Holiday Special, Behinds The Scenes

Holiday Special aired on Saturday, and YES, i’m finding out when its airing or when its going to be online and i’ll make a big announcement on the blog, so come back.

So the next couple days are going to be  behind the scenes of the Holiday Special, with sources and lots of DIY stuff.

It was ridiculously fun, especially considering it was filmed in August in 105 degree heat.  No real christmas trees to be found and its actually kinda hard to get inspired to do holiday so early.  I pinterested a ton, and went through all my old magazines…thank god for the internet.

But the advantages of doing christmas in August are that you have to be more creative.  The stores aren’t doing the work for you, the new holiday magazines aren’t out yet giving you inspiration. So you have to come up with all the ideas and make everything yourself).



Lets start with the color palette – i’m into peacock tones right now, they are ‘in’ in a big way, they make me happy and since the house was near the beach in SoCal it made sense to do something less warm and cozy and more bright and airy.

I wasn’t crazy strict about the exact colors, but these were the general tones that i wanted to stay in.

The theme of the holiday was ‘Modern Vintage Craft’ because they love stuff thats handmade and personal, but warm and inviting – all in a modern way.  Thank god they were on board and completely agreed with me. The diagnostic is real folks and you just hope that they love what you love.  Which they did. Yes.  These were the stockings they already owned so it definitely fit our vibe.

My first big idea was the globe snowman. At first i was going to paper mache styrafoam balls with atlas pages but as i was making the prototype i realized that it was just looking like a wanna be globe anyway, so why not use actual globes.

Woah, those colors are cuckoo.  Totally playful and bright, like the family.  I’m slightly obsessed with this globe family.

So here’s what we did:

took 9 globes – small (head), medium (torso) and large (butt, er, legs).

We built this wooden base:

It’s just a simple block of plywood, with a whole drilled through it for the rod to be threaded through it and secured with an other block of wood (for weight) and two nuts.

And we put little furniture pads on the bottom so it wouldn’t scratch anything and sat more securely.

Then we drilled through the top and bottom on all, with a fairly large drill bit (just make sure it matches your the size of your rod).


All the globes are vintage, the smaller ones were $10-20 and the larger ones $60-75. Yes, not cheap, but ones you make them you can have them forever and they are HUGE impact for $250 bucks.


Super Adorable, if i do say so myself.  They are in our color palette, playing on the whole ‘Staycation’ thing totally unique.  They say ‘holiday’ but in a totally young, hip, way.

This one was super super easy to do.  We just took a huge map and stenciled (with standard letter stencils from Michaels) the letters on it with white acrylic paint.

First you tape the stencils down where you want them:

And then you paint them – we used acrylic paint and no special paintbrush. Be careful with the tape because those vintage maps are fragile so don’t stick them down too hard, they just need to hold them in place. And make sure to brush inward to keep from the paint going under the stencil and spreading on the map.

Bearcat could do this its so easy. And you could do it with any vintage map or even a new map.  You could even wash the map with a different color – hot pink or grey or white and stencil/paint with a contrasting color.

Indeed. Joy to the world.  I love this and want this.  I might reinvent it for myself.  Also you could put “Peace on Earth’. Equally clever.

There is A TON more to blog about this coming up this week and next:

1. Tablescape (all the dishes, glassware, etc).

2. Dan’s coffee table and Chandelier (that Orlando dubbed ‘Dandelier’)

3. fireplace redo

4. Sage‘s amazing Treetopper

4. yarn balls, paper circle ornaments, etc.

6. My outfits.  Why not?


PLUS!!! all the regular resources for the regular ‘Staycation Modern’ design.

But for now, all i want for Christmas is this:


Pinned Image

Please Santa? I’ve been very good this year.

Also Lands’ End is happily a sponsor of mine during the holiday season and tomorrow they are giving away like a million prizes on Twitter.  You win by first following them on twitter, then retweeting them and answer their trivia questions. I’ll be tweeting hardcore from 2-3 PST, so definitely join me then. And then from 6-7PST is power hour where they are giving away four $250 gift certificates to Lands’ End and if #landsend ‘trends’ (meaning if it becomes popular enough tomorrow that it makes it on the ‘trending’ list) then one lucky winner will win $500.  Not bad.

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Holiday Special TODAY, folks.

It involves me, Orlando, special guest Dan Faires, a cute family and lots of crazy holiday stuff.  We be decorating all up in that hizouse.  ‘Staycation Modern’ is their style.

Its one hour long.  It’s a redesign first and then holiday decorating.  Lets make the ratings go crazy.  Lets have it be the biggest most highly rated show that has ever been watched.  Kinda like the series finale of MASH.  Or maybe lets beat a mid-season episode of Jersey Shore, for pete sake.




Thanks everyone for watching!!! i’ll be posting all the pics on monday and i’ll get a schedule of when it re-airs for all those who missed it!

Lately obsessed with navy/white polka dots


Why can’t we spell ‘polka dot’, ‘poka dot’.  It makes so much more sense.  Everytime i spell it it correctly i end up pronouncing the ‘L’, sounding new to the english language, in a bad way.  

Anyway, i want all of these:

Lands’ End Canvas silk polka dot shirt, click Here. 

Does anyone know where i can buy this navy trench?

Pinned Image


Adorable navy poika dot umbrella (although at $149 a pop its a totally stupid purchase for this chick, i will lose it just taking it to my car).  But if you want to, purchase here. 


Pinned Image

This amazing vintage dress from Etsy, $300 click HERE.

Pinned Image

just bored. eating leftovers. watching way too much tv.  finished The Hunger Games.  loving life in general.




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November Sponsor Shout Out

This is going to be a good weekend, i can feel it.  Yes, yesterday i slipped in the ‘i got picked up for a third and fourth season’, casually because the show is going to change a lot, for the better of course.  

I can’t tell you how excited i am.  Imagine finding out in one email that you get to do your dream job for a another full year, guaranteed. I read the email over and over making sure i could celebrate and tell people and after confirming with them I got an email that said ‘Buy some champagne, you have a reason to celebrate this weekend’.  

Speaking of this weekend MY 1 HOUR HOLIDAY SPECIAL AIRS ON SATURDAY AT 4PM (EST, 1PM PST) ON HGTV.  Watch it. I dare you.

And a new show that HGTV has picked up is called ‘Junk Gypsies’ and they are having a sneak peek at there new series (which involves two chicks, a lot of junk turned into awesome stuff, and TEXAS!!!).  It’s airing sunday at 7 central time which is what, 5 PST ? THIS SUNDAY!!! Watch it and support these chicks because they are helping make HGTV younger and hipper so we have to prove to HGTV that there is an audience for that.  

Alright now to my monthly sponsor post:

I started listing what i’m thankful for and it started feeling very self-congratulatory.  Suffice it to say, i am very, very lucky, in every single way.  

One of the things that i am most grateful for is the blog, obviously and i’m grateful for the sponsors that help support me and the helpers.  So, dear readers, this is my shout out to the November advertisers.  

Thank you so much in advance for letting me support companies that support me.

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My Sparrow is one that I didn’t know about until recently but its an awesome online resource – furniture, accessories and jewelry/gifts:

Swiss Army style cross cosmetics bag

I love this vintage linen cosmetic bag 10″ square and $38.  

And in my new studio i’m going to have loads and loads of pretty things to put pretty things in, including this berry box:

Berry Box

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I love Paloma Nests new holiday stockings.  Order quick to get them this christmas:

Image 1

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Another new company i didn’t know about is Vanessa Adao.  It’s a lot of textiles and wallpapers.


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Less ‘ME’ but super special.  I tend not to wear big chunkier necklaces because of the larger bazoomes happening there, but I think i need to start trying to pull them off (the necklaces not the bazoomes).

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