Episode 10, 2nd look

I was nervous about the second look because he really really liked the first look, and she liked it enough, so why would i change anything? Yes, it was really ‘boy’ but he’s a bachelor living by himself so it was super appropriate.  But I did.  I switched out the sofa with a sectional from BluePrint. (i think it was around $1500)  – which is not bad for a sectional, btdubs, and what’s great about Blueprint is that you often can get your sofa within a week (not always).  The room needed to be lightened up and instantly it looked a lot lighter with that sectional…they even thought i had repainted.  

I repainted the fireplace wall, because those stripes annoyed me.  Then I painted out that niche bright white and added the Ferm Living Decal  which is kinda awesome.  I know that there are mix feelings on decals, and yes, there are a ton of stupid ones out there.  But first of all Ferm’s are pretty playful and fun, and second of all for a niche like this its perfect.  Originally i did want to wallpaper there, but since i have learned that wallpaper can not be diy’ed, it seemed wasteful for me to hire a wallpaperer for one niche, plus waste so much of the roll. So it was the most economical and frankly kinda more fun then wallpaper.  

 I built out the shelf so now it houses the bar.  Oh and when Orlando said ‘That was so easy’ he was being sarcastic because we needed to start to put up the decal before the paint had totally set.  We waited as long as we could and my contractor said it would be fine.  I knew it wouldn’t be but we tried it anyway.  So the branches didn’t want to stick on the wall (because it still had moisture, even though it felt dry).  Most people obviously wouldn’t have this problem, but if you do by chance paint, wait a day to dry – we waited like 3 hours.  

And that crazy modular goodness.  This is how i originally found it:

You all know how expensive shelving units can be.  So this one being around $400 (sorry, i forget) was pretty great because it would ground that whole wall, allow for storage, and is just extremely ‘guy’ because its so simple.  

God, i’m so sorry about the bad pic.  ANd i wish that tv was over like 6 inches.  It pains me to post these pictures, by the way, because i’m not there when they are done.  I mean that chair looks jammed agains the shelving unit.  (just to be clear Laure didn’t take these).   AHHHHH but what do you all see in the upper right corner? A Nicole Cohen original painting.  S’right.  I saw it when i was doing the moodboard through her blog, Sketch 42.  Nicole is an artist, whose NYC apartment effing rocks (and she designed it herself).  I met her at the HGTV lunch a while ago (where i will always regret saying like 3 stupid things by the way), and we got each other instantly.  She should have her own show, by the way.  AND her husband owns M and J Trimmings which is by far the best trimmings store in the world.  I curse that it isn’t in LA, at least once a week.   When i was a stylist i would spend hours and hundreds of dollars of there a month.  (ribbons/trimmings are like fabric and flowers to me, every one is so different and inexpensive so its such a fun/easy way to spruce up anything and shopping for it never gets old….its not like shopping for sofas where you are like, god, i can’t wait to get this huge purchase that i’m dreading over with…its just ball fringe, and gurl i LOVE me some ball fringe).  

I digress.  Anyway, you can buy Nicole’s other beautiful pieces (originals and prints) here.    And check out her house featured in Rue, too. Your mouth will drop.  And Nicole, don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes and only sometimes i think you should be next years addition to RHONY.  I know you have kids and probably don’t want to expose yourself to the world in such a way, etc, but the idea of you and kelly having even one conversation sounds like some good entertaining TV.


Oh and this was the first time i had blinds done.  He made it clear he didn’t want drapery and it would feminize the room too much.  So i had these bad boys done at the last minute at Home Depot and i actually really liked how they look in this room. Blinds get a bad wrap, but they make sense and in here they brought in a cozy den quality.  Check out the first post for the artwork links.  

The bench was reupholstered from this:

And the reason there isn’t more purple/aubergine in the room is that he told me at the beginning of the week that he hates purple, and i was like ‘yeah, of course’…..whilst texting frantically to cancel all purple in the room. but the bench was already done.  And he wasn’t a huge fan of it, but it looked good in the room.

This week i shopped at Room and Board and Plantation, by the way.  i keep forgetting to remind you.  And last week i shopped at Maison Midi and Plush Pod.  I can’t tell you how hard it is to come up with 52 stores for the two seasons and not repeat – and have them each be different visually AND have the pertinent to the episode.  I rack my brain everyday.  

So that’s it.  Stay tuned for episode 11, oddly another bachelor, but this time a single dad.  So cute. 


L.A. Secret Shopping Resources

Well, you asked for it.  Now you are going to get it.  This will be my first of a few shopping resources.  I’ll do a ‘L.A’., ‘New York’ and ‘Online/Big Box’.  

A lot of people are secretive with their sources, but when it comes to mainly vintage the more business they do the more they can buy, its not like they will run out of vintage, they will just be able to turn over more, and charge less.  And its a recession people.  A lot of these stores have suffered, so the more you help them the better.  Let’s put good design in the hands of the people.  It’s like i want to be the Trader Joe’s of design.   

Tell ’em i sent cha.  The more stores feel like they are supported by a community, the happier they are.   These pics were all just taken by my phone while shopping, they aren’t amazing and don’t necessarily represent the best stuff, but at least you get a visual..i don’t have pics of all of them. Sorry.  

Here goes:  tweet, blog, etc as much as you want, lets give some awesome stores some business.  

45 three modern vintage – 50’s 60’s 70’s, french, regency, or just plain awesome.  Great prices, new inventory all the time and always colorful and fun. Staci has the same ADD that i do with design and is constantly painting walls, moving furniture, etc.  i get excited every time i go. And never leave without buying something.  1051 1/2 S. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90019

Inheritance:  Mike’s store is really incredible.  Totally affordable accessories, and he styles his vignettes really beautifully.  Lot of turn of the century stuff, California, folk art, Native American, industrial….with some new stuff mixed in.  All one of a kind, and unique to LA.  Refreshingly masculine.  8055 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048-4517 {323} 658-6756  

Gibson:  Such amazing stuff. Definitely more ‘aspirational’ but really beautiful.  Masculine, insane artwork, just love it.  Can’t wait to afford it. 7350 Beverly Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90036  323-934-4248

Lawson Fenning: Incredible high end vintage and they have their own line.  Cheap? nope. But incredible.  And inspirational.  I would own everything in here.  Two locations: 1618 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026-1332, (323) 660-1500 and 7257 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036 TEL 323 934-0048 

Tini:  A once a week favorite.  Alexis has a very good imagination and is a great picker, so he has everything from industrial, antique, morrocan, tons of kitsch, mod and mid-century.  Anything that is old with a sense of humor too (playboy puzzles, Family Ties posters, etc).  515 S. Fairfax Ave. 


Empiric:   Beautiful.  Modern and vintage and so well curated.  I go there for inspriation, and hope to buy one day.  7916 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048-4502 (323) 634-7323   These pics do not do it justice, just what i had on my computer. 

Bonita Interiors:  Upstairs in the Pasadena Antique Mall. Eclectic, Regency, African/Morrocan imports.  Angela has an incredible eye, but its not cheap….just great. 480 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, California 

Maison Midi – French Morrocan, mainly tabletop – plates, glasses, but with some pillows, furniture, accessories. When i was prop styling this was a weekly stop.  If you want to throw a chic party, check this place out. It’s really beautiful.

HD Buttercup: The amount of times this store has saved me is uncountable. Feel like buying a new sofa today and having it delivered in two days? yep, this is your store.  There is some that is expensive, but a lot that is affordable.   And its just a big mall of great pieces.  Some people call it the ABC Carpet and Home of LA, but its different. It has the same multi-vendor feel, but its not ABC.  Its great in its own right, though. 

Casa Victoria: Vintage, great lighting, furniture, case goods, accessories, chandeliers, all of it.  

Olde Good Things:  All found industrial out of old buildings. One in New York, too.  Not cheap, but not a fortune.    

Big Daddys’ antiques:  Its where i shopped during the kitschy loft episode.  Lots of beautiful found industrial pieces, huge bird-cages, french chairs, antique and repro.  And such a beautiful store off the beaten past. 


Pepe’s:  awesome credenza’s, dressers, shelving units. He builds anything custom. (213) 483-1049. 3204 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026, no web-site, and call for hours.

Sunset Bazaar:  Great mix of danish, regency,  70’s, vintage and antique.  Make sure to go downstairs, there is a whole second floor. 2508 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026-3904 – (213) 353-0576  no web-site.

Duson:  Great mix of industrial/found objects, japanese, mid-century but expensive.  

Hernandez:  Art deco, mid-century to 80’s.  All vintage, not cheap but totally affordable (when you walk in you’ll think, god this must be inexpensive due to the layout…but it’s properly priced…he knows what he has).

6158 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles

White elephant vintage:  Down the street from Hernandez. You can get some steals here.  But also some not so good stuff.  no web-site and i couldn’t find the address, but its a blog away from Hernandez.

Santiago’s, Cruz’s, Angel’s and Noho Vintage:  Welcome to Lankershim BLVD in NOHO. These guys are the Mexican Vintage mafia. They are all related, and rule North Hollywood.  I love them all.  Total mix of antique, vintage, regency, danish, glam, rustic, spanish…..just everything.  They are the desert estate sale pros and they will work with you. 

Cruz Antiques. 5616 Lankershim Blvd.  (818) 762-1140.
Angel’s Antiques. 5630 1/3 Lankershim Blvd. No number listed.
Santiago’s Antiques Shop. 5645 Lankershim Blvd.  (818) 445-8410.
Zavco Fine Art & Antiques. 5657 Lankershim Blvd. (818) 766-8348.
Frank’s Antiques. 5659 Lankershim Blvd. (818) 762-4054.
NoHo Community Thrift Store. 5721 Lankershim Blvd. No number listed.


Design Modern:  Awesome vintage, looks like a junk store, but really great pieces. Some more affordable than others.

6057 Melrose Ave
Los AngelesCA 90038
Neighborhood: Mid Wilshire

(323) 466-0356


TL gurley.  In Pasadena, near the antique malls.  Great selection of Spanish, french, industrial, found.  ‘Aspirational’ but really inspirational and always different.  512 s. fair oaks, Pasadena, CA. 

 Sam Kaufman.  He’s on 1st dibs if that tells you anything.  But awesome stuff. More like a gallery than a store, but go just to see his beautiful iconic pieces. 7965 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: 323-857-1965

Plantation:  New , decorator-y but if you aren’t feeling like vintage shopping and want to be around pretty new things, its a good one. 

Tortoise: incredible japanese modern design.  Wish it wasn’t in Venice, but i always find great gifts/pottery/accessories here. 1208 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 (MAP)
TEL & FAX: 310-314-8448

Mansour Moderne: BEAUTIFUL rugs.  But totally a fortune.  But if you are a fortunaire, go there.

A Oriental Rugs:  This guy has amazing persians at 1/2 the price as Mansour, but not as good of a selection and no, not quite as pretty.  But much more affordable (still starting at $1200 for an 8×10, don’t get any wrong ideas…its not cheap, just totally affordable for what you are getting)

1431 B Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 319-6510

Rolling Greens: plants, flowers, lots of ‘edison bulb-y’ stuff, rustic, french, more antiques than vintage.  With pretty books and pottery, too. 

Colcha:  Great mix of new stuff.  Roost, Moroccan, just pretty things in a pretty store on a pretty street. 

Grain:  Awesome selection of anything amazing that is vintage/antique. But ‘aspirational’.  Worth a stop, for sure.  

3135 Glendale Blvd
Los AngelesCA 90039

(323) 664-3130

LA Vintage Furnishings:  Beautiful store in a really secret location 4835 w. jefferson blvd, 323-730-9732 realy pretty art deco, mid-century, 70’s pieces.  


Cisco Home:  Very pretty, all Eco, big california comfort…for the wealthier.  I love it, but its ‘aspirational’.


Episode 10 first look

Jonte and Keyunda were kinda  a different scenario.  She was the one that submitted him, but she didn’t live there yet, but she is going to as soon as he proposes (which he will, they were so cute together) but it was tricky.  I kinda think i shot myself in the foot showing him his dream room first, then taking some of it away.  So lets talk first look:  (sorry i don’t have good photos, these are just set photos).

Dude.  Dark, leather, wood, and kinda designery.  When he walked in he just kept saying ‘this is player, this is player’ over and over.  It was pretty awesome.  He loved it.  And i have to say that his sofa really did start to look cool in a way.  It has that overstuffed later 70’s thing happening that when styled right, looks interesting.  So i painted the walls a darkish grey, painted out the mouldings black (and the beams) and added wooden blinds.

I painted out the already painted out brick to be dark.  And the fireplace looked much better, although the stripes were eh.  They were fine, but i’m just not the biggest accent wall fan (unless its a perfect niche) so the second i saw them up i was like, ‘yep, thats not staying’.

Before room.  I remember thinking that for the first look he’ll like it, but not see enough of his future in it, or its over the top masculine, etc.  But he just loved it. So basically i gave him his dream room and then changed it.  Kinda mean.  This is why sometimes the formula of the show is hard for me to navigate.  (you’ll be happy to know that this has changed for season two, see below).


The coffee table i bought from Morgan at The Brick House (who is having a sale in LA on May 15th by the way, i’m so excited).  She sold it to me for $100.  The rug is from Overstock.com and for an 8×10 i think it was under $400 so not bad at all.  The bar in the corner was $80 from the Long Beach Flea, the Wassily chairs were rented from a prop house but normally run 3-$500 depending on how good of shape they are in.  I was shocked he didn’t like them, they are such dude chairs.  But i was glad because they were rentals.

The white lamp is ikea (and yes it was in the first look for the rustic mantique episode), the standing lamp is blueprint, the mid-century side table was a flea market find a while ago  (i think i bought it for Ian’s house, actually).   The huge photographs are from Etsy by an artist named Debbie Carlos.  I totally love them, but didn’t love how they were framed (by our team).  I wish the frame was thinner and deeper.  I go to a wholesale framer because they are bloody cheap (that was $100 to frame) but they also don’t have the best choices.  Again, i liked it, but if it was for me i would have framed it differently.  Basically her photos are large scale arial or nature photos and then blown up so they become really abstract.  i actually think that i should have only used one, it would have made it more special.  They were $50 and $65 each.

That leather chair is incredible.  Rosewood and soft grey worn leather. Unbelievably comfortable.  And 100% amazing.  It was hard to give up, and i was surprised they loved it so much.  I got it at the Rose Bowl for $400 i think.  THe lamp next to it is Room and Board and the Cloche/dome on the bar is restoration hardware.

Ready for some bad pics? here are you taken at 10pm by my iphone.  Nothing irritates me more than posting bad pictures, but its all i got, so sorry:

told you.  So that amazing painting back there is from TINI and i need to get the artist info on it.  It was $285 and i loved it.  Black and white with resin poured on top.  The chrome console table was from the Rose Bowl for $200, the black lamp is from Room and Board and i think it was on sale for $200, which is totally overpriced in my opinion (originally it is like over $300 or so).  The black plane is from PCC flea market for $60.

Man.  This photo is making me mad.  Whatever. That shelving unit (which i’ll post tomorrow with the look 2 photos) was pretty rad. From the Rose bowl $400 i think and huge, totally modular, teak, 70’s. They both loved it.

I think that’s it for first look.  How do you guys feel about only have one final look for season two? I’m not going to lie, i think its going to be totally great.  I’ve shot two episodes like it so far and they have turned out really really great.  No more going over the top in a bad way, no more people being kinda disappointed for first look.  Everybody is happy because they see themselves in the final look, together.  For first season you’ll see a lot of ‘oh my god’s’ for first look and then ‘sighs of relief’ for second.  And everybody has turned out happy, truly.  But a sigh of relief isn’t exactly what i’m going for, but since they have already been through the process, the excitement is a bit diffused – they know what to expect and are a bit self-consious.  Whereas so far the last two reveals have been totally amazing.  Jumping up and down and even some happy tears, and everybody has been equally happy – men and women.  I love showing how a room can look so different, but yes, sometimes i  have struggled with how to make them happy for both looks AND show you guys something new and exciting.  This way we build style layer by layer but to one perfect room that is distinctly them, instead of two that have to look different, but still good….it was hard.

What do you think?

OH and the main reason it was done was to free up some time for more tips and secrets.  So many styling tips get cut because of time (shooting the first look beauties and the first look reveal/reaction) so now there is a lot more styling bookshelves, flower arranging, styling coffee tables, mantles, mixing patterns, etc. etc.  Its way more style oriented.  I stand behind the decision 10,000%.

Do you?



Tonights episode

Alright folks, here’s the mood board for tonights episode.  A lot changed from the mood board to the episode, but this is the general ‘world’. 

It’s all about a bachelor who’s soon to be fiance is moving in soon…..

Where did i go? and Episode 9, first recap


When people ask me what is my favorite part of my job, I go off for way too long about it.  I love everything about it. wait for it…..Except one thing: Managing the budget.  

I wish i could have written that in shaky letters. With horror music screeching in the background.  I used to think that the two worst jobs in the world for me would be truck driver  – because I HATE DRIVING, i’m a narcolept and have fallen asleep and wrecked my car whilst driving before, and I’m addicted to being social so i think i would go effing insane with that much alone time. OR a wedding planner – because i’m the least fussy person in the world so i just picture myself all day faking a smile whilst deciding between peach linen or cotton napkins, with the questions ‘WHY. DOES. IT. MATTER? running through my head.  I’ve actually changed my mind about being a wedding planner because if i could work for some of my friends that are laid back and have a good perspective and just want pretty flowers, good booze and dancing, then it would be awesome, cause gurl, i loves to party.  Also Bash, Please (a super hip party planning duo that i’m friendly with) throw awesome, cool, not cheesy, not fussy, parties and weddings and their clients are cool and normal, so it can be done.  I think i watched too much TLC when i came up with that job as the worst for me.  Also now that i think about it my linen napkin collection is out of control for when i used to style food shoots. I guess its the culture behind weddings that can scare me at times.  Oh and i’m not a planner, so that probably doesn’t help.  When brian and i travel we literally don’t book a hotel before we land in a foreign country.  i’m not kidding.  its part of the fun.  i do research on what neighborhood and where to eat, but nothing is planned.  So i guess planning and keeping track of paperwork and coordinating is not my thang.  

What am i talking about?  Right.  I now would like to announce the worst job for me in the world, again, FOR ME. …… ACCOUNTANT.  Yup.  Ask uncle Sam, ask my production company, ask bearcat.  I, Emily Henderson am not great with my finances.  I can shop for 12 hours straight and not get sick of it.  I can stare at shelter magazines all day long and could not be happier.  But paying my bills? forget about it. My sister loves budgeting her household.  She budgets in every box of cereal.  And she probably even has a savings account.  Can you imagine? a savings account? HAH!

But me? i wouldn’t know where to start.  

Anyway, so besides shooting this week, i’ve been in receipt hell.  and have now emerged.  older.  Oh, and taxes didn’t help either.  Uncle Sam can be such a prick.  

So onto the show:

Country Pop.  Whimsical country meets playful pop.  

Yup.  a total departure from the more vintage-y vibe that’s kinda my thing, but pretty fun, no? This family isn’t particularly into vintage so it seemed like a good time to switch it up a bit and show some versatility.  I had never done a kid-friendly space and frankly it scared me.  First of all kids have so much ‘stuff’.  just STUFF.   My kids aren’t gonna have any stuff.  They can play with mommy’s pottery collection and read daddy’s Neil Labute plays but there will be no toys.   God, i’m already annoyed by our future kids, they sound super pretentious.  But it actually was super fun and kid friendly can be done without looking like a day care, everything was durable and stain resistant, and no tables made out of knives or anything.  

And i’m kidding about my kids, obviously.  Sometimes i actually wonder if the real reason i want kids is to have an excuse to play with dollhouse furniture all day.  I mean, I’M A GIANT!!!  It’s so mini.  I’m obsessed.  Have i shown you guys my collection of handmade dollhouse fly swatters? i’m not kidding.  they are tini, like the size of a safety pin and are all hand made out of wire.  I found a bag of them at the flea market for like 2 bucks and framed them.  Think about it, somebody made these.  Somebody said, whilst finishing up the details of their victorian dollhouse, ‘Ah yes i’ve built my sofa, made my bed, i’ve woven a rug, i’ve hung the chandelier, i have my coffee table, painted my artwork.  yep i think we are all set (brushing of hands together) ……wait, what if there is a fly in the kitchen?  how would my mini mom take care of said fly?….’  It’s just incredible to me.  And for the record i’m not being sarcastic or ironic for once, i actually do really really really love and appreciate antique dollhouse furniture. Anything miniature really.  I even enjoy mini corn (you know the ones that come next to the carrots in the garnish tray).  

I digress.

Sources above – West Elm Martini table (but of course).  Crate and Barrel glass lamp, Sofa Company sofa (and its been stain resistant treated, don’t worry…although i found a new company Perma guarde that is even better),  CB2 Ferris Wheel, and West Elm owl lamp.  How very big box store, Emily.  But it still looked pretty adorable, and just really fresh.  

Pillows, big blue one was ABC carpet and Home, amazing rich soft velvet, i’m already jealous i let this one go.  The yellow one is CB2 and the green one is Urban Outfitters.  Those storage benches i’m slightly obsessed with because they are so practical.  They are Urban outfitters $250 and are white vinyl so they are completely whipeable and store stuff.  Hello, not ugly storage solutions, nice to meet you.  And i did my research and these truly are the best ones out there for the price.   The coffee table is West Elm, Dot.  

Birdcage chandelier: urban outfitters.  Blue pillow:  West Elm.  Vintage botanicals:  flea market.  See. 

OH and did you guys catch the price of the carpet? it said $225 a square yard. I mean, thats hilarious, cause it would make it like $10,000 for commercial grade carpet. it was obviously $2.25 a square yard ($500 total including installation and padding).  

I need to get pics from the network for the first look, i can’t seem to find mine.  That yellow made me not happy.  Yellows are hard, people. I don’t like butter yellows, but this one was too bright.  I love pops of yellow but i don’t think i love a completely yellow room, unless its super light and just a tone.  I did, however, love that toile settee. Because i have crazy cat lady inside me that just wants to be surrounded by florals and toiles all the time.  and my cats.  and veronica mars.  and french fries.  and brass.  

More tomorrow.  Nice to see you again.  

Are you into playful pop for your family room? did i go too ‘new’ or is it refreshing to see?