God’s Dollhouse

Most of you know that i have a thing for miniatures.  Miniature horses, furniture, food, whatever…as long as it makes me feel like a giant i love it.  And dollhouses? forget about it.  It’s like two of my favorite things combined – home design and minis. Not new ones from toys r us, no way, i love the old victorian dollhouses or mid-century dollhouses where the chandeliers work, where there is bedding on the bed, where its obvious that every single thing was handmade, down to the fly swatter, pans and books.  So you bet i was excited when i saw this bad boy in Salt Lake City last week:

Uh huh.  It’s a mini replica of the Salt Lake Mormon temple.  And its incredible.  I’ve never been in the temple so i wasn’t sure what was happening in there, so that was obviously fascinating on its own.  BUT, then you give me mini-murals, mini-vases, mini-wing-backs, mini-pulpits and i’m all yours.  Someday when ‘Secrets’ has more time and budget i want to do a mini version of the room to show the client before its actually done.  Instead of a super techy digital mockup that some shows do, i want to actually have mini-versions of all of the furniture, wallpaper, accessories built and installed in a mini room.  And then i can keep them all, and have one room full of all my favorite work.  

That won’t be weird at all. 

Back to god’s dollhouse:

So cute. and beautiful. and perfectly done. I am godzilla.  


I have no idea why my computer just did all those nnnjmmm’s, and for some reason i can’t erase them. so weird.

anyhoo.  Yes, this mini-temple was awesome and i stared at it for a while.  whilst eating  a baby corn on the cob.

Gotta run. This week’s house has a lot of hilarious technical setbacks that is making this little stylist brain very tired. in a major way. not mini. but its gonna look rad. hopefully. 

Oh and Friday is my first giveaway.  Come back and find out what you could win.  WINNING!!


Last night I dreamt of wicker

As you do.  I had a dream that a client said ‘no wicker’ which is more like deja vu, less like a dream because i’ve had 3 homeowners put the immediate kaybash on ‘wicker’.   And i get it, i do.  You grew up in the 80’s, you remember loads of wicker and floral fabric, a la this guy:


And you are terrified.  It’s many a man’s nightmare.  But you know what else was in the 80’s that was awesome? Family Ties. princess sleeves, shoulder pads and aerobics.  I’m a huge fan of never, ever, ever saying out right ‘I don’t like _____’ because inevitably that thing will come back, OR even better, if its the right version of that thing, you can always style it in a way that totally works.  
Bolo Ties.  
I thought that Bolo ties were the on thing 10 years ago that would never ever ever ever come back in style. NO way,  NOT A CHANCE!! i would say. IMPOSSIBLE! I would yell.  And low and behold Urban Outfitters be totes selling bolo ties.  So here’s my ode to wicker or rattan (wicker is the weaving and rattan is the material).  Because its back and its awesome…..If done right….. 
Yup.  JA knows how to do it.  Who doesn’t want to hang out in these chairs? lame people, that’s who.  (parker palm springs, my favorite hotel ever).
I bought this one on Amazon for an episode a few weeks back, $350
I had never bought furniture from Amazon before, but it came within a week with free shipping (because i am a very special ‘premiere’ member….super exclusive).  It was a total hit (stay tuned for episode 7 of the second season).  Buy it here
Yes, it can be inside.  I’m not freaking out about this room, but i think that the wicker chair is approachably pretty here and might sway a wicker -hater.  
Yes please.  I think the key is combining it with other non-wicker furniture.  like these little african stools.  wicker means lashing of reeds or fibers (my friend Wikipedia told me that), so while this bed is probably not rattan its still wicker.  
I bought this bed the other day for the show for $250:  
Its sick.  Technically its bamboo, but since its lashed bamboo that makes it wicker (right, wikipedia?).  I mean, its stupid its so awesome.  it was all flattened and crammed into a bed isle with like 50 others but this eagle eye saw it and forced 3 guys to help me hold it together while i decided if it was too big for the room or so amazing that it didn’t matter.  I decided it wasn’t too big, and it too amazing, and cheap, to pass up.  It’s headed to my lacquer guy as we speak.  Still deciding on color….
Again, this works because a. the wicker is interesting and not a plain boring big box wicker chair, and b. its combined with other finishes that make it more modern.  
pretty and chic. 
Here are the shapes i’m always drawn to:
Mixed with metal bases.  I bought these two below for my friends Ian’s patio (both for $100 at the flea market)
Loving his shape.
And a peacock chair? Forget about it.  I know people hate these, i’m aware.  But they are incredible sculptures that make you feel like a queen when you sit in it.  i’m waiting to have the right home before i buy one of these bad boys.
Anthro is selling these:
Great.  CHeck her out here, its $298.
And this one, which is much more expensive ($1600) but pretty rad:
Buy it here. 
So never say never folks.  I had someone hate florals the other day, and i turned him.  And someone hated sisal and i turned him.  Everything i used to be a snob about i have ended up opening up to (i never thought i liked country music, but man, after a week in Austin, that stuff makes you happy).   
What do you think will never ever ever come back?


Give me 5 hours

….til a new post. I had a whirlwind trip last week, 30 hours in nyc full of like 31 meetings and a really fun HGTV party, (pics to follow, including me and Dina from RHONJ and the Novagratz’s).  Then straight to Salt Lake City where i got a behind the scenes question and answer session from a church leader that blew my mind.  And then to Evanston Wyoming for a family reunion that included 139 of my closest relatives and lots of beef, stories and hay.  

All without internet connection (except at my hotels which i was barely ever there, so i know i owe like a million emails).

I got back late last night and now i’m rushing to work (episode 20), but rest assured a style post will be up today, and my last weeks trips with pics will follow hopefully tomorrow.  

Oh an meanwhile some dude totaled my car.  FUN!  

But the good news is that Bentley is returning on the Ashlorette tonight, its gonna be goooooooooooooood.  

What did we do before ETSY?

Artwork for a tv show is tricky.   And by tricky i mean ugly, bad, hotel art.  I mean, you can’t even call it ‘art.’ You could call it ‘stuff to put on walls so it doesn’t look empty’.  

Well, welcome to my biggest pet peeve, wait, styling shelving with empty bins is my biggest tv pet peeve, and bowls of green apples randomly on a coffee table is up there, too.  Anyway, I’m a huge fan and user of ETSY,  and I thought i’d highlight some of my favorites that i’ve been buying for the show (with subsequent permission).  

I’m also starting a ‘where i’m shopping’ tab above and all my favorite resources (LA, vintage, online, big box, web-sites and etsy artists that i love will all be included on there….slowly, so keep checking back…and i’ll update when i find new artists and stores…as i do love a ton, so if i’ve forgotten you or your store or you think i’d like you or your store please email through the contact form to remind me).  

I tweeted about this last week, but man i just got it in the mail and i’m obsessed:

And this guy, one of my favorites:

They are handmade pieces, of simple perfect paper hearts.  They are customizeable (which i did for a family member and a client) where she writes with a pencil either on the hearts or on the bottom of the piece.  And then i bought one for me because i couldn’t live another day without paper heart art (as i have a thing for hearts and paper art).  And they are framed beautifully.  Don’t be scared that it ships from Europe, i got mine in 10 days.  

The company is called Sarah&Bendrix, and you can buy them on etsy, here.  And you should.  Guaranteed a happier life. 

The BigHarumph

Adorable letterpress posters.  I just got one and the quality is high and the colors are super saturated.

Buy them on ETSY here.    Some of their quote posters are pretty great, too.

Next up:

Linda Donohue:

original abstracts that i think are super beautiful.  Ethereal.  happy.

Check out her etsy shop, here.

MoxieDoll.  Happy, adorable little pieces of love.  There is something about embroidery art (and paper art) that somehow seems more approachable to me than others.  I think it reminds me of my years and years as an obsessive crafter.  College was spent reading books, writing papers (despite my lack of respect of capitalization, spelling and grammar, i actually did get an english degree), but i also watched Felicity and crafted – collaging, mosaic-ing, sewing…so these kinds of pieces of art remind me of my potential (that sounded dark, but since i can’t paint worth squat somehow these seem more like me).

I know.  Ridiculous.  And totally well priced.  What a good good gift.  (hint, hint)

And she has a ton more.  And she’s from Portland.  Shop here for MoxiDoll’s other pieces of happiness.

Tracey Kafka, super pretty afforable abstracts:

I just commissioned Tracy to do one for the show – basically i gave her a color palette and she sent me something perfect.  I’m pretty sure she’s open to doing this, so if you see something that you love but in colors that don’t work for you, ask her.  You’ll see her piece in episode 9 of season 2.  Buy Tracy’s work here

Laura A Miss

Its stitched canvas art and its ridiculously cute.  I want this one bad (keep meaning to buy for the show, might just need to buy for me).

And this one i  want for my future kids room.  So happy.  See more Here.

Pajamasnpaintbrushes.  Tractors aren’t a normal obsession, but i think these paintings are visually super appealing and great for a little boys room:

Right? there is something tough and sweet about them that makes me want to hug them.  Buy them here.

Black Daisy Blue:

Yes i have a thing for blue abstracts.  So sue me.  Although i wouldn’t recommend it.  you can’t exactly win a case against somebody who likes blue paintings.  Just a thought.  

oh and one more abstract by LorieMarie that i used in a beach house, so cute

I just installed this guy in a clients house…they were from the mid-west and while its kinda cold they loved it.  I think it was crazy inexpensive, too. like under $30 or $40, i don’t remember.

Cute, right.  See the other work here, by Thirteen13creations

THen this guy makes me smile:

I mean.  That’s pretty happy.  have you ever seen a bird with a french fry? those fools be crazy happy.  and i understand, birds, i do. No one, NO ONE likes french fries more than i do.  Sometimes (often) for lunch i order a salad to look cool and healthy, with a side of fries, and then depending on how good the salad is often i just eat a side of fries.  Yup.  Because they are very, very delicious.  I just feel bad for birds that they don’t have ketchup.  although, what if they do? if i was  a smart bird that wanted to get rich i would totally invent ketchup and set up shop near a burger joint.  Thats my new skinny margarita idea.  become a bird, invent ketchup for birds and make 120 million dollars.  or seeds.  as i’m assuming that birds pay with seeds.  wait, that’s boring.  i don’t like seeds. new idea. 

Buy that print here.  

Being that i have a thing for peacocks (well birds in general, see above rant about birds and french fries) i’m super attracted to this guy:

I think I ordered this, but i havent’ gotten it yet. i could be wrong. i go on these crazy etsy sprees and forget what i actually payed for.  But i love it. Buy her here.  by FauxKiss

That’s about it for now.  I am accepting sponsorships starting last week, so if any of you artists want to buy an affordable space email lana@stylebyemilyhenderson.com.  Spaces are filling up, but i would love to be able to promote and work with all y’all.  (none of the above artists are sponsors – as far as i know – they are just who i love and wanted to give a good old fashion independent shout out).


Design Star, Season 6 predictions

Oh man.  This is gonna be a good season, i can feel it.  First of all these guys look pretty accomplished. Secondly, David Bromstad is in the hiznouse as our younger and more fabulous Tim Gunn.  Also we are promised more individual challenges and more time for challenges, which could all equal one great, competitive reality competition.  I can’t freaking wait to start it.  (Monday July 11th) Of course i’ll be reviewing it here and i’ll also be doing a weekly video blog for HGTV on their design star blog, so you’ll get a lot of me.  if you want.  

Here’s my deal when it comes to Design Star.  Nobody understands the constraints that these designers are under more than i do.  Time, shopping locations, even tools (for our white box challenge we didn’t have hammers or any form of glue…i never told you that).  So if they don’t execute something properly, i don’t care, in the real world you hire the proper expert and those mistakes aren’t made.  

I’m more concerned with 1. style (aka having a modern, fresh point of view).  2. taste (tacky and cheesy is tacky and cheesy whether you are on a reality show or not) and 3. A genuine, authentic and engaging personality.  This last one you can’t bottle and sell.  Or else Bethenny would have already….wait maybe that’s why she got 120 million for her ‘skinny girl marg’s. genius.

Here they are folks, the Design Star 6 contestants, no real order:

Mark first of all looks like my husband, Brian:

 So he has that going for him and is already a winner in my book.  But he also dresses well and YES, that means a lot to me.  Bad dressers have bad style. Good dressers have good style.  Cheesy dressers have cheesy style.  Boring dressers have boring style.  You can learn how to put a functional room together, you can’t learn style, so he’s already one of my favorites.  

Here’s his best shot:

He’s an industrial designer not an interior designer which excites me because maybe he has a new take on things.  


J.  It is a little ‘huh’ that her name is just J., but Orlando’s name is pronounced ‘Oar_lawn_doe’ (which is also his twitter handle, follow him on twitter, i dare you) and i used to think that was a little funny until i realized that its actually correct and much much much prettier sounding than the name of the city in Florida.  She has cute style, too and a relaxed ‘not trying too hard’ posture which makes me feel like we could be friends which is super invaluable as a host.    Here is my favorite from her portfolio.  It’s tasteful and pretty.  A lot of people would love that wood wall. 

And here is her style board.  The style boards are a new thing that some of the contestants did and i’ll tell you what, they are a good idea. I’m not sure what the constraints were for the style board (what program they used and how much they got to choose from), so some of them are decent and some are very ‘meh’.  

I think its pretty.  I love that bottom bench and I appreciate her incorporation of my cat, Bearcat, who is sitting on my lap right now determined to get an hour of saturday morning cuddle time, whilst i blog.  Oh, Bear.  



Good style.  He’s rocking the Michael fashion scarf, which is cute.  Here’s my favorite from his portfolio. 

 I love the rug, the hyde ottoman and the fact that he used crazy red chairs.  There is not a lot happening in this room, but i do like the few elements that are there.  i appreciate the restraint and that everything in this picture is awesome.  Including that Madeline Weinrib rug, you know i love that.  

And then there is this one that is pretty cute.   

The fact that he is using this photo shows that he is interested in the artistic energy that is provoked by lifestyle photography and design.  Its looks like there is camo painted or wallpaper on the bottom half of the room, in which case that is dope for a little boys room.  I like him. 

Introducing, Meg:

Cute little green flats, Meg.  Here’s my favorite from her portfolio:

i like all the elements.  


Now Cathy was an emmy winning reporter, so that kinda scares me when it comes to her hosting.  But she’s probably super comfortable on camera.   Style-wise we are very different, as well, but she seems very accomplished:

I never met a big grey sectional i didn’t like.  And that CB2 table is always a hit.

Not me one bit, but i think a lot of people would love this bedroom. 




I feel like style-wise we might be very different but she seems educated and accomplished and her clients are probably very happy with her.  That house is definitely elegant.

Doug Hines.  The fact that he bought this sofa is keeping me interested:

And this one above is kinda great, too.  So i’m giving him a chance because for a guy to love tufting so much, he must be awesome. And reupholstering vintage tufting sofas is awesome.  Also just smiling and being nice makes you awesome.  Like this guy, Karl:

Some people i just like. Karl looks nice, he looks happy, and i like his relaxed outfit.  And while stylistically we are very different (he’s an architect), he designs really pretty houses like this:

It’s beautiful.  

And while i don’t necessarily want to see another ‘hire an expensive contractor show’ on HGTV, (i like me the more ‘look at this brass animal sculpture’ show) if it was more about architecture and less about construction, I would be totally into it.

And then there is this guy, Kevin.  He is a store visual merchandiser and that intrigues me.  Usually visual merchandisers are more like artists, so there is a chance he could do interesting things. Think about Anthropologies store visuals, they are always incredible and super inspiring so if he has any of that in him, then i’m interested.     


 i like some of the stuff in this room:

I love the garden stool, the pillows are fun and the chair in the background makes a statement.  Those lampshades can definitely take a hike, but maybe her client insisted on having them.  She looks sweet and certainly takes some fun color and pattern risks.  

Already i have a soft spot for Brett:

He’s a project manager, so more construction based perhaps.  But i like his shirt and his glasses and he lives in Brooklyn, all good signs.  This is my favorite from his portfolio:

Lastly is Leslie:

She makes me nervous.  I’ll just say that. 

I’m loving those chairs, and that pillow. 

There is a new production company this year so i’m hoping the judges are less negative and the challengs are, um, well less based on ‘the way a musical instrument makes you feel’.  

My predictions for the winner? Mark, Tyler, J, or Karl.  I know that is 1/3rd of the cast, but i’m not much of a gambler.  Here’s something to keep in mind:  the judges know what HGTV want, which is someone who will bring something new to HGTV.  So nobody that is too similar to Me or Antonio will probably win.   That’s my guess anyway.

Good luck, Design Stars.  Season 6 Starts MONDAY July 11th, Two days after the season 2 of Secrets premieres!!! JULY 9TH.  See their entire portfolios here. 

Who do you think is going to win?