Screens behind beds, anyone?

First of all i woke up to an awesome review of Secrets from a Stylist by Young House Love (a DIY blog that is huge and amazing) this morning.  Shocked and excited.  Read it here.   And yesterday i had an interview at Centsational girl with some styling tips which you can read here.

Plus, i’ve made a very big decision that i want to share with you.  I, Emily Henderson, am going to start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I never did, i don’t like sci-fi in general.  But you know what folks? you gotta take some risks sometimes.  Put down the Bravo.  Let the housewives fight amongst themselves, and pick up a good old box set of forbidden love.  Welcome to the rest of my life.  

Meanwhile i’m trolling for bedroom inspirations as i have a couple coming up (hey and if you are future clients reading, don’t even try and guess if this is for you).

Digging the screen behind the bed.  I feel like screens are under used.  I have a vintage wicker scrolly screen  in my office that i’m obsessed with and every time i look at it it makes me happy.  

Oh hell yes. Slightly fussy, but i totally want to get in that bed, so layered, cozy and i’m obsessed with the west elm sheepskin rug next to my bed.  i used it in a bedroom (for the first episode of 2nd season).  its like a daily little secret pampering of yourself that everyone deserves just for waking up.  It’s like (southern accent) ‘oh honey, you shouldn’t have to ever get out of bed, but since you have to at least step on the coziest thing in the world immediately, oh bless your heart’.   In other news, why have they not invented robots that brew and bring you coffee in bed yet.  OOh, maybe thats my ‘skinny girl margarita’.  must invent immediately.  

And this guy, quite grand.  but i’m into it.  


Summer loving. Sans John Travolta, thank god.

This summer is offically starting out amazing.  Here are the announcements, mixed in with some new artwork that i’m obsessed with:

1. Design Star is starting july 11th,  and the changes they made to the show make it sound like its going to be super, super good (more time, more individual challenges, less constraints, David Bromstad is the Tim Gunn, Mark Burnett is NOT producing it…etc).  Their portfolio’s are up on HGTV’s website now so i’ll be doing a big ‘who i think will win’   post on monday.  

i don’t know how to make it not sideways, sorry.  but its a rad oil painting that i got at the flea market, i forget for how much, i think $80. it now sits by peacock and Dolores got moved to other wall.

And yes i’m too afraid of commitment to  hang anything.  Next apartment, i keep telling myself.  Or dare i say house? meanwhile, i’m a leaner.

2. My blog is getting all organized.  I’ll be doing giveaways and way more posts.  I’ve finally got help on the business side so i can focus on new content.  Don’t worry it will remain the same, except better.  So if you want to sponsor email Thats right Lana from Joey and Lana Make a House a Home blog  is managing my blog now.  And doing so much more.  I’m ecstatic.  And we are off to such a good start. 

Yes, i know.  creepy.  But i love her.  Now she lives here:

Yes i just took this and yes my office/dining room is messy and those flowers are too short for that vase. Dear America, Emily Von Henderson is kinda messy and she’s kinda ok with it.  

3. SFAS starts back up  airing July 9th, officially.  There are a lot of changes to the second season.  I haven’t seen any of the episodes yet, but design wise there are some rooms that i honestly miss so much because i loved how they turned out.  1 reveal, still mixing styles with more tips/secrets, less voice over, more Orlando…all such good changes. 

Dolores moved over here above my office.  I can’t wait to move into a bigger place, i’ve got loads and loads of art waiting for wall space (art, animal sculptures and busts are the three things that i kinda hoard….my head sculpture collection is getting out of control and brian is seriously considering some sort of intervention).  I just got that middle painting on ETSY By Linda Donohue, link here. and the needlepoint vespa is by MoxieDoll on Etsy, and i simply love it. buy her stuff here.   It was supposed to go to a client, but it didn’t work out and whoops ended up here instead. 

Anyhoo.  here’s the master life plan: I start doing giveaways, start getting some sponsors and then I can move to a bigger place (we are still in a one bedroom) and style the mother loving eff out of it, take loads of pictures and blog blog blog all day long about decorating and style (and fashion and Design Star).  Whilst shooting 3rd season of SFAS of course….cross your fingers we’ll find out in a couple months whether we are back for a third.  We are finishing episode 22 today, which means only 4 left.  Insane.  Although i’m doing a one hour SFAS holiday special that we film immediately after.  But its gone so fast. We started in October, when i was a little baby host.  And now 22 episodes in, i feel grownsed up.  I’m used to the job in a good way.  And  I still love it, just don’t really want it to end….although having some time off to leave the country sounds pretty amazing…. Cuba or Panama or Guatemala.  Anywhere totally foreign where i don’t know how order the food or cross the street, and where hotels are under $20 a night.  Suggestions? (We already did SE Asia)

Shoot, gotta run and box before the reveal. S’right, i box now.  And if anyone in LA needs a personal trainer that is affordable and so amazingly fun and makes the ends of my hair drip in sweat, email me and i’ll hook you up.  I look forward to the workouts.  (and yes, i know how bougie that sounds, but man its a splurge i can’t give up….) Cause i’m a fist machine.  huh, that sounded weird. 


Emily, Emily who are you wearing??

S’right.  Those screams follow me everywhere, wait no they don’t, and especially NOT a the Rose Bowl yesterday during the drizzle that turned this little blonde into a little drowned squirrel, a la this:


Oh that guy? Not sure who he is but he reminds me of somebody…..  And no, i did not purchase him, although for $80 i was tempted because he is quite the piece.  I can see him in a big hipster loft, or east village restaurant.  

Anyhoo, here is another ‘who i’ve been obsessed with’ fashion wise lately.  You know i wear a lot of vintage but girlfriend doesn’t want to look like a character from the early 80’s so i do mix in a bunch of new items, as often as possible (and as often as i can afford) and here are a my newest favorites:

Dear Creatures.  They are new to me, but i’m totally loving them, and eagerly awaiting for my navy romper.

For when i go boating, thinking about both colors….

And i will play Tennis in it, yes i will.  

Yup.  Love these guys, they sell at Anthropologie and a bunch of other stores, but i think you can buy directly from them, too. Click here for their spring/summer line, and i just saw their fall line and i’m in love with some of the pieces.  (lots of princess sleeves with bows…).  

Emerson Made:

You know i love this brand.  It’s me in every way.  I’ve rocked the tweed jacket, but now my friends, i’m getting myself its grown up older sister:

And this guy:

And for some new kickers, i’m about to start donning these fellas from Seychelles (which i pronounce ‘say shells':

I know. Supes adorbes.  And their shoes are totally reasonably priced, so you don’t feel like you are breaking the bank.  

 And that folks is ‘who i’m wearing’.  Happily.  

Newest purchases, for me.

And when i say ‘for me’, it means ‘for me until i find myself desperate and needing it for the show then its gone’.  Sometimes at night Brian sees my eyes darting around and he’s like, ‘wait, don’t shop…nothing is leaving.  no not that, Emily i actually like that…’   Oh Brian, clearly he doesn’t know that I can find another (insert fairly ‘boy’ accessory here).  Yes this means our place will never ever be ‘finished’, but when i need it, i need it.  

Right now my apartment is an endless rotation of pretty things for Secrets. Yes, there is some stuff that i will NEVER part with, but then there is a lot of stuff that i love, but the show is more important so if its gonna ‘make a room’, then sionara.  

These are my latest purchases for me an as of right now i’m not planning on giving them up.

Peacock oil painting, why you blurry?  So pretty and big, like 18×30″


Here she is in better context on my mantle.  I got her at the PCC flea market for $60 and was sooooo happy, the color palette the composition, the age to it….what a beautiful peacock.  (that was my G rated sentence, as i’m sure you can guess what i really wanted to type). Next to her is this new chick, Dolores, who was more of a splurge but that peacock blue dress i could not say no to.  She was $90 and Brian no le gusta.  


And then there is this lamp which was a splurge, too. And truthfully it will probably end up on the show because its such a beautiful piece.  But for now i’m fostering it.  I’m its foster mommy….Perfectly normal thing to say.  I think i have emotional problems and should probably just have children.  

She is a white porcelein parrot lamp, and she is huge, like almost 3 feet tall with the shade.  I’m in love and when she goes, it will be to a very very good home where she is loved and admired. I got her at 45 three Modern Vintage.  

All pics taken this morning at 6am, with  ma iphone.  So sorry if they aren’t the best.  

Lets hear it for Show and Tell.  What’s your favorite, if any?

Perfection? meh, its for the dogs.

I get a lot of criticism on the show for having a lot of ‘clutter’ and being really ‘messy’ and ‘random’.  Yes, these are the haters, and in general i don’t really care, but when i was thinking about who i love, style-wise i was reminded of these folks and how much i would rather strive to be like them, then traditional (and perfect):

Hamish Bowles (Vogue Living editor):

random? sure.  beautiful? absolutely.  I want every single thing in here. And i want to live in this world. 

Sibella Court, (stylist, store owner, author of ‘Etc’ and an Aussie’, who i can’t get enough of.  Boardering on hoarding, but i want to spend hours in her home and store. Exquisite and totally uncontrollably good taste. 

I’m intrigued, enthralled and i wouldn’t trust myself to not steal.  Just warnin’ you, S. 

Lili’s taste is incredible.  She shares my love of vintage florals, and made me feel like it was ok 5 years ago when no one else was really doing it (i was doing it in secret). 

And Robyn Glaser, whose messy and effortless style was one of my first influences (she also owns the most well curated prop house in New York, you know where Martha Stewart stylist get all those hand thrown turquoise bowls and that perfectly shaped and toned silver spoon? yup…she rents it all out).  Imperfect but totally flawless.  


I have to pull it back my ‘eclecticism’ for the show because the camera pans so fast you don’t get a chance to really see the detail, so yes, one could interpret (with an amateur eye) it to be ‘clutter’…. (which is why i have Laure, Teri and Mark take pictures afterwards).  

Anyhoo, screw the haters….. and perfection.