uh yeah. there was a scheduling change.  sorry.  hopefully that mood board is for next weeks episode.  Country pop was this week. i’ll post about it in the morning.  


Episode 8 mood board

Yup.  And these guys are my friends…..and when we shot the episode she was 9 months pregnant.  I’m not kidding.  And guess what happens when you are nine months pregnant? You have a baby…. perhaps while a camera crew is in your guesthouse shooting…….Again, i’m not kidding.  

It’s an exciting one, folks.  Tune in. 

Episode 7, look 2

photo by Laure Joliet

LOOK 2.  Let’s do this.  First lets talk composition.  The TV is going on top of the credenza and that is why its facing that way, they just didn’t have the tv yet, nor did we have the budget for one.  I think its fine either way, but thats technically why its not facing the fireplace.  The room went back to white because i truly believe that that house wants to be all white. With spanish houses you don’t know where to start and stop the paint because all the doorways are arched and there are no hard edges.  Spanish houses are so dense that its almost like you really want to keep it light inside or it can just get too dark and heavy.  But on the TV, the white didn’t look as fun.  In person, though the room instantly opened up and felt so much lighter.

In came the sofa.  This guy is from The Sofa Company in LA, and it was i think around $900 (normally i think its $1000).  Super budget friendly and it was pretty, modern and simple.  The rug, was as you all know, West Elm and again i’m sorry about the mistake on the pricetag, not sure how that happened because i clearly wrote $649 (it was on sale at the time) on my resource guide.  But again, that won’t happen again. It’s an awesome rug, though.  I love it because it has a spanish motif, while still being big and graphic and modern.  And so warm.  Another thing, these guys are reversible so when it gets dirty and you don’t feel like getting it cleaned, flip it over. 

Lets talk awesome grey chair. it was previously this:

Boring, i know.  It had black vinyl and was all tore up.  $50 at the rose bowl, it turned out super pretty.  That brass lamp is one of my favorites, from the PCC flea market for $30 then with a pottery barn lampshade.  

God, i love that credenza.  The detailing, the carving the hardware, geez.  So beautiful.  

OOh, and Dan’s table.  So pretty, so sturdy, so manly. And what sets his furniture apart from the others is the fact that he knows exactly what building the wood came from, and he reclaimed it himself.  In each piece you get a capsule that has a piece of paper detailing where the wood came from and the story of the building and neighborhood surrounding it.  Check out these other pieces:

I know. So pretty.  Click here to visit his web-site and purchase.  

You can buy that coffee table for $600 i think, and while there are other cart reclaimed coffee tables, a lot of them are knock-offy and totally average, this guy you get a piece of new york history.  Just saying. 

And this chair.  Love it.  $450 from the Pasadena Antique mall.  love it.  And that burl table was from T. L. Gurley, which is an awesome store by the way.  512 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105-2606
(626) 432-4811

tell ’em i sent cha. 

That’s it for me, i blog while in hair and makeup (which probably drives Danielle insane) but i’m done. so gotsa run.

and my colorful shirt was from Anthropologie, a couple people asked.  

Episode 7, where it all started.

So here’s the general process: I meet with a client and bring a bunch of Dominos and Elle decors and we go through them and talk about what they like and what they don’t like.  I find that since most people don’t have 300 back issues of shelter magazines to pull from, when you ask them to pull pictures that they like, it generally doesn’t end well. They end up going to weird web-sites and pulling catalogue pics – because its hard to navigate to find the really inspiring pictures.  So, showing up with 100’s of my favorites gives me a better start and generally gets them more excited.  So we went through a few and these are what Andre and Lauren liked:

 They liked the color palette and the unique mix of finishes, and they  loved that coffee table.  They also really wanted it to look appropriate and work well with the Spanish architecture of the house.  

They were a good case, of not knowing what they do like, but being really opinionated about what they don’t like.  And i appreciate the any and all honesty. I had decided to do something different with this episode and do the house’s style first.  Andre and Lauren really weren’t that far apart style-wise, so doing their house twice was gonna be hard.  And i’m not the biggest spanish style fan, so i thought it would be a fun challenge to do it in a tasteful way.  I’m not strict about the interior design matching the architecture, but if you can make it work, why not?

First look:

Let’s do some resources:

Sofa – rental from Santiago’s on Lankershim, i think you can purchase it for $700 – its beautiful but you don’t really want to sit on it.  More of a ‘looking at sofa’ than a ‘sitting on sofa’.  I would love it in an entrance or a foyer, but not in my living room.

Rug:  rental from TJ Gurley (where i shopped for first layer). I LOVE that store. They have a great eye (s) for beautiful pieces which range from spanish to french to industrial to weird architectural found objects.  The rug is $1000 but its really beautiful, but totally patchworked together.  And that’s where the Don Quixote painting came from (i think its $600 or $1000, not sure, we borrowed it).

The x benches i got from the rose bowl, but they came like this:

yeah, i know. hard to tell what they are.  They were under a bunch of stuff and were $20 for both. I had the tops made for $100 each which equalled some pretty cheap x benches.  

But Lauren and Andre didn’t like them.  wah wah.  THey did once they were in the second look , but not the first.  Goes to show how changing the context of pieces completely changes their personality. 

The chess table came from the Rose Bowl, $175 (it opens up and holds all pieces inside and turns into a backgammon board), the chairs were from the rose bowl and were ancient and pretty much falling apart, but they are really pretty.  The coffee table/trunk was a rental from a prop house, the chandelier was a flea market find for $200 and YES, lets talk about this: my theory is that the lighting or architectural features of a house should match the style of the house. NOT all the time, but its something to shoot for. But Lauren and Andre hated them, and she’s a lighting engineer so I felt like i should change them.  In retrospect i wish i had left them, they looked so appropriate, like they came with the house, and the second look needed some more aged pieces.

Ah yes, the credenza.  My favorite piece.  It was a splurge at $1700 from Grot in Long Beach. It was meant to be turned into the media unit….Lauren and Andre were planning on buying a flat screen that we were going to put on top, but it didn’t happen before the show (which is why the sofa is oriented towards that wall).  This piece is insane, the hardware is so beautiful, and the carving? forget about it.  So pretty. 

photo by Laure Joliet

Shoot i gotta run, more tomorrow….

Episode 7 quick correction

AHHH!!!! i just saw that they said the West Elm rug was $150 – its our fault, but i didn’t catch the mistake in time and i’m so sorry.  How misleading.  Its funny because starting the next episode i got to see these before and i fix any price mistake (or if I got a discount i don’t want to announce my price, so i make sure it reflects what YOU could buy it for).

So from now on, no more mistakes.  So sorry about that one.  

Anyway, that West Elm rug is $699, click here.

Photo by Laure Joliet, Table by Dan Faires 

And Check out Dan’s new furniture line, i’ll be blogging about it next week, but you should seriously check it out.  http://www.capsulefurniture.com/

So sorry about the wrong cost, i wondered why everybody kept saying ‘such a steal’ cause $699 is fine, but NOT a score or anything.  My official apologies.  

I am curious which look you guys liked better? part of me did like the first one more, albeit less livealbe, but i’m telling you they REALLY REALLY REALLY didn’t see themselves in it.  But painting it back white, was, well right for them and the house, and looked awesome in person, but on the tv…. i don’t know, was it just me or was it kinda underwhelming?  I’m too close to be objective….