Lamp shades = More expensive than gold.

I’m going to be a billionaire someday.  

Not from my TV career. Not from my design work. But from selling good, ready made lamp shades.  You know what i’m talking about. They are incredibly hard to find for under $50 that are interesting or in a good color.  I’m constantly buying awesome vintage lamps at the flea market for $10 an then spending $35-$50 on the shade.  Blasphemy.  Sagrelige.  Tragedy.

Honestly you know those commercials about selling your gold for cash? Well, hold on to your perfectly good shades people – these things are worth some money.

Anyway, until then…..we had sconce shade problems, people.

The sconces themselves weren’t the biggest problem, it was the shades. The sconces are antique and painted gold and fit the house.  YES, i would like to switch them all out, but i need 5 matching sconces (because they are all in the same room) so that is going to be very expensive, especially considering its a rental house.  Its not where i want to spend my money right now. (plus coordinating and paying an electrician….not up for it right now).

Also, yes, we have a lot of texture on the walls.  But check this out:  i’m kinda starting to like it.  You heard me.  Deal with it.


So i thought about doing this:

Getting some larger square or rectangular shades to make them feel more modern and to take up  more space because they looked kinda dinky.  But as i started pricing them out, they quickly became $60 each a total pain in my sconce.  I could buy awesome sconces with shades for $120, so paying $60 each seemed insane. 

I mean, that looks out of a decorators horror movie.  Between the color of that shade, the shape of it with the sconce, and the fact that there were three green, and 2 white in the same room? Oh the horror.

Here’s a a very NON-secret:  Good lamp shades are super expensive.  I don’t understand.  When i lived in New York i would buy them at Surprise, Surprise for like $15.  But here in Los Angeles, nothing.  Online? barely.  I can’t find a shade for under $30 – and that is a boring-ass shade.  I found this place online called Replacement Shades and i’ve been ordering from them.  You can get any size, shape or finish and they come within 10 days.  So far this place has been good, but i’ve only ordered white linen. I ordered two pretty large square ones recently and they were $60 each, which is a lot, but the same quote from Fantasy Lighting on Melrose was $120 and 3 week lead time.  I mean, how rich do they think we are?

Anyway, i didn’t want to put $400 into sconce shades in my house, besides i couldn’t find any that would work (from replacement shades) for above the mantel with the double sconces (the width between the bulbs was weird so there weren’t any options for it). 

So instead of ording, i went to my favorite place in the valley for shades (and some vintage lighting) that i had kinda forgotten about, called ‘Practical Props‘ (make sure to go to the one on Magnolia which is retail, the other is rentals for film/tv, and ask for Ian, the owner – he’s super helpful).  Lamps Plus has shades, but not a huge variety of modern ones  -just a million bell shapes and some drums, but no squares, so i rarely come away feeling satisfied.  But this place has loads and loads of shades – not a ton of different colors, but different fabrics, papers, sizes, and interesting shapes.  You’ll still spend money, don’t get me wrong they are not giving them away, but at least you will get a great shade that will ‘make the lamp’ and not just a shade that ‘fits it’.  Ooh, also check out their finial collection. They have one that is a big brass mermaid that i’m dying to put on a lamp.  Don’t get me started on finials – they are like decorator porn.  Oh the detail!  

Anyway, i picked up these sconce shades from there:

Look at these adorable little mini square shades.  They be reeeeaallll cute.  I did want them like an inch or two bigger, but they went from being $19 (i got a discount down to $15 each) to $30 and i just didn’t want to swing it.  I just wanted to be done with it without breaking the bank.  Besides they were the perfect size for the mantel sconces, just small for the TV wall…..

See? cute. And any bigger than that and they would have collided in the middle. 


But see?  Definitely a little dinky on that huge wall, seriously dwarfed by that massive tv.  But thats nothing that some art can’t fix:

See? Problem solved.  A. The tv has less importance, and B. you don’t even notice how small the sconces are now, they just mix in with everything and they look perfectly proportioned. They look WAYYYYYY more modern and simple.  It wasn’t the cheapest update, but it was any easy one that made me  really happy.

Brian, on the other hand literally doesn’t notice when i change rugs in the living room.  I will take out our rug and try a huge hot pink and orange turkish kilem (kilim, kilm, kelim?) and he will NOT EVEN NOTICE.  It’s intensely baffling.  So, no, these kinds of details will get lost on others, but they were driving me crazy.  

AHHHH.   So much better.  

So here are some general sconce guidelines:  

1. square is always more expensive, but yes, more modern and fresh – especially on an old timey sconce like this.

2. Hand rolled is always more expensive than machine rolled ones – which means that at the top you see no trim or anything that covers the seam – if its hand rolled it is literally hand rolled into the frame of the top and bottom of the sconces and its seamless. Its much prettier, but also wayyy more expensive. These square shades were handrolled which is why they were $19 each.  They didn’t have any other options for square sconce shades and i ran out of patience and time.  

3.  If you find an old crazy awesome victorian shade and you want to cover it, don’t, unless you do it yourself.   The new repro’s are cheaper than having a professional cover an old one.  Practical Props has a ton of different victorian shapes (you know i love that) and yes, they are expensive but they told me they are cheaper to buy a repro then to have a vintage shade frame covered. 

4. Half shades are awesome for sconces – and it was ideally what i wanted, but i could’t make it work with the double sconces about the mantel (or maybe i didn’t try hard enough, but i wanted the project over). They look like these:

At replacement you pick all the dimensions  but, be careful, some dimensions will only add a dollar or two, but some add like $12 – its seemingly arbitrary but i think they have a ton of standard sizes that they work off of and so if you vary every dimensions you might spend a lot of money.  And yes, you pick whether you want a standard fitting like the one above or a clip fitting like on a candle bulb.   

I could actually go on and on about shades.

MY promise to you: when i have my shade empire i promise that i will sell saturated colored linen shades – i mean hot pinks, kelly greens, navy blues with gold lining options, leather trim options, and yes lots of fringe options….ball fringe, tassle fringe, long ass victorian fringe.  I’m giving away retail gold here, people.  I don’t actually want to be in the shade business so if you one of you wants to take this idea over, feel free….i just want free shades for the rest of my life.  

Other places i buy shades:

Shades of Light

Lamps USA


And again Replacement Shades

OR, Hey, IKEA, here’s an idea!!!! Why don’t you make normal shades that fit normal lamps???? I mean, they would literally be able to actually take over the world.  

So am i alone in this? And where do you guys buy shades? Am i missing some secret spot where amazing shades are galloping freely for like $12 each?


So where do you guys buy shades?

My New Office

Big new project to show you, folks. Remember, when i was going to have this room be my dining room?

Well. This was obviously the VERY ‘BEFORE’ picture. Nothing was styled. I hated the wall color (for me), i don’t like that table anymore (its going to be our outdoor dining table now), plus we needed another office (Brian is using the back one for now, but we might switch, who knows) instead of a dining room.  We have a little nook that brian and i can eat at, so a dining room wasn’t the priority. I mean, who are we kidding, we eat in front of the TV like the rest of America, whilst watching (or rewatching) Friday Night Lights. 

So first off, we needed to paint it a better color, a more ‘me’ color. Low and behold it is Sherwin Williams’ National Painting Week this week. They asked me to participate (to paint something of my choice a color of my choice) and it seemed like the perfect excuse to paint the dining room, er, office an fancy, nay, dreamy, color.

I’ve always wanted a navy room, truly. But it takes balls to paint a room that dark.  Now that we have 10 rooms in our house (don’t get too excited, i counted every single possible thing that one could ever pretend to count as a ‘room), so i figured i could go for it. 

Navy, like any color really, can be hard to find the right ‘one’.  It can go really dark and look almost black if there isn’t enough light in the room.  But i was feeling risky….although let it be known that painting is the easiest and least risky thing you can do to your house besides rearranging furniture.  You can ALWAYS paint over it.  It’s normally a $25 – $50 investment (plus your time and effort).  So don’t be so precious, its just paint, and even the pros mess up the color all the time.  

 I like navys that have a lot of green in them, as opposed to more red (which goes more purple).  See how ‘indigo’ which is usually my favorite color is slightly more purple than ‘loyal blue’? And loyal blue matched my sofa and dining chairs perfectly so the whole house started to flow together.

It’s like the exact color. 

So i chose LOYAL BLUE, by Sherwin Williams.  Here we go:


I emptied her out.  Wow, i should be embarassed to show that picture, but its all changing.

My supplies. Nothing too surprising here.  Roller, brush, tray, paint, blue tape (and yes, HGTV has a line of everything which i happen to like because its blue and pretty).  

When i opened the can i was scared.  But things always always, always dry darker (i kept chanting that during the first coat…its gonna dry darker…its gonna dry darker….)

OH and


Flat paint reflects the light the least, so it looks the most sophistacated to me.  Don’t get me wrong, i love a high gloss, but my years working as a stylist taught me that flat is always better for pictures than any sort of eggshell, satin, semi or high gloss.  It soaks up color and light more and creates less reflection problems.  Flat is also good because if you scuff it up you can just touch it up with the paint and not show brush strokes whereas if you use satin and you touch it up you’ll see the ‘new’ brush strokes. (For bathrooms always use semi though because its more durable and can withstand moisture better). 

See? proof that i did it.  But Mr. Orlando did help me. Because he’s my friend (who i pay to help me).

We taped off the room (i’m a terrible cutter), and hit the first coat;  me with the roller and Orlando with the brush. 

What a brave man to wear a white tee-shirt and good shorts.  It’s almost as if he didn’t have blue paint splattered in his hair for the next four days like i did.  (never hire me to paint your house, i’m the woyst).

The first coat was up and i was totally terrified. It was looking VERY smurfy to me.  Like smurfy mcsmurferston.  I like royal blue in pictures, but it has to be a very good/perfect royal blue to be in my house.  But the first coat (especially with a color underneath) is never the true color.  So we let it dry, had some sushi, played with Bearcat, watched The New Girl and then came back 2 hours later.  And note, its always important to wear a cute vintage scarf whilst doing any project.  There’s a secret for you. 

Better. So much better. And after a second coat?

Hello, Mr. Beautiful Loyal Blue.

Man, i was soooo relieved.  It turned out to be a really, really good color.  Way more ‘me’ than the other green and not smurfy at all.

But then there was the issue of that not so beautiful floor.  Yes, it was a very productive day.  

Ikea flooring. Not easy, not hard. But that’s a whole nother story. Worth every penny ($150) and the 5 hours it took.  

And here she is folks, my new office:

TA DA!!  Oh she is dark and cozy and 1 trillion times better than it was last week.  

The blue turned out perfect.  When the light hits it it goes lighter and where the light doesn’t its all dark and moody, but still really happy.  That painting is from the flea market years ago and that brass sculpture is actually The artemide tangle light that i sold (sold out) on Open Sky.


That fern is a Maiden Hair that i was talking about yesterday.  Incredibly pretty, if i do say so myself.  The paintings i’ve had forever, the sculpture is a random art student sculpture (I have a thing for heads). 

The desk is from a thrift store, its vintage. The fern is an Australian fern, mate. The golden egg was a recent purchase by Scott at the Rose Bowl from my favorite vendor and then i snagged it for the shoot….BECAUSE ITS A GOLDEN EGG!!!!!

Those are my shelves where i hoard all my pretty things – soon to be traded out for less beautiful office-y things. 

The hand chair i got from Round Top antique festival last year.  The green chair i scored from a thrift store recently for $60 (perfect upholstery) and the cat i got from the bronx 7 years ago. That is General Meow, my other cat, Bearcat’s sister. She is normally fairly elusive and prefers to remain anonymous on the blog (hence the overcompensation by me for the Bear). She has the body of a lightbulb.



Oh and the arc table lamp is from the flea market for $100, but Dwell makes a new version.  Disregard the terrible chord styling. It’s hard to take pictures and style at the same time…..

The creepy painting of a girl in the background also from the Rose Bowl. It’s Brian’s favorite. He just can’t get enough of it.  (Read:  it makes him very uncomfortable but he can’t deny that the color palette is perfect). 

The blue tape dispenser and the pens are from Poppin, the gold mug is vintage and belongs to my heart.

Kelly green and this color of navy, with white and gold accents is pretty much my color palette. I own it. It’s patented, reserved for me.  

So to recap.  Here’s a quick before with the slightly suburban shade of green:

Vast improvement, no?  This room makes me incredibly happy. 

Check out Cassandra’s ‘National Painting Week’ makeover on her blog, Coco and Kelley from yesterday, too.

Tomorrow Morgan, from The Brick House, is painting something yellow in celebration of the holiday. That’s all i know and all i can say, but i’m excited to see it.  

It’s kinda always painting week in my book, but it seemed like an extra good excuse to make it happen.  

So how do you feel about ‘Loyal Blue’ (Sherwin Williams)?


**And yes, this is a sponsored post, but every word, photograph, and opinion are my own. :)


My 2 favorite Indoor plants

Some of you have asked what my favorite indoor plants are.  Here’s my philosophy, just like ANY flower, i truly believe that with the right styling (aka, the right pot in the right environment) ANY plant can look beautiful.  Even the ones you are sick of. 

We all know this example:



The 80’s rubber plant.  Seemingly over-used.  But check out what Robyn Glaser did with it:

What? you crazy. And thus began the rush on rubber plants across all anthropologie wearing hipsters four years ago.  But, naturally you don’t actually keep your plants in your beautifully worn leather bag…..

By Lili Diallo.  

Obviously the styling is kinda crucial. Don’t put it in a woven basket or a terra cotta pot. Put it in a footed brass pot or something weird and sculptural, or an old pot with age.  It’s an average plant so you have to elevate it with a beautiful pot.  You just do.  Any plant can look cool – they are all interesting sculptures in their own right, just keep the pots interesting and put them in unexpected places.  

So my two favorite all time indoor plants are:

1. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

That’s my old living room, and the tree kinda makes the shot.  Why? because they are big and sculptural and yet super graphic – their leaves are large scale and dark green and it commands attention.  They add sooo much height that they basically become another piece of furniture. 

Look, Jonathan Adler likes them.


This one probably cost $500.  But when was the last time you paid only $500 for a HUGE sculpture that brought that much impact into the room.  

I bought mine at Ikea for $60 3 years ago, but yes they in general are way more expensive and i haven’t seen one there in a long time.  Normally for a full grown (like 5-6 feet) they will run you around $150 at a nursery, PLUS the cost of the pot, and we all know that pots are ridiculously expensive.  

They need ample light or they will die. Not full sun, but in a sunny room.  I don’t think they are the most hearty of indoor plants, i’m not going to sugar coat it, but i kept mine alive for 2 years before i gave it to a client for the show during a last minute ‘how the hell do i fill that corner’ moment.  And i’m sad that i don’t have one now.  

#2 The Maiden Hair Fern

In general, i’m a fern lover.  I love Boston’s in a fun ironic way, i love huge outdoor ferns (like you’ll see tomorrow in my new office post) but Maiden Hair’s have my heart becasue they are so soft and graceful and airy.  There is something romantic about the.  


They are cheap, but delicate as hell.  Good luck keeping them alive. BUT, here’s my theory on cheap plants – they have the same impact as cut flowers and yet are cheaper, so if you kill them every two weeks, you can simply replace them. These ferns are at Home Depot or Lowe’s for $12 – $15 which is way cheaper than a pretty flower arrangement.  So yes, as sad as it sounds i probably replace them like 6 (cough, 12) times a year.  You’ll see one of them in my office shoot tomorrow on the blog.

Of course i love succulents and bonsai trees a lot, doy, but Fiddle Leaf Ferns and Maiden Hairs are the two that i always buy and i never ever sick of. PLUS i find them the easiest to style – they look good in most pots.  

Just a quick ‘plants that are harder to style’

Big palms go ‘dorm room’ or ’80’s bachelor pad’ really easily. 

money trees (especially with the braided stems). These i can like, but in general i stay away from. Some room in my past must have scarred me somehow.  

Orchids – of course they are beautiful, but they can also be ubiqutious and look mass manufactured.  I love them most in bathrooms.  Please put them in a pretty pot; in a terracotta pot they look like you just picked them up from the supermarket (which you did, but you don’t need to advertise it).  

What are your go to favorite plants, my friends.  Am i missing something?


Outdoor Makeover How To:

Hello friends. Today i’m presenting an outdoor   i did for  It’s a 3 minute video documenting the make over of this space.  Watch it watch it watch it HERE PLEASE WATCH IT, and then read this. Or read this and then watch it. I’ll go ahead and leave that up to you.  But if you want to comment away, that would be awesome. 

OK. Here she is before:


Welcome to a very sad backyard of a very happy person.  HGTV asked me to do two backyard make overs for $1000 each.  Now, backyards aren’t my forte, i know very little about plants besides what i think looks awesome, so i was a bit intimidated. But the story was more about creating an outdoor room, so I figured i could handle that. I love rooms. Outdoor.

The parameters were it had to be done in 1 DAY, for $1000.  Here’s how it turned out:

I called it ‘Bohemian Treehouse’.  

Breaking it down:

Backyard rooms need three major things just like indoor rooms:

1. Furniture.  Obvi.  The choice is between an outdoor dining room and an outdoor living room and in this case I gave her mostly an outdoor living room, with a round dining table in the corner that seats 4.  

2. Lighting.  Just like an indoor room you need good lighting outside.  Ideally it would be above, which also creates a ceiling effect and helps it feel more intimate.  Also it distributes the light evenly for the best mood lighting.  (if you have a pergola that is ideal). But then you also want candles which would be the ‘lamps’ in the outdoor room and scatter the warm light around you, too.

3. Accessories.  For outdoors the ‘accessories’ are mostly plants and pillows.  I didn’t have the budget to style this space with drinks, food, etc, but i wanted it to still feel comfy and cozy – like an indoor room.  

So lets start with the inspiration pics:

I wanted it to feel kinda ‘treehouse’-y because she lived in the hills and was surrounded by trees.  So i wanted to go with that vibe.  Plus since i knew i wanted a bright hot pink color palette, which is obviously very feminine, i figured that using trees or stumps would counter that and help it feel more masculine.  If i had used really feminine white wire or wicker furniture with this hot pink palette it could have looked really good, but also really crazy grandma, so to balance it i mixed the two styles. 

To save money, i wanted a daybed because it acts like a sofa and a lounge at the same time, and its way less expensive than a fancy outdoor sofa.  Plus it has a whimsical, playful, feminine vibe that i loved.  

So i found this guy at my guys stores on Lankershim, 

She was $200 and 100% teak so its going to last outside year round (especially in Los Angeles).  I figured i could throw a foam pad on it and a bunch of pillows and it would be super comfortable and very affordable. 

Then at the Long Beach flea market i found 2 of these for $30 each. Here’s why they work:

a. They are around the same tone of wood as the daybed.  Not that i’m always opposed to mixing woods, but for tv it doesn’t look as good, and mixing woods can look accidental.  So I was happy that while the shape didn’t match necessarily, the wood did.  

b. They are large enough in scale to balance out the sofa.  If i had put two smaller chairs they would have looked way to small to go opposite a long sofa, so these being fairly wide balance it out. 

c. They are a more feminine shape to balance out the masculine rectangular shape of the sofa.  The easiest way to remember feminine vs masculine is feminine means it has curves – yes like women. And masculine means its straighter and more square or rectangular – like men. The perfect room has a balance of both.  

Next up? the rug:

I love this rug for an outdoor rug.  Its from Fab Habitat  It was $108 for a 6×9 and they have a ton of other really cute outdoor rugs, too. I’m actually wondering if these would be great for a kids playroom, too, because they are made from recycled plastic so they are virtually indestructible.  

You know i love hot pink, and especially for TV purposes, you need more color than you do for photographs.  That white pretty room in a photograph normally looks totally dead in a video, so you need color color color.

Planters: God, they can be annoyingly expensive.  You could literally spend $1000 just on planters for a space like this.  So i decided to get a bunch of galvanized bins from the flea market.  

These are great because they have age and the more age they get, the better. The color contrasted well with the hot pink (grey/silver and pink = good combo of cool and warm tones), they are inexpensive for the size of them and they come in all different sizes so you can get the collected feel.  I bought about 20 of them for $150 – some were huge and some were small.  

But you have to drill holes in the bottom so they can drain, and you do this simply by using a drill bit that is specifically for metal.  Put 2-3 holes if they are small in the bottom. You don’t want to put too many holes because you don’t want to over drain them and lose all the water.  

I highly recommend buying used ones. The new shiny ones just aren’t pretty, they aren’t.  Instead go for this look:

Cheap and beautiful. It looks collected, effortless and totally chic – without looking fussy and uptight. It has this english countryside vibe that i love. 


Lights: When in doubt go for ‘cafe’ style globe string lights. Yes, they can be expensive (around $15-20 a strand and in this case we needed 5 strands) but they are durable (especially if you live in LA) and give off great light.  They have that European cafe thing happening. 

I bought mine from Lowe’s but i know that Costplus has good ones so does Restoration Hardware if you want bigger and higher end ones.  

Then i used stakes like these with a hook on it to secure it to the hill:

And eye hooks (with an opening) to attach it to the roof of the house:

It was super easy. 

It looks low on the hill side, but its not – it cleared 6 1/2 feet. 


Why? To add to the treehouse vibe, to masculinize up the space. And because they are fun and interesting. BUT mostly because they are $5 a piece. I”m not kidding. The bigger ones were $10, but i bought all of them (around 8) for $50.  You can use them for tables, extra seating and plant stands.

I went to Alpine firewood in Altadena. It’s basically where tree guys drop off trees to get turned into firewood.  Don’t worry, they aren’t chopping down trees just for firewood, its trees that have to be cleared for building or construction, etc.  You obviously need to look for the most level ones to turn into tables or stools.

And then as you watch the video i put some on castors because they are SUPER SUPER SUPER HEAVY.

It was super easy.  Just buy 3 of these guys per stump:

Drill holes in the stump and screw those suckers in.

I bought them to be small enough that you can’t really see them. They aren’t terribly attractive, so if you don’t think you are going to need to move it, then don’t worry about it.  But in general i put castors on A LOT of things to either make them higher (like regular chairs to turn them into dining chairs).  


The little dining nook was cute.  I used the homeowners dining table and chairs and just threw a tablecloth (leftover fabric from my inventory) on it.  Disregard the pillows. The director wanted more color over there, but they aren’t ideal – they look crammed.  

There was also this dirt patch that I didn’t know how to address:

It was awkard and sad. Also notice the wicker shelving thing got an update with white exterior paint.

So i filled it with lavender.  Lavender is cheap (these were each $5), smells so good, and it grows like crazy without any maintenance. By next summer this will be a huge lavender field (but contained) and will smell soooo good. They are also very drought resistant which is obviously good for Los Angeles.  They look kinda dinky here, but by next year its going to be beautiful.  

As far as buying the rest of the plants i wanted a variety of colors shapes and textures – just like any other design.  I wanted some tall things to help it create a ‘room’ effect so i bought these fruit trees:

They were orange trees and lemon trees and if you put them in a big enough galvanized bins they will be just fine.

A simple rule for a collected plant look would be to have one tall, one bushy and one lower to the ground to kinda cover the other pots.  I got some with darker purple leaves, some with more wispy and some wit more graphic leaves.  Consider plants just like patterns – you want to vary the scale and texture of each plant (big graphic leaves with airy wispy leaves) to get a lot of contrast and to look intentional.  

For accessories:

We couldn’t afford sunbrella fabric which obviously would be idea. So i went for white linen from Ikea – it kept it looking really relaxed and inviting PLUS, you can always bleach white, so in a way they are great for outdoors (just not weatherproof).  Then We hit up West elm for pillows

Those chairs normally need custom pads, but i actually like how floppy and comfy the linen pillows make it look, and how it updates them a bit.  The West Elm pillows we used were from THIS line.  I will tell you this:  the accessories put us over budget by $200. But since the homeowner got everything for free and she was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with the space, she insisted that she buy them instead of me returning them (which is unfortunately what i was planning on doing).  

From this:

to this:

Not bad for 1 day and $1000.  In fact, it was awesome and i would absolutely party there.  It makes me wonder what i can do with $5,000 and 5 days……Any takers?

 I did one more that is online, too. But i’ll blog about it next week. This post took me like 4 hours so i gotta get to work….

CLICK HERE to see me in action, again. 


brassy chair

busy day but wanted to share:

I was walking on Lafayette Street and  BOOM.  There she was.  Nobody seemed to notice or care about her. But i noticed.  I cared.  I wept. 

$40 bitches.

Don’t know how i’m getting her home (i might go to Brimfield flea market, rent a uhaul and then get everything shipped and include this chair with it….)

Or i just resell it to a good home in New York. But i just couldn’t pass it up.  Brass and pink velvet and that crazy 80’s shape?  It’s the perfect corner sculptural chair – give it a drum table, hyde rug and call it a day.  Wait…or its a desk chair…or a vanity chair……in my huge metallic wallpapered walk -in fantasy closet…..oh man….

I love you, and your crazy shape.  


ALSO Check out my friend Scott in this pretty cute and well produced video from One Kings Lane about decorating outside – bringing the indoors out. 

CLICK HERE.   (he’s the really adorable guy).