WINNING!!! $5,000 from 3M!

OK, so there are a lot of contests going on in my blog these days, The pinterests, all the giveaways, etc which i am super excited about and love that you guys are WINNING! This contest, thought hosted by 3M Frameworks, i totally needed to bring to your attention. Here are the deets, i think you are going to dig it. 
They want you to make a video that’s less than two minutes and shows how hard communication can be between a couple (girls and boys, girls and girls, and boys and boys of course!). So think of something brilliant and put into video (ya know, like the pinterest video i did!) and enter to win! They are picking TWO $5,000 winners! And if you are camera shy, you can submit a script for a weekly chance to win $250. Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure:


Not so hard, eh, eh? i think you can do it! i can see how people have trouble if they don’t have the right stuff to work with or if they simply don’t know what tools there are. 3M’s line 3M Frameworks has Scotch Blue Tape, TEKK Protection, LeadCheck swabs, Abrasives and Tough Duct Tape to help get the job done right, and that’s the point of this whole contest! So help make light of tricky situations and make a funny video! Don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment with the link. i want to see what you did.  And think about it, how many people are going to put the effort out to make a video? maybe a ton (hopefully for them) or maybe not (hopefully for you) so i actually think there some good chances out there.  

My plan is to do it this week and post it next week, but don’t hold me to it because my plan is also to find a new apartment, organize my storage unit, pet my cat, watch 50 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eat some edamame (what is it 2002?) and possibly work on my very very unsuccessful-so-far-but-i-still-have-hope DIY pinterest challenge.  

To enter is super easy. Check out their Facebook page for all the the nitty gritty. Here are some key details below:

Good luck!



***This giveaway is now closed!***

Do you want a cubicle that you see in magazines, but don’t know where to start?

(if you don’t get that reference, then yeah, you should watch more Secrets from a Stylist).  

But this office stuff is awesome. Why have the gross stuff from the big box store when you could have this chic stuff? I have it all and in person it actually looks even more expensive.  It reminds me of the lacquered stuff that Jonathan Adler used to sell, that was a fortune. Only this isn’t.  So even if you don’t win the giveaway, its kinda the perfect little gift for yourself or a co-worker.  Or stocking stuffers.  So enter and win, folks. 

17 Products

$153 Value

1. White Inboxes $19 2. White Desk Set $193. Blue Soft Cover $54. Navy Soft Cover $55. White Spiral $66. Felt Laptop Case $247. White Scissor  $8 (not shown in image)8. Calculator  $79. Pool Blue Stapler $810. White Staple Remover $211. Pool Blue Tape Dispenser $812. Pool Blue Ruler $513. Pool Blue Signature Pens $6 14. Classic Ballpoints (Blue) $515. Blue Gel Retractable Pens $12 16. Large Binder Clips  $8 17. XXL Binder Clips $6

Giveaway Entry Info:

  • Prize: $153 value of all items listed above. With love, from
  • How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell us what Poppin product would make your Mondays better.
  • If you want to be fun: Follow Poppin on twitter and hash it out with your friends using #winpoppin at @em_henderson to spread the word for an extra entry
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday August 5th at 11:59pm EST
  • How Many Lucky Winners?!: One lucky one
  • Ships to: US Only
  • Also: Please be kind and only enter once, unless you used the extra extry option, you can enter twice. I will select the winner using and will announce with winner on August 8th here on this very webpage, so check back to see if it’s you.

Design Star, Episode 3 recap

Alright. First homeowner challenge.  Overall the transformed spaces were better, but i wasn’t freaking out about them. At all.  I’m sure they weren’t either.  

This one is my favorite and it was Meg’s an Tylers.  



Pretty and tasteful.  The wall that Tyler built out of wood is awesome.  

The color palette is pretty, whitewashed woods, blues, etc.  Not reinventing the wheel, but definitely an inviting space.  Looks like no one lives here, though.  and flowers much?

Karl, Brett and Kathy’s space before:

Not a fan.  I’ll just stop there.    Its also such a terrible photograph that its not doing them any favors,  i’m sure it looked better in person. 

Karl and Brett are working well together, Kathy, not so much.  Kathy gives me serious DS season 5 flashbacks. All future design star contestants, here’s a secret, HGTV wants people that are easy to work with.  

The kitchen is way better than it was.  I wish that Karl’s mosaic backsplash was something that he hadn’t done before or i wish the colors weren’t so ‘contemporary’ and earthy.  If it had been navy and white and light blue? sure. But i still like him and i was proud of brett for saying, ‘Karl and I are going shopping and you are staying here, end of story’, to Kathy who wanted to do all the shopping and none of the labor.  Although the chairs that Brett picked out were chairs that i wouldn’t even give my worst enemy.  If i gave my enemy’s chairs.

I feel like i’m being really negative, i do. But i truly wasn’t feeling much of these spaces.  We didn’t get a chance to really see the spaces, so i’m SURE they are better in person, but these pics are bumming me out. 

Here is Leslie, Kellies and Kevins:


I don’t really know what to say. I actually think there were some decent elements in this room, but this is really the only picture of the entire space and it focuses on this rug ON AN ANGLE.  A DIAGONAL RUG!!!! I’m outraged.  It’s too small, its not pretty, and its just, ugh.  And then the table in on an even worse angle.  I like Kellie and i like Leslie, but i need to see better pics of this room.  I think i like this room better on the tv, but in a still photo i have less to say.

I really like the collage though, such an adorable idea for your kids art.  what are those sticks…..

I like the idea of the wood wall thing that kevin built, but then i just keep asking, ‘why? whats the point?  I guess it has a functioning shelf……and that husband thing on the ground is rando.  

I guess what i do like about this room is the bright sunny color palette. The navy with the neon yellow (it looks like) and white is pretty fun and playful, especially for a family room.  

 Mark and Doug’s room, before:


Mark’s wood wall is cool, although at this point we might need to put the kaybosh on horizontal wood walls.  The rest of the room was tragic.  

I truly believe that any color (almost) can be styled and combined with other colors and amazing furniture to look cool, but this salmon failed with the brown and cream and all the contemporary furniture.   Gross.  

And i don’t understand why that sofa is against the wall and not facing the fireplace.  i understand they wanted a place to dance, but that sofa is facing nothing.

Oh, and here’s my general philosophy on working in teams.  You can only convince someone for so long that what they are doing sucks, before your day starts to get totally ruined.  My theory was to mention it a couple times and then shut up and let them go home for their mistakes.  As long as you voice the complaint and its on the record then by god, the judges should see the bad taste and that designer should go home.  You don’t choose these teams, its not real life where OF COURSE you have to work well with your team, but you obviously hire people that a. are similar to you aesthetically, and b. you really like socially.  This comment that you should ‘stand up to someone’ to me is wrong.  If you constantly fixed your team mastes mistakes then how would anyone know that they are constantly making mistakes.  

And besides being assertive is way different then being aggressive and you really don’t need to cross that line when it comes to paint color.  

I forget who won…..OH, Kevin.  

Doug went home.  

I have higher hopes for next week, but as of right now Meg and Tyler’s space is 12,000 miles ahead of the other rooms.  Again, i understand the restraints and so i’m not blaming and i’m sure they weren’t totally happy with their spaces either, but i’m just hoping for better rooms next week.

What do you think?


Did i hear something about a Design Challenge?

Have you ever wanted to wallpaper your cat (don’t, i tried, unsuccesfully) or gold leaf your blankey (weird, but could be amazing…although the fact you have a ‘blankey’ is questionable)?

Regardless, now is your chance, my friends, to finish that crazy home project that you keep putting off because you are too ‘busy’ or ‘constantly watching the reality tv’ or ‘not-goal oriented’.  I think i’m a combination of the first two, so, I was talking to my new friends,  Sherry and John from, Joey and Lana from, and Katie and Jeremy and someone had the genius idea of throwing down an official Pinterest challenge; a design challenge to force ourselves to finish a project that we promise ourselves we will, inspired by a pinterest picture.

 Ah, look at those lovely ladies (and watch that video, written by Sherry and Katie, who are ridiculously adorable and hilarious…and don’t forget to watch the bloopers at the end).  

Here’s the challenge, if you choose to accept it (which i did): choose a picture on pinterest that inspires you do to something to your home to improve it.  It could be as small as decopaugeing a doorknob (seriously don’t recommend it) to turning your closet into a guest bedroom (I did and they complained of ‘clausterphobia’…pussies) – as long as it has to do home design/decor and it can be done within the week.  The four of us are doing it and while there isn’t necessarily a winner, the idea is that we are actually forced to finish something.  I’m pretty sure i’m the worst when it comes to this, but now that its public, it will be done.

I, Emily Von Henderson, will finish a project by next tuesday, 8/2, at 7am pst.  I will share it with you, whether its effing amazing or totally embarrassing.  I am at the mercy of this deadline and won’t eat or sleep until its done.  I will however shoot a makeover show, write a blog and cuddle with bearcat, so if i can do it, so can you.  just saying.  this is a lot of underlining and bold type, but i’m feeling it. 

Now, its your turn.  Join in on the challenge, comment, link your blogs in the comments and challenge yourself to actually finish the project by next week.  Mine will involve 30 pounds of vintage brass chain that i got at an architectural salvage store that I have been hoarding (playing with, sometimes spooning) for a couple years now, you know, as you do….  I’ve got some ideas, but i’m not exactly a welder, so we’ll see.

I’ll give clues on twitter and facebook throughout the week as to what it is and how its going, so follow me on twitter and ‘like’ ‘secrets from a stylist’ on facebook (not the emily henderson fanpage, that’s kinda inactive….because i can’t do ‘fanpage’).  And retweet this post, we want to see how many people we can get to actually get something done. Besides finishing the RHONY series, that doesn’t count. I’ll tell you how it ends:  they all basically suck.

And in case you think the Pinterest family has paid us, the answer is ‘nope’, they had nothing to do with it.  Just good old fashioned inspiration, now known as ‘pinspiration’….which reminds me a bit too much of that thing one does (not me, please…gross) when you work out… but if ‘that’ happens too, then good on you.  But please shower before posting.  

Good luck my friends…..i’ll be thinking/tweeting/facebooking/myspacing/and friendstering about you all week….

I will not, however, be ‘linking you in’. because i still don’t get it. and don’t want to. 

Bring it on.  And yes, i’m feeling the pressure….

Episode 14, Recap

Alright.  So this was the first time i saw the new format, and i liked it. We are working things out, trying new things and there are growing pains but i think its going to be a much better show.  Thanks so much for your comments, I really really appreciate them.  And you are heard. :)

Now to the good stuff:  I thought that it felt so much less rushed and i didn’t seem so tired and hurried (a combination that i didn’t realize i was until the format changed).  There were some editing bumps in the ‘furniture layer’, and we actually didn’t have the coffee table or the rugs yet (due to arrive the next day…what would normally be the ‘second look’) so we had to put some stand-ins in (that first layer ottoman was a last minute run to storage before the room service piece was ready).

But ultimately i’m psyched about this season.  I felt like there was more information and more of me and Orlando (who will start appearing even more, thank god because he is awesome).

I am still Krishann an Chris and their daughter are awesome. Totally sweet and lovely in every way and totally absolutely stuck stylistically.  He liked new, gadgety, streamlined and contemporary and she liked shabby chic, white-washed, crystal, victorian, uber feminine.  So when they shopped together they were gravitating towards intensely different things so they never agreed.  They bought the sectional recently and at first they bought it in white, but it i guess stained easily or something so they switched it out for black and while a lot of people would find a black leather sectional a deal-breaker, i found it a total challenge that sounded fun.  Its a good sectional, nice proportions and quality, so replacing it with something in our budget that was just as functional would be hard.

Sorry, no before pictures, they were on my old computer.  But here are the afters:

They are diagnosed as ‘Contemporary Romance’ which means furniture with clean lines, more masculine shapes and weight, then combined with more feminine accessories (mercury glass, crystals, porcelein), textiles (velvets, metallics), and finishes (mirrors, lots of silver and age). I kept them working together through the color palette and used the black of the tv and the sectional to my advantage.  The color palette was:  black, grey, white and lavender.  And it looks so pretty, if i do say so myself.  I went back a few weeks later to do a re-shoot and i was still so happy with it (not always the case).

Sectional:  Owners, but i don’t know where they got it.  Barcelona chairs (not real ones, i’m sure), vintage from the flea market ($150 for both) then reupholstered in white Denim with dark grey piping and tufting).  I love these chairs. The original fabric was really bad brown vinyl, but now they are like Mr. tailored pants.

Shelving system:  I bought it from Pepe’s on Sunset (he makes them). But they are basically repro’s of mid-century modular systems that can be really expensive.  This system was $600.  I’m sure someone could make a badass version with ready-made cabinets.  The real-deals that are this big start at $1200 (and are usually like $1800 – $2400 with the cabinetry) so when i found these guys i jumped on it.

The cute white stool is from Chiasso, and its kinda the perfect little occasional table.  1/2 of the mercury glass was real, from antique malls, and 1/2 of it was from West Elm. You honestly can’t tell the difference.  I’m normally not pro buying things that are trying to look old, but a. they look the same, b. the old stuff is super expensive and very very breakable and, c. the new stuff can actually hold water without the painted inside flaking off.

This little table was from the flea market, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It was $250 and worth every penny.  It’s an old card catalogue that was put on pin-legs and topped with a mirror.  And so can you.

More mercury glass and white dotted pottery and white/wood stash box on top from West Elm.  You know i love vintage accessories, but the good thing about West Elms is that they change seasonally before you get actually sick of seeing them.

The adorable little yellow heart photo is from Little Brown Pen on Etsy, link here, $25.

The ‘Life is Sweeter Together’ was one that Krishann hinted at that she liked, its totally adorable.  It’s from Etsy, from FauxKiss, click here. 

The New York box is from Z Gallerie.  The white footed bowl and the grey cutout vessel is from Room Service. (both cheap, i forget, but betwen $10-$20).

Black stool from Chiasso, too. Sorry i did two of the same in one episode, but they seemed perfect for them (remember the black wine glass that he chose?)  Masculine and feminine…and these suckers are like $158, not bad, not bad.

And the chevron drapery….long story.  So here’s what we did:  we bought big box thick drapery then cut this grey linen in a big thick stripe, cut, folded it,…..the reason i’m not going into detail is because i wouldn’t recommend it.  We then used serious doubleface siding to iron it on, after we hemmed the sides.  Don’t do this.  It was super hard to manage because they were SUCH huge drapes.  If you want a pattern, then yes, go through this effort, but there is a lot of troubleshooting that we didn’t know about and frankly didnt’ have time to fix.  SO, next time i would either a. design it on Spoonflower (I didn’t know about that at the time). b. order a chevron fabric that someone has already designed on Spoonflower (Oh Joy’s is awesome), or C. paint with fabric paint and 3M Blue tape.  I hate pointing out my flaws (totally not true) but in this case they were dramatic and totally worked on camera, but when you looked closely, they had a lot of ‘character’.  Luckily Krishann is like the sweetest person ever and was just psyched that they were something that was so handmade and just for her.  Which they were. :)

That chair was vintage, from the flea market i think. $250. The rug is a standard Ikea Grey rug.


The ottoman is from Room Service.  I customized it (which you can easily do there, but i’m sure they still have my particular order if you want that one exactly just tell them you saw it on the show).  Its around $700, i think.

The metallic pillows are from Chiasso, and the little 12×16 is from West Elm.

The wood tray is from Pottery Barn.  The Cowhide is from Ikea.  The mercury glass standing lamp was the homeowners.  The standing lamp in the corner is from ZGallerie (its the white faux bois one).

The chandy was vintage, from Casa Victoria, on Sunset in LA.  $350.

This poster of LOVE in all the different languages is an etsy find, too. From Jennifer Ramos, (MadeByGirl), and you can buy it here for $25.  Perfect for ‘romance’.

WAIT!!! The wallpaper is from Graham and Brown and its only $30 a roll (super cheap).  You really can repaint it different colors whenever you want.  It didn’t read that well on camera, but in person its awesome.  The wall color is Violet Rain by Benjamin Moore, 1451.

And that, my friends is the beginning of season 2.  Thanks so much for your support.  i loves you a lot.

All photos styled and taken by the awesome Teri Lyn Fisher