Back, after 10 hours of sleep. YES!!!!

Don’t know what to say except thank you so much.  It’s all gonna be fine, scratch that ‘great’.  Now back to the task at hand:  figuring out whether i love or hate these chairs:

yes, the answer is ‘love’.  Like how i love my cat ‘mimi’ (proper name, General Meow).  She’s not the prettiest, but she is still interesting to look at, furry and super cuddly when shes drugged up.  Kelly Wearstler, i’m assuming.  

again, cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but i want to stay there.  I’ve never been terribly mid-century modern – don’t get me wrong, i like it, but not as into it as others.  So i’m secretly ok with it taking a back seat to all this super over-comfified furniture from the 70’s that is begging to be mine right now.  it’s all ‘sit on me’ in a really low, jaba voice.  and i’m all ‘well ok, if you insist’. 


Anxiety attack, but nothing that the Rose Bowl can’t remedy.

So we finished the 9th episode saturday afternoon, and we have a week down to prep.  I celebrated with a couple mimosas and a slight nervous breakdown. One of those crying-at-dinner-for-no-real-reason episodes, which is awesome.  fake lashes falling off my face, husband just really confused, celebratory hamburger sitting cold.  I think i’m getting nervous about the premiere and the expectations surrounding it.  What Brian keeps reminding me is that i’m too close to it and that people will understand that its my first episode and forgive whatever mistakes they feel i’ve made – or not even notice them.  My self-criticism was beyond out of control.

But then i realized that i had worked 40 days in a row and probably was just very very tired.  I love it so much and i forget that while its incredibly enjoyable and probably what i would be doing sans tv crew anyway, it is technically very demanding.  We shoot four weeks in a row, 6 day weeks and shop on sundays.  Then we get a week of prep.  So while i considered taking yesterday off to give my body a break, the rose bowl called, i answered and it reminded me that its actually my favorite thing to do and that the happiness it brings me is far beyond ‘healthy’, so ‘work’ it is not.  

So with Orlando and Chris and a massive truck, i did some serious damage and got some stuff that i’m already having withdrawals from.

Brass morroccan coffee table:

A pair of these boys:  you all know i own one already that we are using in my studio, but having a pair of matching ones is kinda priceless.  i’m currently babysitting these in my apartment until their episode is up.  It’s like i’m their foster mommy, and until their permanent mommy is ready, i’ll love and appreciate the heck out of them, more than my permanent furniture actually.

Art Deco chair in PERFECT condition:

sorry, the sun was so bright this morning. But I think its really beautiful.  The fabric is chinese hot pink and green with roosters.  Original upholstery they said, but i don’t care.  i’m in love.  it might go into my new ‘studio’ set or the art deco meets 70’s glam episode might get it.  cockadooodledoo.

2 lucite and brass tray tables.  amazing condition.  

adorbes little regency slippers.  both for $225, and with my reupholsterers magic they are gonna be amazing.  


what??? i know, i know.  But i bought a set of them, and let me tell you something all ye lazyboy haters:  these things were invented for a reason. they be crazy comfy and functional.  these are from the late 70’s and i kinda love the shape of the arms.  They aren’t for everyone, but i have so many dudes who would love them.  And the upholstery is slightly dusty, but nothing that  a good trip to the cleaners won’t solve.  

And don’t worry, not every episode style is gonna be regency or 70’s, these are just my favorite things to show.  I also got this for a dude i have coming up who got terrified when i asked him if he liked vintage, but i think i can slip this in there and he’ll love it (and at $300 i saved a fortune on a leather club chair).

The picture is bad, but the leather on it is perfectly worn. 

OH and i bought this guy from Morgan aka The Brick House:

I know, she was crazy to sell it to me.  When i was out in the desert a while ago i bought some stuff from her and i told her if she ever wanted to part with it, she’s got a buyer.  And turns out she has style ADD like me and she’s over it, while i am still way way under it.  It’s going in my ‘studio’ set, and is gonna look dizope.  




you’re kinda the best

Dude,  you guys are awesome.  Thank you so much for all the style suggestions (and support, never a bad thing to hear).  Now to find the clients that want these styles (or are willing to be VERY surprised)…..

Meanwhile i need something red and leather in my life.  


Also i’m designing my new studio (for the show, the one in the first 10 episodes is changing) and its gonna involve this:

and this wallpaper from Kremelife, but in a custom color which will remain my secret:

And i am super super excited.  because i love a green tufted sofa ($750 from the Pasadena Antique mall) and I love some chain link wallpaper.  


Styles suggestions, please?

So i mix a ton of styles on the show.  Everything from ‘atomic kitsch meets industrial’ to ‘global boho meets mid-century’ to ‘scottish country meets southern belle’ to ‘hollywood regency meets country club chic’ to ‘art deco meets 70’s glam’, etc etc.  and its kinda important not to repeat.  But truth is here is a lot of women want global (moroccan-y awesomeness) or traditional, the men like mid-century or rustic, and a lot of people just want a pretty version of pottery barn.  I like doing all of them truly, sure some more than others (the one i finished last week was tropical beach meets classic urban man and i LOVED how it turned out.)

But my question to you, dear loyal readers, is what are you dying to see?  is it more stylized interiors or more liveable pottery barn like interiors?  or a mix of both?  I want to do the widest variety of interiors possible to keep the show exciting each week, and i need help with brainstorming styles. Sometimes even the styles that i tend to not like, like ‘tuscan’, for example are actually a super fun challenge because i truly believe that any style can be cool with the right shopping and styling.  

So bring it on, list em on up…and we are still casting so if you or someone you know has a wacky style (seriously, the cookier the better) PLEASE audition.  (LA area, only unfortunately). 


Episode 8, is kicking me rear-end.

Not sure when the last time i used the phrase ‘rear-end’ was.  But, don’t get me wrong, its gonna be a dope episode.  In fact it in many ways is better because the couple are two friends of mine and she is 9 months pregnant so its such a good cause.   

But mama is tired.  (her and me…that can’t be right grammar….’she and i’…whatever).  But its still a total blast, and the nights are getting shorter thanks to my Team Emily.  

Anyway, today is first reveal of the first layer.  And i like it, but i’m psyched about layer two. As i always am.  I’ve got a couple things in there that i’m going to cry to leave behind – which frankly happens in every episode.  not the crying, the strange emotional connection to vintage pieces that i may never see again.  

OH, did you properly hear????

SFAS premieres

February 26th!!!

That means in less than a month.  I’m so so so so so excited.  The first few episodes were me finding my footing and frankly they feel like years ago.  But i still love them.  And man, I have some behind the scenes to share…..  We have amazing ‘after’ photos by the super talented Laure Joliet, resource lists constructed by my team (Team Emily), list of my favorite things and my few regrets.  it’s a tell all event that will last for a year.  

Anyway, check out the shout out that Joy (of Oh Joy) gave me yesterday on   It’s a ‘what bloggers are excited about in 2011′ and Joy said little ole me.  

And Joy, i am also excited about you.  

Let the countdown begin.