episode 5, breaking it dizown.

ALright alright.  So here is what the Osbornes needed:  a living room where they could watch tv, but felt grown up and sophisticated.  When i first saw the house they had just had a dinner party and there were folding tables in the living room, they had a eat-in kitchen area for the family, but they like to throw dinner parties a lot, so they were kinda sol.  The challenge was that the fireplace was too high to put the tv on top  – some people don’t care, but for them it was off the table – and the fireplace wasn’t functional, so its not really a focal point. Sure, its interesting architecturally, but orienting the room around it would be ignoring the functional needs of the family.  So while it does seem weird, thats just what i did to make the room work.  And as far as the tv goes, there was no where else to put it – there were a ton of windows and i like how when you walk into the room you DON’T see the tv  til you turn around and sit down to watch it.  The entrance to the room is to the right of the tv so its pretty hidden and lets that massive pretty window get a lot of attention.  

I love this couple. She is snarky and funny and Southern but with a lot of attitude, which i respond to.  She reminds me of me a little where on first impression people think i’m super sweet and innocent and then upon knowing me…well you guys know me well enough to see the bite.  although i have tames down the blog since Design Star….for obvious reasons.   Anyway, Nick is adorable, funny and such a cute father and loves his edgy southern rebel wife so much.  

Here’s some quick shopping resources:

Drapery – NOT $20 a panel. Sorry about that.  I get them sewn for $15 a panel which is amazing. it’s a place that does a lot of hollywood movies so they whip em out for nothing.  $3 more to line them. its insane.  But they are to the trade, and most upholstery places start at $60 per panel to sew. The yardage alone was $20 per panel so that must be what they were referencing ($6 a yard).  So i’m sorry if that was mis-leading.  In the later episodes i see them before the episode is locked down so i make sure they are accurate and not my deals. 

living area rug:  West elm ‘Safari’ $599

coffee table – PCC flea market $60

amazing bench ( i really really love this bench) i saw at the Long Beach flea market, but it was sold. Turns out it was sold to my friend, Staci, who owns 45 three modern vintage (which is one of my all time favorite stores) and so i ended up buying it from her.  It came without any padding, and i can’t for the life of me find the before picture.

It’s early american – not totally sure if that means 18th century or 19th century but its crazy old.  So i wanted to upholster the pad in something appropriate to the era, and a large scale ticking stripe kept it modern and masculine.  ish.

I wanted it to look like one of those old timey matresses – with the large box piping and the tufting.  I love how its really old and antique while still being clean lined and not ornate.  And the scale of it was perfect for this room.  I think it should have been flipped around the other way for the show, even though for their function (to watch tv) they would probably have changed it back.

Lets see, to answer some questions:

1. i didn’t like their previous sconces – they were faux aged 90’s wrought iron, NOT original to the house.  I knew that i was going to replace them for look 2, so for look one i just painted them so they would disappear. which made some of you unhappy.  I wish we hadn’t shown a close up of it, because they didn’t look good, but they looked better than they did before.  But don’t worry, they were NOT original.  like 10 years old and gross.  I will say that a fault of mine is that its hard for me to do anything to the original state of the house that is permanent.  Whenever i see painted hardwood flooring like this:

I mean, this room is so perfect in so many ways (by Nate Berkus who i dreamt about again last night, by the way, so weird).  But he painted stripes on the hardwood flooring and it looks amazing.  Im trying to grow a pair, but for now when the house is so old doing something really permanent to the architecture (like painting over brick or exposed stone or painting the floors) scares me.

 FYI in this house the wrought iron and the beams were recently painted brown – they weren’t wood that I painted white and that wrought iron stopped your eye completely and was super distracting in a bad way.   

2. i kinda over pillowed.  It didn’t seem like it while in the room, but on tv i wish i had like 5 less pillows happening.  Especially in look one, ick.

3. dining chairs were from HD buttercup and i think they were on sale for $85 but normally are around $100 – and they stock them in all wood toned, too. A pretty great deal for non-ikea, non-vintage matching dining chairs.

4. chandelier was from HD Buttercup, too.  it was around $900 i think, but it really was perfect for them, the space and their styles.  

5. Sofa was from the Sofa Co. and i actually think it was only $1200 (plus $75 to treat it).  I’ve become obsessed with stain resisting sofas.  It’s like a 5 year guarantee and often they’ll come to your house (for more, i think like $200) and boom, you can relax on your sofa.  i’ll put up names of the company soon.

I’ll break down look 1 tomorrow.  and yeah, some of that stuff is still in the storage unit for sale and some of it Staci is selling at her store, 45 three vintage modern.  I think she has the two setees, her web-site is down right now but here’s the info. And tell her i sent you.  1051 1/2 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019-4402 – (323) 932-0832

Episode 5, re-cap being written right now.

ooh.  I’m about to share so many secrets: sources, behind the scenes and exactly what my process is.  Come back on monday for a full tell-all. I’m composing as i speak.  er, write. 

Episode 5 sneak peek

This one is a wild departure from the last few.  

Here’s a sneak into the Osbornes episode.  

Before room:

i know. its such a pretty house.  Sure it needed help, but the architecture, the light and those huge windows were awesome. 

These were my inspiration shots for her (she picked them out, but i love them):

She wanted calming, traditional but modern, light and airy and kid-friendly but more for adults.  but with a slight edge. this lady’s got some snark, trust me.  they were awesome. 

He wanted rustic, country, old world..he’s from Scotland and wanted something familiar, but also modern.  

What are your predictions????


Artwork from Oh Joy’s episode, #4

Joy did a behind the scenes post over here where she credited all the artwork – which i was going to do OF COURSE, but man she made it easy for me.  Thanks, Joy.

So here goes:

The prints above the couch are {from left to right}: lady print by Peggy Wolf, floral hedgehog byChipmunk Cheeks, vintage poodle print from Rosebowl flea market, popsicle print by Anna Tillett, heart by CDR, portrait by Gemma Correll, bird print by Yumi Yumi, Manhattan print by Jim Datz for Three Potato Four, lemon print by Dear Colleen, lady print by Peggy Wolf, Swan girl print bySophie Blackall, rabbit by Fifi Lapin, and buildings by Julia Rothman.

What i love about all of them is that they are a. awesome. b. NOT expensive, c. not ubiquitious (pretty sure i spelled that wrong, but at least i used a big word) but at the same time accessible.  I’m not an artist, so i don’t pretend to paint paintings for the episodes. At the same time i don’t want just a ton of wall mirrors up.  Etsy is amazing.  I’m buying a bunch of stuff today actually from different artists too.  It’s just so refreshing to get unique art at affordable prices.  

Let me know if we missed anybody.  And if you are an artist whose work you would love to be on SFAS please email me through contact and i’ll put you in the file for when your work would be appropriate for an episode.  And i’m not looking for handouts here, i want to pay you for your work.  

Oh and the art diy hanging that i did, totally works.  The funny thing is i’m the 900 holes in my wall kinda of girl, i just go for it and then move everything around, but after i did this diy and it worked, i’m cured.  It takes a little patience and you can’t be a total art ADD mind changer all the time.

So here are the steps:

compose the artwork on the ground keep everything balanced without being perfectly symmetrical – in color and size and visual weight.  Easier said than done, but just make sure that your colors are evenly distributed, the sizes are evenly distributed and if you have one larger painting or print, balance it out with a couple smaller on the other side (if you don’t have a larger one to work with).

make a paper template the size of the frame.  

mark on the paper where EXACTLY the art should be hung (stretch up the wire, etc)

take a picture just in case

transfer all paper onto wall in same composition

nail paper through wall in marked spots

rip off paper VERY DRAMATICALLY.  this is important. if you meekly rip off the paper you will regret it for the rest of your life.  get violent.

hang artwork on nails.  i think this composition ended up changing…or maybe not, i don’t remember.  

boom, done.

Thanks to all the artists who contributed.  The wall looked awesome. 

Send me art links. I’m honestly always up for new artists.  But don’t be offended if i don’t get back to you soon, i’ll file stuff away for when its needed.  

ok bye,  now.

Episode 4, more breakdowns

I kinda want this living room.  I’m serious.  Its just so big and airy and open and now totally fun and happy.  It looks like them without looking like it was designed.  Let’s talk wallpaper.  When i first met with Joy i knew about her wallpaper and yes, loved the gold floral (i think they are succulents actually).  I knew they were open to wallpaper and it just made sense on many levels.  It would be like me having a fabric line and not having it anywhere in my home.  But when we shot the ‘wallpaper’ shopping segment we did it two ways because we didn’t know how it should eventually play out.  Of course i’m more inclined to say that Joy designed the wallpaper, but then it would look like that is why i chose it – and of course that is part of it, but it was also a design choice.  Because its metallic it actually plays more as a neutral than a bright color, and since the pattern was feminine enough, i knew the color had to be masculine or neutral. Anyway, hopefully all the people that watched and didn’t know it was Joy’s are now racing to my blog and hgtv’s shopping resources to buy that awesome pattern.

The sofa is Room and Board, Clarke.  The blue chain pillow is from Room Service, the Rug is Madeleine Weinrib, dining table base is vintage Mies Van der Rohe from design Modern ($300 for the base, then bought top from West Elm for $150 – they wanted to get rid of it, not sure if they usually sell the top).  The drapery rods are all Pottery aged brass (not normally in stores, but still my favorite rods/rings out there – so pretty and substantial and look high end, and well cost A LOT, actually )

The vase on the table is vintage Rosenthal from the flea market, the trunk was $60 from the Long beach flea market, the silver martini table is west elm $120, and i’ll get to the artwork in a bit.  The drapery linen was $6  a yard from Grey Lines linen and then had sewn which frankly is beautiful in person, but you can’t tell here that they cost like $500.  That was the last time i splurged on simple white drapery – Ikea drapery looks basically the same on camera and is $60 per pair (although not lined and they needed light control in their living room).  Basically i’ve learned over the first season to splurge on things that make bigger statements and become talking points because on camera the viewers can’t tell that that vase has such pretty carved flowers all over it, and that it was like $80 and is beautiful.  It could just as well be from Michaels.  

  Talk about splurge.  I love this guy.  Milo Baughman from the Rose bowl.  It previously looked like this:

  It doesn’t look that bad here, but it was ugly, worn and not in a good way. I had it reupholstered in grey linen (the linen was $6/yard from Grey lines in new york and reupholstering it was $250).  The chair itself was $500 so it ended up being a major piece.  But i love it.  the scale of it is awesome – its so huge and comfy and it begs to be sat in.  i picture Bob rocking his cats in this chair.  Reading them Dr. Seuss, yes, most likely ‘the cat in the hat’.  not being creepy at all.  This is where i sit when we watched the bachelor this season.  Still so sad that i have nothing to look forward to on monday nights any more.  

The pillow is Joy’s Girard heart pillow, which i actually really want for myself due to how much i also love hearts.  the silver glove mold was from the Pasadena Antique Mall for $80.

And now, to the credenza.  Joy and Bob loved this one (like most of us) from BBDW:

Its incredible. Everything they do is incredible. But it is a pretty penny.  the most beautiful penny ever, like $4000 or something like that.  Which if you have the money i think could be a great splurge.  Right now all i want in the world is to have their dining table, this one:

It’s stupidly awesome. It just screams ‘what, so i’m a big slab of pretty wood from Oregon, and yeah i got two aged brass or bronze trestle legs’.  and thats all i want my table to scream.  So simple and modern and sculptural at the same time.  arghhh. 

Anyway, so i was on the hunt for something that i could turn into something similar to the BBDW credenza.  And i found this guy at Pepe’s on centinela:

It was $280 which still isn’t even very cheap, but those of you who shop for credenza’s know that they are a fortune.  And this one is MASSIVE which was necessary for their big wall and their huge tv.  This piece had two sides, this side that was glass and the other side that was sliding wood.  I didn’t paint it, Chris the contractor did but here’s what he did:

1. sanded it down to make sure there is a smooth surface.

2. spray primed

3. spray semi-gloss white, two coats and let dry.  The key i think is to use a sprayer instead of brushing or rolling.  I think you can rent those things, but not totally sure.  Obviously he taped off the inside to make sure the inside stayed wood.  I love this piece. 

Oh! and the gold pouf and zig zag rug in the dining room were both from Nate Berkus’s line for HSN.  I think the rug was like $299 and the pouf was $99.  And don’t worry, you won’t see another pouf all season (quiet tear).  Yes, i’m addicted to poufs and i needed help.  

Will explain artwork and more behind the scenes tomorrow.

 All photos’ by Laure Joliet