4-H post 2.

This reads:  I made a nutritious sandwich for this, it looks like this: (and then there is a rather crude drawing), it had cheese, ham, turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, red lettuce and different kinds of cheese and meat.  (redundant much, emily?)

And lets not be mistaken, i won $3 for that sub.  i mean, is sandwich making really a viable skill to learn? 

oh and the first one said:  this ribbon is for a recipe collection i did.  that one i’m ignoring because i remember it being a lame collection of hand written (was this before computers? quite possibly) recipes in a box 

look at the beauty i sewed on the left.  princess sleeves, florals….yep, that’s me alright. 

and the jewels.  fancy, emily, fancy.


Episode 7 commence. And check out Dan’s new webisodes.

Back in the saddle. Episode 7, shooting an awesome couple in View Park, which i’m rapidly becoming obsessed with.  So pretty.  As soon as the couple knows what the styles are going to be i’ll do some sneak peaks.  But for now, check out Dan Faires’s (of Design Star ‘nicest guy ever’ fame) new online DIY web-isodes so perfectly named  DanMade.  Click HERE.  And he’s also coming out to do a segment on Secrets tomorrow.  But honestly you guys know how i feel about DIY, if you can DIY go for it, but so many things are out of the amateurs hands and turn out looking super DIY, and it turns me off. BUt his stuff, so far at least, is completely approachable and tasteful.  It looks easy and when its done it looks professional.  done and done.


Also i’m feeling this color palette, although NOt rug or how those pillows are styled.

Also, i thought i asked for a large book.  But i’m loving those two chairs.  i can’t wait to show you guys this chair i just got reupholstered. it was $40, i threw the upholsterer a bunch of navy blue linen yardage and said hastily ‘yeah, lets do some tufting, too’.  cut the unveiling last week and i couldn’t be happier.  


latest obsessions


Not sure what seals it for me, the leather chair with the ottomon, that awesome chandy, or that crazy wood stuff on the walls – which i would never have thought to do.  

And that sofa makes me believe in a higher power.  i mean, its just perfect.  the warm rust, all the tufting, get out of town, sofa, just leave, you are too good for all of us.

not my normal color palette go -to, but man it is interesting.  but those diagonal pillows? ish don’t think so. 

4-H, bringing it back.

So i’ve talked about 4-h in interviews and i’ve certainly blabbed about it person, but have i really blogged about it?  Have i done it digital justice?  Don’t think so.  So here’s the story:  there are 2 kinds of 4-h, the ‘sheep scramble-my-horse-has-very-large-nuts-don’t-i-make-beautiful-vegetable-dioramas’ kind of 4-h, and then there is the ‘lampshade-making-quilt-sewing-cooking-in-front-of -judges,-clothes-sewing-and-then-modeling-them’ kind of 4-h.  

I did the latter.  

In other words, there is the ‘agriculture’ 4-h and then there is the ‘home environment’ 4-h, and as much as i wish i had also done the former, we Starkes were committed to our ‘home environment’.  

We would sew together, quilt things, decopauge, dry fruit, learn the wonders of yeast and journal about all of the above.  When i was home recently i found my 4-h scrapbook, and i was all ‘hello, documentation of adulthood formation, i’ve been looking for you’.  It all makes sense.  its almost like our childhood informs our entire lives.  huh. how very enlightening.  

  Every summer we would make all these things (clothes, decorated cakes, lampshades, quilts, meatballs) to then be judged at at the county fair (often making it from start to finish in front of judges) and if we really played our cards right and worked our little pre-pubescent behinds off we would be ‘sent to state’ (yep, the state fair) to be judged in front of them.  I did sports, sure, but these kinds of activities have always been much more up my alley.  also the fact that i just wrote ‘i did sports’ tips you off that perhaps they weren’t my thing.

So here you are, 4-h scrapbook part 1:

The first one reads:

This blue ribbon was for the presentation on how to set a table.  I had three different settings:  1 was formal, 1 was casual and 1 was desert setting.  3 dollars.

and the 2nd one:

These were cookies. They were butterscotch cookies with frosting.  I got 3 dollars. 

Did you layer on those table styles, dear young Emily?  I think yes!  And I love how i documented the dollars that my parents rewarded me (note to all parents, bribery totally works.  I was paid 1 cent per minute of piano practice throughout my entire childhood and it totally kept me motivated, and pretty good at it.   i mean there were some days where i would practice an hour, just to make 60 cents….!!!) so we won $3 per blue ribbon, which constituted in about 30 hours of my labor.  In reality, of course, i was more motivated by the idea of making something pretty, but still i don’t think the $3 hurt.  

So here is one of my masterpieces:  i think i was 9 or 10.  and yes, i made this dress and frankly just might wear it again if I still had it. 

Uh huh.  blue ribbon?  i think so, my friends.  That collar didn’t sew itself.  and i’m well aware that i looked like a monkey.  ooh ooh ahh ahh.

inspiration for my wednesday

I know this has been around. but i’m still loving.  I’m in need of serious color right now.  This turquoise/yellow room is rad, totally playful, exciting, young, yet sophisticated

Elle Decor.  ja dore. 

Don’t totally understand when people say they are over hydes.  i get it, they are everywhere, but still so good. and cheap.