Latest Purchases from my friend, ETSY.

I’ve been Etsy-ing all night and i found some dope as a Pope’s rope stuff.  I want these to be my sister wives, i love them that much.  (hey clients, email and call dibs if you want these)

Pair Hollywood Regency brass canister lamps lights Curtis Jere style

Pair of vintage Brass Canister lamps, $175.  You had me at ‘really huge modern finial’.  From THIS seller.  Picture a really wide (like 12″) short white linen drum shade.  oh, man.  I’m getting inappropriately excited. 
Pair of Mid Century Ceramic Lamps
Adorable pair of gold polka dot lamps.  $75 for both.  from THIS seller.  Yes, i have a thing for Gold, white and polka dot so these are pretty much a no-brianer.  I might splurge on some gold foil shades.  
Vintage Highboy Dresser In Lipstick Red
I didn’t purchase this guy because i already have one in yellow, but you should.  Except shipping will probably be annoying. It’s $325 which isn’t a steal by any means. (mine was $100, but from a thrift store and not refinished).  It’s still dope.  You can buy it HERE
Vintage Floral Linen Pillow Cover with insert-Reduced from 36.00
Yeah, i’m predictable i know.  Vintage + Blue + Floral + Ball fringe =  No doy.  $30 from this seller 
rare, hand woven huge vibrant peacock textile, tapestry
This thing is crazy good.  It’s a 32″ x 100″ handwoven tapestry.  I think its future is to be the upholstery on a mid-century chair that i got for $30.  i know. i’m already separating myself from it emotionally because this is a relationship i do not want to end.  
rare, hand woven huge vibrant peacock textile, tapestryrare, hand woven huge vibrant peacock textile, tapestry
 $99.  But think about it, its 100″ long!!! It could be two major pieces of art, a pillow and a simple chair.  The hot pink in those peacocks is making me feel unhealthily excited. From THIS seller. 
VINTAGE GEOMETRIC ART // Fiber Art Wall hanging // Vintage Geometric Decor // Chevron Textile Art /// Vintage Seventies Geometric ///
Adorable woven tapestry.  Why is ‘tapestry’ such a bad word for some people? Like ‘macrame’ or ‘knick knacks’ or ‘wicker’ or ‘fringe’.  ‘Tapestry’ just means something handmade or woven thats hung on the wall as art.  $29 and look at the colors.  And you don’t need to frame it.  Picture it on a gallery wall or hung above (and off-center) a guest bed?
VINTAGE GEOMETRIC ART // Fiber Art Wall hanging // Vintage Geometric Decor // Chevron Textile Art /// Vintage Seventies Geometric ///
MID CENTURY MODERN // Vintage Seagull // Vintage Mid Century Modern Wall Hanging // Vintage Seagulls // 1970s Bird Plaque // Gilded Gold
Oh my god. its so weird. can you even believe i bought a brass animal? What’ll i do next? Wear blue? Wear a princess sleeved tweed blazer? So not like me.  (at this point i literally have a zoo.  1 horse, 1 large greyhound, 2 horses, 2 owls, 1 huge fox, 1 elephant, yadda yadda….and you saw the holiday special with SIX large brass deer!!!!).
But this guy is pretty great for the price, $25 i think.    From THIS seller. MID CENTURY MODERN // Vintage Seagull // Vintage Mid Century Modern Wall Hanging // Vintage Seagulls // 1970s Bird Plaque // Gilded Gold
And for the finale:
Large Amazing Flying Machine Sculpture
Dear Brass hot air balloon car thing, Please take me away to happiness land where we drink diet coke through red vine straws, listen to the song ‘Dancing in the moonlight’ on repeat (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG!!!!) and cuddle wit baby mammals.  I’m pretty sure that is what happens in heaven. I’ll ask my dad, he knows about that kinda of stuff.  This thing was $99, which isn’t nothing.  BUT its 33″ tall – and for the math un-inclined that is almost three FEET, my friends!!!! HUGE!!!!  Its probably going to go above a bed or in the perfect niche.  
I might hoard it for my future daughter, Emily, Jr. Above her crib??? AHHH!!!!!! Stop it. Control yourself. 
Part of me wants to re-brass it so its all new and shiny and dope as mother-effing hell!!!!!!!!!
Yes, all of these might be cheaper at the flea market, if i was to find them (which obviously is the hard part) but the fact that i can buy whilst watching ‘Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Our idiot Brother’ with Brian (his choice) and drinking wine makes it pretty worth it.  
And supporting small businesses is always worth it. For those of you who don’t know, shop from It’s kinda the best. 
Here’s a searching tip:  you never know how people categorize their stuff – if they don’t know what they are selling they might call it something weird.  So what i do is just search for ‘white lamp’ under ‘all items’ and yes i have to scroll through 27 pages, but is the best way to ensure you are seeing all the options and you inevitably find the best pieces.  I mean, when is the last time you searched for ‘tapestry’?  Some people call ‘porcelain’, ‘ceramic’ or ‘pottery’ so you can’t predict it.  
Happy Holidays, friends.  Thank you so very very very for another year of reading, watching, commenting and listening.  
I love you so hard.   
What was your favorite piece? And what is your favorite Etsy store?

The Readers have spoken! Off to San Francisco

I love how Brian became an icon for neglected blogger/designer husbands throughout the world yesterday. He’s getting a bit cocky about it, actually.  He keeps reading the comments and reminding me of how ‘he won’.  And then i remind him that he wasn’t actually competing against the blog, but yes, of course ‘he won’.

Thank you so much for all the comments and support, seriously.

So here’s what i’ve come up with:  i’ll scale back, but do more (and better) original style posts and Mr. Orlando is going to jump in and help me once a week and blog about what we are working on.  If you guys aren’t reading his blog, you should be.  He’s like a way more down to earth version of Brad from Rachel Zoe, meets Martha Stewart, meets Freddy Mercury.  But funnier. And handsomer.

Meanwhile Bri and I are off in a couple days San Francisco to stay The Clift, go to art museums, make up some reason to wear a really revealing (however NOT slutty, please i am a lady) red dress, get cultured, bike and hold hands – not at the same time, you crazy.  We are’t relaxers, we just aren’t.  So we figured if we can’t leave the country, we may as well go to a big city that we haven’t really spent time in with lots of stuff to do and be total tourists.

So bring on the San Francisco suggestions:

1. Best restaurant – you know the restaurants that give you like 5 waiters per table and you can wear a tux? Any that are really really old and classic? We want to splurge on a 4 hour dinner and feel like rich people for one night.

2. Easy day trips:  Alcatraz? Where else should we go?  Which museums, galleries, etc can’t we miss.

3. Which neighborhoods do we have to explore?

4. Really old bars? I love the one with the pirates boat in it up on the hill, but any others would be good to grab a drink at.

5. Plays, operas, events happening that we can’t miss?


A post for Brian. And a question for you.

Brian woke up in a super bad mood yesterday.  Totally Grumpy McGrumperstons.  He told me it was because he had a dream that he and i were headed off on our vacation (one that i promised we would take) but whilst on the plane i asked the flight attendant if i could move seats to sit away from him so i could get more work done.

(photo by Ray Katchiatorian)

Look how sad he is.  You know when you have a dream that is so upsetting that you can’t help but be upset for the first half of your day? That’s how he was.  I kept thinking at least i wasn’t cheating on him in his dream, but in a way its just so close to home and so real that it was way more upsetting for him and me.  I mean, who dreams about being ignored???

It’s so weird because i’m very much not a workaholic.  I didn’t think.  But when it comes to the fun stuff (conceputalizing, shopping, blogging) I would prefer doing it over almost anything else.  Sure, i’m not dying to invoice or tape receipts, but i could pinterest all night .

Champagne problems, i know.  So we can’t stay in at night because i’ll just sit on my computer all night long. But while out to dinner this is what happens:

Brian, “whatcha thinking about?”

Me:  “Whether the mirror in the lake house should go vertical or horizontal – vertical is easier in a lot of ways, we just have to lean it – but it is really tall and wide and would be pretty amazing horizontal, too, and would absolutely command the room – but its 200 pounds so hanging it has to be done professionally and its a commitment.  And if we hang it horizontal then we probably don’t need a credenza or buffet underneath it BUT it would make the room longer in a way, so maybe we put it in the tv nook where there isn’t a lot of light to bring life into that area of the room.”

(from domino, not the house)

Or last night it was:

Brian, ‘whatcha thinking about?’

Me: ‘i’m not sure what lamp shade would look best on the wig-head lamp.  A white rectangle makes it more modern, but part of me wants to do it in navy or hot pink to match her lips – but at the same time they need more light and darker linen shades always create less light AND i’d have to special order them which would take longer because i’d like to finish the installation sooner and we are out of money’.

I’m such a fun date.

We’ll go to the movies and unless it involves Ryan Gosling, OR beautiful teenagers almost kissing and probably being vampires, then i don’t really even see it.  My eyes are open, but I may as well not be there because all i’m thinking about is whether i should recommend splurging on the Madeline Weinrib rug for $1500 or saving a ton of money and buying the West Elm for $200 on sale right now.  One is more superior but also 7 times the price….

So we had plans to get out of the country over the holidays and go to Guatemala, Cuba, Panama or Nicaragua to distract me.  You know, places where we don’t know how to cross the street or order the food. Where every second is interesting and we are exhausted at the end of the day and we create memories we’ll never forget.

Us in Laos, above. Caving below:

hanging in Vietnam:

We normally are lucky enough to fly on standby passes from Brian’s EXTREMELY generous handsome, funny and smart uncle who was a pilot for a long time, but all the flights are totally full over the holidays and our plan is failing quickly.  And my January is sooooo crazy right now with 5 houses to work on (one a total reno outside of New York), 4 out of town speaking engagements (Alt Summit, COME!!!, Atlantasmart COME!! and two privates).   Plus the book, product lines, etc.  Oh and we are moving into a three bedroom and that place isn’t going to decorate itself.  And then we start shooting probably in february which is a 60 hour a week job.

Plus i must paintball:

Why am i telling you all of this?

Normally i think its totally annoying when people talk about how busy they are, its like ‘yep, i know, most of the world is, too’. It’s just uninteresting and kinda bragging. But I’m trying to rationalize something.  I’m making a case.  Keep reading.

The amount of things i have to be grateful for is enormous right now.  I don’t think i’ve ever been happier. Seriously.


I love my husband more than my blog.

There. I said it.

It makes me terribly sad that i’ve overextended myself to the point of prioritizing my work over him.  It’s weird because i don’t feel not close to him at all, but if he doesn’t feel close to me, then its true. Dudes don’t really bull sh*t when it comes to talking about their feelings, they aren’t exactly begging for ‘a talk’ unless they really need one.

So i need to scale something back and the blog is the only thing that i’m not really obligated to do.  So here’s the question:  Would you rather have me write all the content but post less (like 2-3 times a week) OR get dope-*ss people to write for the blog twice a week – bloggers who’s voice, personality, writing and talent i love?  The blogs that i check everyday and have for years. The blogs that who i think are influential, entertaining and relevant? And never ever, ever, ever, cheesy.

I would never dilute the blog with randoms, i promise – but if it was the same cast of characters, and people who you know with totally interesting perspectives and great design ideas, would you be into it?  I’m talking Bri, Jen, Nat, Morgan, Joy (wait, she just had a baby, probably too busy), Orlando…. you get the idea.  It’ll be full of snark, wit, happiness and taste.

I’ve considered just posting less, but now it is a business that gives me a sense of security that i don’t want to neglect.  Its too important to me.

I promise to post personally 2-3 times a week, but they would be more thought out and all original posts, like i used to – less phoned in.  And then 2 times a week you get to hang out with my friends?

And then i get to hang out with Brian.  And work on my EFFING dollhouse.  (FEBRUARY 1st due date, i know, i’m so sorry. i’m totally ashamed of myself and i’ve been punishing myself enough so please forgive me).

And also I could enjoy the christmas tree that Brian bought and decorated by himself yesterday. I mean, shame on me for not decorating my own tree.  I suck.   Its the cutest, sweetest thing i’ve ever ever seen.  I’m going to add some touches, and i’ll post pics, i promise.

So, friends, are you with me? Will you stop reading? Or will you be happier that the posts re better – more original content and more diversity?

Winning!!!! With Apt2B!

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Giveaway Entry Info:

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Awesome Yard Sale in LA on sunday, and Dollhouse challenge extended

You know i’m going. 

She’s my friend. And i’m only friends with people that have cool stuff in their house.  She’s one of my favorite people ever, partly because she has the coolest stuff ever – see how that works?

She started out as a stylist and three years ago she started  You know these guys:

mini heart

I have one, you have one, we all have a red sequin heart pin, don’t we? (those are the mini-s but i like the white background. the larger ones are $15 and the smaller ones are $10) How are those not already in your or your daughters/sisters and mothers stockings?

Anyway, she’s selling a bunch of dope stuff and i’ll be right there to buy it (after the Long Beach flea market).  I’m hoping she’s selling the yellow sequin vintage dress she wore on her 30th birthday because its crazy fun – not matter how much Brian told me i looked like i was a nutso whilst wearing it.  Actually,  Jen, you better keep that. It’s a Jen Gotch staple at this point.


It’ll be a party.  

Last photo by Max Wanger and look Bri is in there.  Hi, Bri.

And for all you who are doing the dollhouse challenge you might be irritated to know that yes, its extended because 4 of us (at least) aren’t done.  I got held up by my electrical, so i couldn’t wallpaper so i couldn’t hang art, etc – i mean, its literally like doing a real house.  I have more anxiety about it then i do almost anything else in my life – i’m not kidding.  

I’ve been out of town all December so far, so i’m hoping that now i’m back for 10 days i’ll catch up.  And then January i have 4 trips already including Alt Summit, which will be dope.  So let me know what is reasonable for you guys.  Feb 1st?  

Of course i’m done shopping, its just the renovation that isn’t progressing as fast – how very ’emily’