I’m in love with her but yes, i’m selling her on the OKL sale (i think for $65 but honestly i don’t remember, it could be more).  Those lamps? Yep, they are rad. And i’m getting my new mattress, adjustable base (you heard me…its awesome) and bedding next week and going to shoot the hell out of my bedroom so stay tuned.  Meanwhile that headboard (vintage, reupholstered in peacock blue velvet) makes me happy every second of the day.  

More mantel styling (watch my Mantel styling video for a how-to).  I put this here mirror up on the mantel two nights ago.  I asked Brian if he liked it and he said, ‘Wasn’t it always there?’. It’s baffling to me. One time i changed the rug in the living room completely – brand new rug, totally different pattern, color and scale, and HE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE.  So weird.

Meanwhile he isn’t psyched about my obsession with heads in glass boxes (above, on the right).  Well, Brian, i’m not psyched about your lack of obsession with heads in glass boxes. I think its a ‘Return to Oz’ thing.  The heads in boxes scared him when he was younger, but i say what better way to get over your fears than have your wife taunt you daily with them in the guise of home decor?

I’ve decided until i figure out what fun art installation i can put in my unusable/fake fireplace i’m going to pile it up with magazines.  I kinda like how it looks and lord knows i have plenty of magazines.  

I found this chair at a thrift store for $30 and i’m kinda in love with it.  The seat is green needlepoint mushrooms and the wood is the perfect finish (no shine).  I love the simplicity of the back, while still being an ‘antique’.  

 Another head. I know.  Must find him a glass box IMMEDIATELY.  And i think i’m going to sell that portrait of the lady in the teal dress.  I love her dress, i do, but she is not a handsome woman.  Opposite.  

Meanwhile i’m supposed to sell this campaign lingerie dresser on my OKL sale, BUT i’m falling in love with it more and more.  If i do sell it (which i probably will since i have another one) it will be for $900 which is a lot but it cost me $300 to have it professionally lacquered in the most beautiful matte white.  It’s just so pretty.  That jewerly box is vintage and the gold tangle sculpture (that comes with a light, but i like playing around with it as a sculpture) can be found HERE, for $88.

Also, folks oly one more day to enter this giveaway. It expires on my birthday, September 1st. I’m just hoping that whoever wins isn’t a total weirdo who wants to wear my skin as their coat.  Just kidding, I stole that line from Orlando.  

Biggest giveaway yet, folks. Free trip to Rose bowl, hotel stay and some cash.  Details on the blog.

Free trip and cash to shop the Rose Bowl with yours truly (and Orlando and Bonnie)….although if you want to navigate that flea market yourself, i definitely don’t have to go…. perhaps you are annoyed by my big blonde locks or can’t hear another word about Bearcat.   I get it.  But if you are on the fence, read these shopping posts, HERE, HERE, and HERE which might entice you.  

To enter, click HERE.  


Best striped pillows from Etsy.

 Ah, the classic stripe.  Stripes are nautical, sophisticated and in the right color palette so very young, fresh. and edgy.  Kinda like ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’….sans the psychotic yet sympathetic psycho killer part….maybe more like ‘Amelie’…. but with less butterflies singing warm French songs. 

The stripe is easily mixed with other patterns and forever in style.  Trust. 
So here are my favorite inexpensive readymade striped pillows right now. Your mom loves them, your boyfriend loves them and even your weird  Aunt Bertha Betty can somehow mix them with her embroidered cat tea-party themed sofa.  She’s kinda the best that way.
Stripes. They just go with everything.  .
So here we go, my favorite striped pillows right now:
1. French ticking stripe from Etsy, HERE.
2. Velvet and linen and oh so pretty pillow.  HERE. 
3. Classic blue and white veritcal pillow, HERE. 
4. Colorblock blue, green and white pillow, HERE. 
5. Charcoal and yellow sophisticated pillow,  HERE. 
6. Black, white and gold pillow, HERE
7. Linen and gold metallic pillow, HERE. 
8. Classic grey and white stripe pillow,  HERE. 
a9. Flocked teal, white and chartreuse pillow, HERE. 
10. Cashmere and linen persimmon pillow,  HERE.
11. Pink and white linen pillow HERE
12. Pendleton blanket pillow HERE. 
13. Purple and white with ball fringe pillow, HERE. 
14. Red and white stripe pillow, HERE. 
15. Red and purple ombre stripe pillow, HERE. 
16. Red ombre stripe pillow, HERE. 
I’m hunt on the hunt for good green pillows now because i realized that they are very few here. 
Any other requests for pillows or anything else whilst i watch Bridesmaids for the 15th time and drink Malbec?
I can multi-task like a mother…..
Ask away….

Secrets to inexpensive but good drapery.

Here’s my guide to the best ready-made inexpensive drapes or how to customize your own on a budget and still have them look unique and beautiful.

I have a personal theory about design that if you don’t get something unique (custom or vintage) then it should be inexpensive.  Of course i shop for a living so thats easy for me to say, but the idea of buying a $900 coffee table that many other people have isn’t terribly appealing to me.  I’d rather have a $300 one from West Elm until that amazing vintage find comes along.  Sometimes a big big store has a really great piece of furniture (like the Dakota Dining table from Crate and Barrel that i just bought for a client), don’t get me wrong, but if i’m going to spend a chunk of money i want it to be on something i don’t see that often.

So here are the good and inexpensive drapery options out there right now:

A lot of drapery can be $100 a panel and multiply that by at least 4-8 panels in a room and you’ve just spent  a lot of money on something that is ‘Meh’ and Mr. and Mrs. boring down the street also have.  So i say take that $400-$800 and splurge on a really amazing vintage piece of furniture, then buy inexpensive (but really good) drapes.  (stay tuned, i’ll tell you at the bottom how to get custom for cheap).


So here are my favorite readymade drapes that aren’t expensive and worth every penny:

1. Ikea.  Obvi.

AINA Pair of curtains IKEA Linen gives the fabric a natural, irregular texture and makes it feel firm to the touch.

‘Aina’ Grey linen, 2 panels for $49; that, my friends is a cheap drapery option. They can be hung with clips and rings, threaded like a pocket or hung with drapery hooks or hospital tracks.  I have them in my living room and they are soft and organic, but don’t look cheap at all.  They let some light through while still providing privacy. You can hem them (with provided hemming tape) to any length.  They are just very good.

‘Sanela’ Navy blue (and dark green) velvet curtains.  These are $60 for a pair of panels and are thick enough to be blackout curtains. I don’t like them threaded on the rod (shown above) and they’ll look way more expensive and high end if you buy rings and clip them on.  But they look luxurious for not very much money. I used them here:

See the rest of the images from this Spanish Mod house, photos by Laure Joliet.

2. Potterybarn Kids or Teens.  It’s not like these sites are secrets yet people think that PBkids and PBteens are for kids and teens but they are actually WAY better than the grown up Pottery barn in my opinion. More saturated colors and less suburban.

These blackout curtains are a very good price at $69 each. I know that’s not terribly cheap but blackouts can be strangely expensive and this is a good price for a pretty color.

Sailcloth Panel.  

And in white:


I don’t like crazy patterned drapes UNLESS they are so amazing that they are worthy of the attention that they command, but i do love a simple stripe like this that adds to the tailored look without being too busy. From PBkids for $89 for 84″.  HERE.

Girls' Harper Panel 44 x 63" Navy

And from PBTeen i love this tassel fringed mother: Tassel Sheer for $69.99 for 84″


Tassel Sheer, 63

Ridiculously cute.  Still not super cheap, but not $100 a panel.

3. West Elm

I love these simple linen panels for $44 a panel.  Be mindful that these really don’t have any light control or privacy, but they are very pretty.

Sheer Linen Window Panel

Blackout Window Panel $49 for 92″, which is a great price, BUT they only come in this color. They should do white, for sure…..

Blackout Window Panel

4. CB2

I LOVE these french/belgiun Linen panels:


They are $59.99 which isn’t a steal, but they look really high end and beautiful for that price tag.

I’ve ordered from other places, but these above are always good ones that I’ve consistently bought.

Now, what if you want to do custom? How much will you spend? Possibly a ton, but I’ve figured out how to keep the cost down after doing it so many times.


1. What kind of fabric do you buy:.  You don’t need expensive linen for drapery, truly.  There isn’t much wear and tear on it (like there might be a sofa) so you don’t need anything too thick or high quality.  I order a lot from Gray Lines linen or go to your local fabric store and buy some $7-$10 a yard linen or cotton fabric.  I love linen a lot because the weave looks organic and soft, but there are a lot of cottons out there that are under $12 a yard that have fun patterns that will be more ‘you’, less ‘everybody and their dog’.  Skip any ultra suede, anything with stretch, anything too dark unless you line it (because it will fade) or anything too shiny – no satins, polyesters or silks unless you really know what you are doing.  Linen and cotton velvet are my go-to’s (yes just like reupholstering).

Only choose custom drapes if you are getting a color/pattern that you can’t get ready-made.  In other words don’t buy white linen, there are a ton of white linen drapery options out there.  Buy a pattern or buy a crazy hot pink linen – something that you can’t find readymade. That is the only reason to spend money on customization – it has to actually look 100% unique to be worth it.

2. How to calculate yardage:  I usually assume that each panel is around 3 yards (108″) for a standard height window 80″ or so.   That gives you extra to have proper 4″-6″ hems on the top and bottom.  If you want pleating to add more volume and more of a traditional look you’ll need WAY more fabric, double in fact, so skip it if you are on a budget.  I very rarely get it done because it just adds so much cost, but they can be VERY pretty.  But to cut cost? Skip the pleating.  

Just go for flat panels:

It’s just a simple seam at the top and it looks more modern.  Plus pleating obviously costs a lot more in labor as well.

2.  Where to have them made: again, just like reupholstering, don’t be scared to go to the less fancy places for cheaper prices.  In general they have as much experience and will do a decent job for a lot less money. Drapery is really easy to sew, so i’m much less worried about getting something shoddy than i am with rreupholstering.

In L.A. I go down to the fashion district into one of the drapery hardware places and they normally have a vendor they use for $40 a panel.  We used to have a place that did them for $15 a panel, i’m not kidding, which is crazy cheap. Then sadly for them (and us) they went out of business so now we spend more, but its still way cheaper than the high end places (which end up sourcing out to the cheap places anyway).


If you aren’t picky, or if you don’t need something that looks super high end and you just want some pretty fabric panels sewn, then your new best friend is your drycleaner/tailor.  

Drapery is sooo easy to sew, its having the space that is difficult which is why i don’t do it very often. But its just two double hems on the sides and 4-6″ hems on the top and bottom.  Straight seams. SOOOO easy. So normally your local dry-cleaner will do it for $20 a panel (maybe even less).

We recently did this for the lake house because our budget was getting so tight and the fabric we used was 15$/yard sheer white linen that was 100″ wide (which is double width).  It was for wall to wall windows (above) so i didn’t want to buy readymade that was only 44″ wide or we would have had 6 or even 8 panels which look too busy and amateur, so instead we bought really wide fabric and had them sew two of those 100″ panels together, meaning that we had two 200″ panels.  The tailor (i think it was actually a shoe place/tailor) charged us $40 a panel = $80 to sew drapery for 16 feet of windows.  The fabric itself was $15 a yard and we needed 12 yards (four panels at 3 yards per panel) = $180.  The whole thing cost $260 total for those drapes.  Yes, they are sheer and i didn’t have them sew the edges – i just left them raw which you can do with think hankerchief linen.  We didn’t line them because they didn’t need light control.

The point is, if someone can sew then they can sew drapes. Not fancy ones. Not ones with a lot of pleating, but they can sew four seams so therefore they can sew drapes.  Don’t think you have to go somewhere fancy. Just go to your dry cleaner and get quotes.  If you want them lined then you can provide the with the lining (which you can get at your fabric store for 2$ a yard) and then yes, they’ll charge more, but not that much more.

Drapery sources are often like wedding dress stores: they charge a price that is much beyond what the service actually should cost because its the expected price.  Very rarely is a wedding dress actually worth $4,000. It’s that price because its for a wedding, and because they know that its what you expect to pay.


Recently for a client i hired my first drapery company to actually come to the house with samples of fabrics and take measurements and give quotes.  i have to say that it was a total luxury.  They do all the work, from measuring to sewing to installation and yes, you get a higher price tag but if its a complicated job and you have a decent budget (and you are a very busy person) then its a very good option for you.

We did this because we wanted custom roman shades, which are WAY too complicated for just anyone to do.

So far I’ve been very happy with this service and if my clients can afford it, i will continue to use it because it does take a lot of time and stress away from me.   We used the and they have been really great so far;  informative, friendly, with lots of options.  And the fact that i don’t have to hire someone to install is worth every penny.  I install my own, but i’m not good enough to install clients’ drapery hardware, so i always hire someone else.

I’ll do another post on hardware soon and roman shades, too.  Am i forgetting anything?

Vintage finds…Should i buy them?

From Craigslist, Etsy and other online resources these are vintage pieces i’m VERY tempted to buy right now.

Let me be clear: I don’t need these. I shouldn’t prioritize them into my life and i have no right spending my saturday morning shopping online.  But when i saw this i died:

image 2image 1

It’s a Paul McCobb Oree-join-al.   It’s way too expensive at $1999, but i’m thinking of offering $1450 and see if i can get it.  It’s modern and simple, yet has enough unique character not to bore me and it will perfectly balance out all my crazy grandma 70’s stuff.  The simple lines, the brass, the rosewood….I’m literally talking myself into it as i write this. The problem: i don’t NEED it.  Truly.  But my heart, soul and groin want it so bad. 

UPDATE as of 8/27:  i went and saw it today and its truly beautiful but much smaller than i thought. It basically has to sit on a credenza.  I instantly knew i wasn’t going to buy it and i was soooo relieved because i was previously terrified that i would buy it and i don’t need to be spending the money.  So glad i went and found out so i don’t regret it for the rest of my life.  

Pair of vintage chinese lamps:

Whimsy Asian Inspired Pagoda Lamps

OK. I don’t NEED these either, but the colors are awesome and obviously me.  The pair is $350 which is not a bad price for two really unique lamps.  I will have to buy shades which adds at least another $100 to the price tag.  I think i just talked myself OUT of these, but help me decide. 

This fish:

Vintage Sailfish Tag & Release

I swear to god i’m not drunk. Unless you count being totally intoxicated by the idea of this being in my house, over my headboard….above my tv……It’s 80″ long which is hefty and its $550.  I’ll probably skip it because its expensive and i really want that Paul McCobb shelving unit now, so this may not be a priority in my life.  I can’t believe i just wrote that…..that this ‘vintage sailfish’ may not be a priority in my life.  what is wrong with me?????

Meanwhile i just missed buying these:

Vintage Brass Geometric Shelves


Vintage Brass Geometric Shelves

I was mad that i missed them but truly didn’t need them. Although I could have put them in my bathroom…..AHHHHH NOW THEY SHOULD BE MINE!!!  Whatever, i’m getting the Paul McCobb shelving unit.  

Mirror folding screen:

Don’t need this, but i want this sooooooo bad with all its 80’s goodness.  Put it in that corner that doesnt’ get a lot of light and it will instantly liven up the whole space. 

I also fell in love with this papa bear chair for $699…..

Mid Century Gorgeous Wing Back Papa Bear Looking Chair

Mid Century Gorgeous Wing Back Papa Bear Looking Chair

It’s not cheap but its real leather so way cheaper than most new leather chairs. Such a statement piece, oh those lines, those tufts, those nailheads…..and in brown leather…….

So the question is:  if i can get that shelving unit for $1500 do i buy it???? I’m sure i can find a place for it…..