Anthology Magazine, with the lovely Joy.

You all probably already know about this one:  Anthology Magazine. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a magazine that i can touch and hold and sleep with, and add to my prized collection of magazines and catalogues that i can’t seem to live without.  A magazine that comes to my door (although truthfully i used to buy it at Anthropologie until today when i became a subscriber).   And strangely i like paying for it.  It always baffled me that magazines are pretty much given away (YES, i know why, i worked in the industry for years, but its a bad business model, clearly….).  So the new Anthology Magazine is about to be sent out and looky looky who’s inside:

Yup.  My friend Joy, one of my favorite rooms i’ve done. And her cat. 

Just to reiterate and plug some of my favorites:

The wallpaper is designed by Joy and is sold through Hygge and West.  I dream of moving one day and having this in my living room, and the only thing stopping me is that i feel like i should use a wallpaper i’ve never used before but honestly, honestly its really one of my favorites and i love it more and more every time i go over there.  It’s so quiet and glam at the same time.  I did a house this week with metallic gold wallpaper and I think its kinda where its at for me.  I can still do whatever colors i want, it acts as a big neutral, but feminine and glamorous at the same time….SOLD.  to Emily Von Henderson. Now to get a house.  and money to buy the house.

The sofa is from Room and Board

The rug is from Madeline Weinrib, one of my favorites fo shizzle.

And in case you think there is a typo with ‘styled by Emily henson’ know that its no typo, no siree. Emily is actually a friend of mine who is blonde and happens to also be a stylist and designer.  She actually worked on the pilot of Secrets with me and i wanted to hire her on, but man, you can not do this schedule with two kids (trust me, i can barely do it with two cats).  Anyway, Emily Henderson (hello, me here) designed the room for Secrets and Emily Henson styled the shoot for Anthology.  Emily Henson is also british which makes her infinitely cooler than i am, although sadly has moved back to England, perhaps because she is sick of being confused for Emily Henderson.  

There are a bunch of other shots of Joy’s house in there, too, her bedroom (which has previously never been seen) with chevron drapery that she designed and is now selling (which i am so mad that i could have bought from her instead of making my own for a recent episode).  

All shots by my other friend Terilyn Fisher.  Man i have talented friends. 

And Joy is working on a new book which is bound to be a huge seller.  Not sure what i can tell you about it, but if it had existed two years ago when i needed it so badly (which i still kinda do) i would have peed in delight.  Well that seems unnecessary, probably just would have been happy and bought it.  in delight.  

Second look sources.

Hey guys,

I’m in a massive hurry, must go to boxing before shooting the reveal today.  

Yes, i box now.  Yes, i’m a bad-*ss.  Its in one of those gyms that only has a boxing ring.  Which i realized (with many witnesses) that I have been calling a ‘boxing rink’ for way too long.  Sort of unacceptable, but possible adorable? eh? eh?

Anyway, here are some awesome pics from Terilyn Fisher.  Check out her site, its awesome. She shoots for Rue, Anthropology Mag and all the other cool kids in town. 


Awesome chair.  $300, Rose Bowl.  Little brass and mirror cocktail table? $80.  Yes, please.  That one was hard to let go of.

Brown silk drapes from Pottery Barn.  

Pillows from ABC Carpet and home.  Tray from Restoration hardware.  The other side of the orange pillow is a hot pink with burgandy and technically that side is supposed to be out.  Teri did an awesome awesome job though.  

Table from Cost Plus, $299.  Vintage chairs from Rose Bowl  – all four with the table for $300.

Placemats and napkins from Jonathan Adler, and bowls and flatware from Ikea.  Mixing high and low, fellas. 


Gunnin’ for style, first look


The togo knockoff sofa was rented from Blueprint, but i think it retails for around $2000, and its insanely comfortable and ugly in that way  that only the person on it thinks its beautiful.  It’s like wearing a muu muu, until you start wearing them you can’t really appreciate the comfort and beauty that they posess.   The burl side table was $100, the vinyl chair and ottomon (you only see the ottoman in this pic) was $60, the brass lamp $60, lucite lamp was from Practical Props in the valley for $100, the rug was $250 from Gypsy palace (i think thats the name) and the credenza was from Santiago’s on Lankershim for $300, or so…

The two little stools were from Amsterdam Modern (affiliated with the Mohawk General Store on Sunset in Silverlake – an awesome store) and were $100 each.  And then we have an anthropology zebra head and a few Jonathan Adler accessories. 


Sorry these pics are so bad, they were my iphone at 10pm.  There is never time for good pics of the first look, unfortunately.  

Sorry, the kitchen was a mess during this pic.  But that wicker set came from the Rose Bowl for $150 (and we have it in storage if anybody wants it for $100 – two chairs and the table).  I actually love them in a ‘Blanche and I will have coffee in the morning’ kinda way, but I want to spray them white or navy or hot pink….

And there we have it.  70’s Palm Springs.

Stay tuned for pretty pictures by Terilyn Fisher tomorrow of the final look.



Episode 13. Season finale.

70’s Palm Springs meets Easy Rider Chic.  Here’s a secret,  i’ve never actually seen ‘Easy Rider’, which is not my fault, i was raised sheltered and our vcr actually wouldn’t play rated R movies.  Impossible!!, they said.  Weird, i know.  But we were told not to even bother because it wouldn’t work.  It’s weird that it worked when my sister, 16 at the time, invited two friends over to watch Dirty Dancing when my parents were out of town and locked me in my room to ‘color’ for 2 hours – which strangely i hated to color.  Pretty sure they must have brought over their own heathen vcr player to watch that heathen movie.  But there was nothing i wanted more in the world than to watch Patrick Swayze’s hips move back and forth, don’t you try and stop me now, no suh.  Anyway, Easy Ryder chic worked because its kinda bad ass, rock and roll, rebellious, party animal, etc, etc and these two definitely have that edge to them.  (at least that’s what wikepedia told me that easy rider is.)

Anyhoo, most of you know that i’m a 70’s girl, and since i live in California i’ve been pretty obsessed with the california 70’s style that really didn’t exist anywhere else.  You know, the brass, hippie prints, loungey furniture that borders on ugly….My favorite hotel in the world is The Parker Palm Springs.  Its simply perfect, design and style wise.  I had been waiting to do a style like this, and Lisa is a total free-love hippie so it seemed like a good opportunity to do it.  

That was their mood board. 

Global influences, retro colors, but with a masculine edge.  John and Lisa Gunn are rad, they are super fun – all their friends call them the ‘fun gunn’s’ actually, and i can see why.  John is a writer/director who’s movies include ‘My date with Drew’ and ‘Like Dandelion Dust’.  Lisa is an artist and an awesome makeup artist, and they’ve been together forever, and just have such a fun energy.   We had a total blast this week, i did make some mistakes which i’ll tell you about later (that first look huge shelving thing was hideous, i saw it at a vintage store but there was a bunch of stuff in front of it so i didn’t really get a good look at it, and it turned out to be bad 70’s office, instead of retro 70’s….but i replaced it, which was the plan anyway).  

Pretty pretty photos by Terilyn Fisher.  

P.S. I have the best wallpaperer in southern california.  i was hesitant to give it out but she promised that if i did she would always make me a priority, so here’s my gift to you, Ricky the amazing wallpaperer,  Tell her i sentcha.  And you’re welcome.  

I’ll get to all the resources tomorrow, must run and shop with Mr. Orlando.  I guess H.D. Buttercup is having a huge sale today, and girlfriend, i don’t miss a good sale….especially when its not my money….

Episode 12, actual breakdown. Not emotional.

First of all you can’t believe how truly grateful i am for all your amazing comments the last few days.  I read all of them, and let me tell you, you all make me feel really special and that i’m not alone, its ok to cry, etc. Sometimes I feel so sorry for any ‘public’ figure who doesn’t have a direct relationship with their audience. With all the criticism that is out there, to know that i have such support makes me never really doubt my future – career-wise.  Everyone should start a blog,  I mean, if Obama had a blog about how hard it is to balance world domination and a hot wife, i would totally read it and love him even more.  

Being human is insanely interesting. 

Back to the show.  


Woah there wonky pic.  So that sofa was my favorite thing in this look. It’s from Grot in Long Beach, we rented it, but it had already sold for $1800.  The coffee table was a floor sample from BluePrint, the eames chair was from Angels, on Lankershim, the big media unit was from Amsterdam Modern in the valley (by appointment only, but its AWESOME, and they have stuff that sells at Mohawk General store in Silverlake that is great great, too – great clothes, accessories, etc.

That carpet was from ugly hell.  I wouldn’t recommend going there.  They mainly have ugly, dated, 80’s commercial badness.

That pair of lamps was $150 from Practical props, but i sprayed them red.  And i actually really like them.  The shape/shade are retro goodness.

I’m over this look, lets move on to the final look which was much much cuter:

 The coffee table:  Santiago’s, $225 but then painted and i used a ‘ferm living’ stencil on it, which i think turned out super playful and fun.

The sofa is from 

Look how adorable those little slipper chairs are.  I got them at the rose bowl, they looked like this:

 They were $100 each, then I recovered them in red denim.  On top of those cute chair are these aesome pillows from Modern Palm,

That awesome table is from Brothers of Industry – these cool dudes in LA that reclaim stuff and turn it into other rad stuff.  THis table was an old bowling lane, and i think it was around $700-$800.

Shoot, i gotta go.  But i’ll try to finish resources tomorrow. 

Also season finale is this saturday so don’t forget to watch.  2nd season starts in 6 weeks (july 2nd, hopefully) so don’t worry, we’ll be back in action quickly.