New obsessions I want to put in my mouth because i love them so much.

Because that’s what people do when they love things.  

Don’t ask me, ask Freud.


Upsettingly good.  I don’t know if one can actually buy them, i found them on SFGirlbyBay from Tomas Kral.  Ridiculous.  Makes me want to start painting jars with gold paint. 

Amazingly saturated hot pink rug from Kea.  I’m sure its a fortune, but luckily i’m a fortun-aire.  Its hairy and weird and hot pink. Like Alf…meets Rachel Zoe….meets me.  Gross. 

I just bought this. It makes me, you guessed it, SMILE.  From Keep Calm Gallery (limited edition, thank god because i don’t want to get sick of this one.)

Watercolor Wallpaper:  Black Crow Studios  It’s incredibly fluid, beautiful and happy.  I’m moving soon (due to the wonderful news of a 3rd and 4th season pickup of me at HGTV) so i’m shopping for weird, impressive, fresh design ideas for the show and for my new home – still shopping for the right place (well, we got the news yesterday), kinda waiting for the perfect place.  But this wallpaper is on the short list (and yes, you can customize).


Ingenius hanging plant stand by Portland’s Poketo  $78 and big -ish so its worth the dough.

Woah, that’s a small picture.  But these are amazing brass brackets (i call them ‘brassckets’) from Australian company Mr. Kitly .  I’ve been collecting vintage brass shelving brackets for a while with the intention of someday have a wall of lucite shelves with all different brass brackets. So if i can’t find enough, these are my backups. They are $110 for the pair which isn’t nothing, but totally worth it.


Amazing gold ‘Top’ Pendants by Spun.  Yeah, i’ll spin you all over my face.  You are chic and refreshing and bold. Three of you will someday hang over my kitchen island.

Vintage chair catalogue pages, framed as art by Strawser and Smith.  No price, but graphic, homey and great.

Gold and white stripe clutch from Hawkapow 75 euros, so i guess like $300.  Kidding, our economy is not quite that bad, friends.

Wonderful hand painted wallpaper.  ‘Polka dots’ are this years ‘florals’.  I love them both. This is made by Bartsch – Paris   It’s happiness on your walls.

I just finished the fourth season of Friday Night Lights while Pinteresting and making this post.  (oh, follow me on Pinterest – I think my user name is just Emily Henderson).  I have 13 episodes left of FNL, and i’m already sad.  Guess who is going to commission a ‘Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts. Can’t Lose’ poster for her husband for Christmas? Me. Know of any?




New things to do this weekend

Nothing makes me happier than new toys.  And by ‘toys’ i mean new stuff for my house.  I’ve been complaining for a while that everything feels too thrift in my iiving room.  And that’s because EVERYTHING is vintage and not all of it in great condition.  

1. So i ordered this rug from RugsUSA (click on the ‘rug’ for the exact link:

She just arrived and she is PERFECT in person.  I wanted something bright, graphic, young and fresh to off-set all my weird paintings. So here she is.  I’ll take pics next week after i’m done playing.  Right now its 40% off which makes the 7’6″ x 9′ 6″ under $500.  (normally $755…you do the math, but its a good price.)

2. Then today i’m offically buying this guy:

I know its not new or fancy, but its clean, new, simple, white and the right size.  It’s the West Elm parsons dining table and i can’t seem to find it online, sorry.   I’ve been shooting a lot of original content for my blog and for (stay tuned) and i need a clean white pretty surface, plus its going to look dope with my big leather 70′ desk chair i’m sitting in right now and my other 60’s woven dining chairs.  

I’m pulling the trigger and poor Brian gets to help me rearrange furniture all weekend.  

3. There are two episodes of Secrets from a Stylist that haven’t aired yet, but are online.  One is called ‘California Cool’ and the other is ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’. PLEASE check them out this weekend, and i’ll blog about ‘California cool’ next week with all the pretty pics. 

But here’s a sneak:

(photos by Terilyn Fisher)

I haven’t photographed ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’ yet because Jeanine, from AphroChic is shooting it for her book (because we used her amazing wallpaper) so i’ll just steal those photos afterwards….

But i used this incredible wallpaper from her, you can find it here: AphroChic

The Vibe


So, here’s the link to ALL (but one) of the second season episodes of SFAS.  Watch ’em, folks.   


4. A little old movie called ‘Breaking Dawn’ is happening.  Oh, ma, lard i’m excited to get my Edward and demon baby on.  

Wait, #5: don’t forget to enter the two giveaways still happening.  5 West Elm gifts and an Acanthus Jewelry piece of your choice.  (the last two blog posts)

Winning! Your choice from!

***This Giveaway is now Closed!***

Tis the season of gift giving, folks.  I’m pretty much doing the work for you, between West Elm yesterday and Acanthus today, you could potentially not shop for gifts at all this season.  

If i could win i would choose this chevron locket or this pretty vintage inspired pendant:

Image of Chevron LocketImage of Rejuvenated Octagon Prism Pendant

And you know i love a vintage key (i buy them at the flea market and throw them on chains, but these are way prettier:

Image of Rejuvenated Large Key Necklace

If you want 15% off right now – Nov 30th, 2011 use code EMILYHSTYLE11.

Giveaway Entry Info:

  • Prize: Pick a necklace from!
  • How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell me what you would pick from if you won!
  • For an extra entry: Follow Acanthus Jewelry on Twitter, come back and comment you did!
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday November 25th at 11:59pm EST
  • How Many Lucky Winners?!: One! (1)
  • Ships to: US Only
  • Also: Please be kind and only enter once, unless you used the extra entry option, you can enter twice. I will select the winner using and will notify the winner by December 2nd via email. You will have 2 weeks to respond with your info, or we will select another winner.


West Elm just went Hollywood, thank god.

My life just got easier.  Those of you who have been to LA understand the traffic we all talk about endlessly. It’s career-changing, socially debilitating and unbelievably frustrating.  You schedule your day around the traffic, you write off people instantly as friends if they live more than 10 miles away, and people even have beach houses when they live 20 miles away from the house – it feels that far away.  You have to live by your friends or break up with them (true story) in LA, and when going to ‘the west side’ or ‘Santa Monica’ we ‘Eastsiders’ must bring provisions – blankets, food, extra phone charger, emergency kit – that 18 mile drive can take you an hour on a good day – so a round trip? at least 3 hours.

Going to West Elm in Santa Monica (at the 3rd street promenade – a big super busy mall, no less) has always been something that we do because we need West Elm pieces, but we had to plan a day trip – or send the newest intern.  In fact, i have purchased online and shipped to my house MORE than i have bought physically at the store.  Sure, if you live on the west side, you were golden, lucky you. But us that live inland had a hard time.

Sad story, i know.

Well, folks, West Elm is coming to Hollywood, opening tomorrow.  S’Right.  It’s now in the middle of where i shop daily.  Which will be bad for my bank account but good for my clients.  And Thomas O’Brien designed the store – smart move by West Elm, because that dude is a design genius – look at his house:

The last year on the show specifically i have used a lot of West Elm, so i thought i’d recap all the major West Elm moments (not so much the pillows and accessories, that would take forever).  Stay tuned for a major giveaway at the end.


Silver Martini Table, its pretty much a West Elm classic at this point.

Whoops, another martini table, although white this time  $129 (these episodes were 9 episodes apart, by the way)…And check out the owl lamp behind it.  $99


Glass Jug lamp,  $149



Pebble Rug, 8×10 $649


Petra Table Lamp, on sale now for $79.99


Andalusia Rug, $549


Cream chevron rug, but i don’t think its available anymore.


Cream Chevron rug again, whoops, apparently i like that one a lot.  Oh and that’s the Eyelet bedding, too, which i’m not sure if its still available, but the ‘Pin Tuck’ is one of my favorites.


And those awesome ‘Long Arm’ sconces.  $149

eclectic 3 jpg.jpg

Recycled Denim Jute Rug.


Safari Rug.  I’m so glad they are selling this rug still, I forgot about it, but its surprisingly neutral, in an edgy way.


Sheepskin Rug (although couldn’t find it available on the site).

And in the holiday special (pictures off limits til it airs November 25th) there is a huge new rug, and ton of christmas ornaments, a terrarium, pillows, etc.

Clearly i’m a frequent buyer.

Anyway, to reward me for being such a good little shopper, they have invited me to be a ‘Special Guest’ at their big opening party next month, with some of my new and old favorite bloggers and friends:

So basically i get to hang out in a store i love, sip wine with my friends whilst portions of what i buy go to charity? It’s like asking Snookie if she would like to go tanning.  Of course, i’ll do it.

PLUS, then i get to ask fellow HGTV host, Carter Oosterhouse why, oh why are there so many ‘O’s in his name, …..and where are you sailing to, Mr. Oosterhouse?  Come Back!

Stand back, ladies. He’s taken by Amy Smart now, who i have always loved since ‘Felicity’. Ah, Noel.

To celebrate my new easy life of never having to go to the 3rd street promenade again i’m giving away 5 of my gift pics from West Elm today.  S’right, the holidays just came early.  FIVE!!! (check out the  holiday guide for all my other gift pics)

Schmidt Brothers Starter Knife Set, One day, when i learn to cook i’m going to use these to cut food things.

Schmidt Brothers® Starter Set w/ City Block


Ceramic Pig Speakers  I own this and its great because its super portable – no chords into the wall, and the sound is WAY better than i thought it would be, plus its a pig and pigs are inately very funny.

Ceramic Pig Speaker

Monogrammed Laptop Case (if you don’t have a laptop i’m sure you can take it back for an ipad case)

Canvas Electronic Cases

Lacquer Jewerly box – every girl needs this.


Lacquer Jewelry Box

Wine Decanter

Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers


So yes, one lucky winner gets all five of these gifts. If I was you i would keep them, but they make pretty great gifts so you can always give them away to a lucky friend, too.

Just leave a comment on this page – tell us what your all-time favorite West Elm piece is.  Mine might be the martini table because its just so versatile. But i’m also a huge fan of their new Bliss Sofa (i’ve previously been more into their textiles and accessories, but their new furniture is hitting the spot).

Room View




Oregon Ducks inspired Rooms: Green and yellow

I don’t know what planet you live on, but on Brian’s planet (planet Oregon football) there was a HUGE game on Saturday night.  The Oregon Ducks versus the Stanford ‘Cardinals’ (which i guess are trees????).  So while Brian did this all night in our hotel room:

(Why, yes, he looks like a total perverted sociopath cruising Disney World)

i did this:

Plus i had my laptop in the bathroom and i watched last weeks ‘The Good Wife’ (which needs to kick that romance into high gear, this fan is kinda losing interest) and last weeks ‘The Vampire Diaries’ PLUS 2 episodes of ‘Revenge’ – which is totally good, by the way despite the worst plot recap every week.

ANYWAY, i still had my ducks on my brain so during the fourth quarter i looked for green and yellow interiors (the team colors).  Its my homage to all the men in my life who seriously live for Duck football.  The irony is that obviously none of them will read this, but we’ll know its for them.  

The colors are green and yellow, like a duck, hello. But these two colors do look super mascot-y to me unless they are mixed with some more sophisticated colors.  The color of those green velvet sofas is perfection. (pic stolen from MFAMB, i think)

What? There is too yellow in there – look real hard, in the back.  Pink and green is one my favorite color combos that i just don’t see enough.  

I know i’ve posted this pic before but its because these grey walls make the yellow and green look amazing together.  The grasscloth and that medium tone of grey takes any of the silliness out of the yellow and then you add that warm worn velvet crazy chair and its all up hill.  

So i’m pretty sure this is the same house as the first pic – same shades and same idea of coffee table, interesting.

If you are wondering who put the yellow in the shelves on this one, it was me – and not very well. I think they said they were going to photoshop it to make sure it covered the whole thing, but i can definitely see the top of the yellow card stock here and there.

And if you were wondering who made the white with yellow ball fringe pillow, it was me too.  That was 8 years ago and i loved ball fringe even then.  I assisted Cindy on this shoot, although now i’m not loving that little table in front – i feel like there was a good reason we did that – maybe they were going to put a bunch of type there or something. Weird. 

This is A LOT of yellow and green. I would even say this is KINDA ugly – way too faux to be very real, but if it was a hotel i was staying in in Cuba i would be psyched.  (P.S. guess who is going to Cuba on Christmas day? Yours truly with Mr. Von Henderson…..any and all suggestions are appreciated).

Ok, those walls might be more blue than green, but pretty none the less. The color of those chairs are Yellow, with a capital Y.  

Too much, too soon.  I think with yellow you have to be careful, seriously.   A little goes a LONG way.  That loveseat or those two chairs were probably enough, but with both and the drapery it gets to be a little crazy town.

And here we have some grellow.  I love that sofa, always have and always will. The composition of this photo is a bit chaotic to me, but i still like this room a lot.  

I don’t know, i like both colors a lot but combined can be tricky. I think the most successful is the one with the grey grasscloth walls – with just big pops of yellow and green.

Yup. He is the big winner.  Touchdown, field goal, spiked ball and little touchdown dance.  You know the one i’m talking about – where they shake their rump back and forth – possibly even like a duck. 

Go Ducks!!!!!