New Open Sky stuff

Here’s what’s happening on my Open Sky page this week. My drawer liners (designed by Hammocks and High Tea) in gold sold out quickly, so now we have hot pink/white and silver/white chevron instead. The hot pink kills me.  


They are on sale for $22. Click HERE for the collection. 

Then we partnered up with Safavieh for some rugs and furniture. The price point is pretty good and I really really, really want these pink chairs. 

They are two for $285, reguarily $486

And I love the color combo in this Thom Felicia rug,

Well, that is a very small picture. Sorry. 

There are about 15 other pieces for sale and other curators have picked more (some I love and they just beat me to them) so check ’em out.  HERE

Off to boxing.

Meanwhile, look how I forced my niece to wear a ban-do (until she got obsesed with it and then sadly I took it back … What? It’s mine? … Don’t worry, she’s getting one for her birthday).

Hold on to your ovaries ladies.  

Happy Fridays.





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I love gold. I love sequin. I love totes. So when my friends at RUE called me and asked if I would model this GAP tote bag I replied … “totes.”

As if you didn’t see that coming.

As a designer and obsessive shopper, I need good totes and I have A LOT of them. Most of mine are more utilitarian, which I love because I don’t have to worry about them. But, now and again it is more fun to look like a fanciful girl. A girl about town. A girl that kinda looks like an ’80s doll.

So Jen picked out my clothes, Team Hair and Makeup did my — you guesed it, hair and makeup, and then the very lovely and easy to work with Angela and Ithyle team took my pictures. I told them I wanted to look like a doll — big curly hair, long eyelashes, bright pink lipstick, floral collar shirt. It’s definitely one of those looks that girls like, but wasn’t necessarily going to get me laid. Men aren’t exactly turned on by the combination of florals and polka dots. 

To grab this sequin tote bag, click HERE.

To check out all my friends who have done the campaign click HERE.

And kudo’s to The Gap for being smart and innovative enough to get a bunch of bloggers involved and giving them the freedom to do their own thing. It made it super fun, and way more succesful in my book.


My (tentative) Dining Room Plan

Current state of the dining room? Not awesome. I painted most of my house before we moved in. So in one hour I had to choose five room colors, and inevitably one of them will not be right. Case in point, my dining room:

(And no, I didn’t style it like that on purpose. Just a pic from a few weeks ago that happened to have an unattractive collection of bowls on the table.)

It’s not the worst green, in fact I actually like it, but it’s just not working for me. In this picture, it looks way more saturated (which would be ideal), but in person it’s more like this:


See? Fine, but not a sexy forest green or a bright kelly green, more in between green. I realized about two years ago that I’m not really an “in between” color girl. I love saturated colors. I love gray soooo much … for other people. I love taupe on other peoples walls, but I love bright white or dark navy or hot pink or kelly green or sunshine yellow for me.  

The reason why might be because the more contrast you have in a room, the more energy you get. And I like me some really high energy rooms. I love white, washed out, neutral, swedish rooms in magazines and on Pinterest, but not for me. I wear crazy clothes, I say crazy things, I want my rooms to look crazy.  

Poor Brian.

So the dining room is sad. Here she is again:

Dining table: I bought it four years ago on Craigslist and stripped it myself, so now it’s just raw wood. I don’t love it for me, but it is very practical because it can fit up to 12 people with the leaves. And it has integrity — just old pretty wood. But I’m over it and it’s now going to be our outdoor dining table, the one that you don’t care about if it gets more “aged” every summer and winter.

The chairs: I love these mid-century woven chairs. I got them at the Rose Bowl three years ago for $200 for all four. I think I’ll hoard them for a while, but these guys (below) came into my life recently, and after a jealous (and frankly flattering) battle over me, the navy blue/chrome ’70s chairs have won. 

The biggest regret in my life is that there aren’t six of these. When are they going to invent the furniture copying machine, eh? Somebody has to be on that. 

The built ins: Cute, but those knobs have to change. Right now, they are super cheap chrome knobs and I want it to be brushed brass, naturally.  

The floor: When we toured the house looking to RENT, this was the thing that I kinda put blinders on for. It’s bad. Really bad. I’m currently searching for inexpensive ways to update it. Again, it’s a rental and I don’t want to throw $2,000 into the flooring. So I’m thinking Ikea, Tundra flooring. I calculated it and it would cost around $300 for the kitchen and dining room, which seems totally reasonable to me for a two-year rental.  

I wish it was darker, but for now it might due. I’m also looking in to a simple solid linoleum that will be unoffensive. Could be cheaper …

So everything is going to change, basically. The walls are going a deep navy. You heard me, maybe just on top, but I want a navy dining room, always have. And the drapery? Kelly green …

Of course my first instinct was hot pink, hello.

I mean, that color palette is kinda my favorite. But I’m trying to branch out.

So then I thought, why not embrace the color of the season, persimmon:

The reason these two work so well together is that they are almost completely opposite on the color wheel — one is very cool (navy) and the other very warm (orange/persimmon) so therefore they want to be best friends. 

Opposites attract. Like Rachel and Michael:

Man. She can do no wrong in my book. I don’t know who this fool is. He could be Ed Hardy himself and I would still be like, “Oh Rachel, you are just wonderful.”

But then again, he’s not. He’s a really awesome … uh … somebody crazy important that I can’t seem to remember or care enough to Google. But don’t worry, Rach, I’m sure he’s awesome.  

But I don’t really love that orange color for me, so I had my friend Megs do a moodboard with my new ideas:

I’m trying to figure out what king chairs will look good with my four navy chairs, and for now I’m thinking these lucite guys. Maybe a pattern on the seat? Maybe that’s where I bring in hot pink? Dunno.

I found that table online and I’m sure it’s nine million dollars, but I would love a lucite based wood top dining table. I’m pretty sure I’m going to design it and have it made — and then reproduced once people freak out about it.  

I can’t tell if I’m over the metallic hides, but it seemed a bit more glam than a regular one, and I love a hide under a dining table since they are virtually indestructable.  

I’m still up in the air on a lot of it, but making the mood board helps for sure …


Latest Vintage Finds

Yesterday it rained hard all day in Los Angeles. When it rains in LA its like a natural disaster.  Riots break out.  Children become disoriented and run away from their homes.  Dogs make love to cats.  It is total chaos.  Mass hysteria.

The good news is that we saw The Hunger Games (which is officially THE movie that Brian and I wanted to see equally very, very bad, he read the books before me.)  I liked it a ton – she’s awesome, Peeta is still miscast in my book. But the costumes and production design were awesome:

It’s pretty good timing since the 80’s are so back right now. 

But the bad news is that there was no Flea market. So how does one addict get their sunday fix?

Etsy. Ebay. Craigslist. They are like the backup crack.  But they’ll do. 

Up first?

This one is for me.  I need to change out virtually ALL of my flush mount light fixtures. I need two chandeliers, and 4 flush mounts, and let me tell you, affordable flush mounts are NOT attractive.  This guy isn’t a flush mount, but i think i can hang it high enough that it will work:

It’s big and pretty for $50.  I’m thinking bathroom or guest room.

Then i got this guy from the Rose Bowl a couple weeks ago. The big deco-y mirror was $40 (it has brass on the insides….so pretty) and the little trifold antique mirror was $40 as well. That one you can fold down so it looks like a little book with a gold chain on it, backed by leather. 

Then i  snagged this oil painting/portrait from the Rose Bowl for $70.  It’s pretty big (18×24) and kinda gorgeous. I’m taking it to my favorite framing store in Echo Park, Hotel De Ville (1932 Echo Park Aveune  Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 667-0713) to get it framed.  

If i haven’t raved about this place yet, then i do apologize.  Dana, the owner, has really good style and gives you so much time, consideration and opinions.  Its not necessarily cheaper than anywhere else, but you get someone that will help you make decisions – because we all know framing is expensive, so you want to do it right, only once.    When framing you have soooo much to consider – the frame color, finish, size and then the mat color finish and size….it can be overwhelming to do by yourself. But i highly recomend this place.  

This brutalist light fixture would go swimingly in my master bedroom. I love it and i haven’t seen very many flush mount brutalist lights, but its not cheap $250 plus $25 shipping…..i’m debating. Its more than it would be at the flea market, but less than it would be shopping at Vintage Stores in L.A….and time is money, so buying it now would save time, therefore save money, right?  (see how i do that? i can rationalize anything). 

And then this one is a no brainer:

I don’t have to even think about it and i know i’m going to buy it.  But its $375 which is again, not a steal, but less than i’d pay in the city.  And i love it.  its 18″ in diameter, so its HUGE, for a pendant.  I’m thinking dining room becasue it is going to reflect light all over the walls in that cool pattern.

It’s dope, but expensive.  Should i snag it or skip it and keep shopping?







My New Amazing Business Cards

You guys.  

Look at these:

I just got my new beautiful business cards in the mail.  They were designed by To You From Me.  It’s a small company dedicated to really amazing, unique, custom letterpress stationary and invitations.  I am very, very, very happy with my results and can’t recommend them enough.   

My question to you is:  Can i charge people to give them a business card? i don’t want to give any of them up i love them so very, very, very much.  I honestly kinda feel like a cooler person just having them. 

Look at the gold flower.  Its hand embossed which means its a liquid that was stamped on with a custom made stamp, then covered with gold dust, then brushed off then heated so it melts into a beautiful brass peony.  

And then obviousy my name is letterpressed.  

If you plan on stalking me know that you are stalking a ‘Box Brothers.  Thats my shipping, not living address. 

I love them so much.  

So if i run into you and you get one, I want to hear a, ‘Thank you soooo much for this business card, Emily. I feel honored that i was one of the few people that you chose to give this to.’

So again, they were designed and made by To You From Me.   Their work is SUPER reasonably priced for such a high end, luxury, HAND MADE product.  

I’ve always been relatively cheap about my business cards, but my world just got rocked and i feel like a more important person with these business cards.  

It’s like fashion for your business.  And when your business is style, this stuff better look good. And it does.

Now its time to redesign my web-site….. Hey, Bri...How busy are you these days?

Speaking of Bri and pretty graphic design…..


Tonight is the Anthrolopologie event with Bri and Jen that Orlando and I will be of course attending. It’s a the Americana Anthropologie in Glendale and we are making awesome string mood boards. Although i’m just going because i like to follow Bri and Jen around.  Perhaps they can TAKE ME TO PARIS WITH THEM NEXT TIME THEY GO!!!!! 

At least London.  


Get more info here.