blue tuesdays

What. it’s technically still tuesday, somewhere…  

I asked Morgan of The Brick House if she would ever do a blue tuesday post for me, or any post really, and she sent back these images (and text), which i hadn’t seen before.  they are weird and awesome.  Again, her blog is The Brick House.  check it, read it, love it, then come back here and read her blue tuesdays post.  Her blog is totally original, full of thrift store finds that put my flea market finds to shame, and her DIY could never be DBM (done by me).  

Now here is a smart helping of dusty cerulean painted on a minimalist dining table. The swath of soft color creates balances out the large sculptural brass chandelier (which is insanely good). It’s the detail of the raw wood edge that just seals it for me, so spot on.

A beat up old blue Knoll sofa? Oh yes please, count me in. While this faded out ultramarine isn’t my favorite or the only color happening in the room it definitely anchors an otherwise airy and neutral loft.

This turquoise Ligne Roset sofa is an unusual object to begin with, but that hot blue is a bold choice that keeps things unexpectedly playful. Plus, I don’t care what anyone says. That couch is dreamily comfy no matter how much it resembles a glowworm – I dare you to go find one and sit on it. Feels like a giant sofa hug.

Why yes, Morgan, yes it does.  you are rad.

Flea Market Mondays

I will post on mondays, i will post on mondays.

Somebody thought that their phone would automatically set back on sunday so when my alarm went off at 6:15 i assumed it was 6:15.  Basically i got to the flea market at 5:45 am, because my phone didn’t set itself back.  I was wayyyyy too early.  There were some vendors, but only about 10% of them were there at that time.  And I really coulda used the sleep.  Regardless it was a successful sunday….

One of my favorite purchases.  $100.

wicker pouf.  because wicker can be awesome.  $50

adorable little guy $20


HUGE pottery horse head.  I love.  sorry its upside down, tired.  $80.  perhaps he should be lacquered? 

a classic.  and $30.

The table its on is a industrial rolling cart (which will be a coffee table), which i know, i know, we have seen a lot of, but when they are super old and totally authentic they still deserve a home….not a knock off.  it was $225.

And a ton more.

In other news I have an HGTV announcement.  

AT and T has pulled Scripps network (HGTV, Food, travel, etc) from their cable service (nope i didn’t know they had cable service either, hopefully its better than their iphone service because i be dropping mad calls).  So we need everyone to call in and complain so they will hurry up their end of the negotiations….not sure what is happening, but I guess if we make a stink they will restore service quicker…..

So if you guys have a second:

Call 1-800-288-2020 or go to www.KEEPMYNETWORKS.COM/HGTV_Landing.asp



The Design Happens blog (HGTV’s awesome design blog) has started posting some of my ‘Runway to Home’ posts, check it out:

That’s it for me.  Technically i’m not on camera til tomorrow, today we are shooting the ‘befores’.  Yesterday i felt great waking up, but by the end of the day the panic attack had started and unfortunately it hasn’t gone away.  So annoying.  I just keep reminding myself that no one will die if the rug doesn’t work as well with the sofa as I thought it would.  Right? I mean, there is no possible way that anyone will lose their life if the drapery just reads as white and you cant see the awesome metallic thread going through it that made getting it custom sewed totally worth it, right?  

Note to self, Emily:  don’t ever become a surgeon.  


Countdown begins to filming. Oh, and we need more people for free stuff.

4 days until the first day of Secrets from a Stylist begins shooting.  Kinda snuck up on me.  I feel pretty good about everything and excited to see how these little plans in my head actually turn out – if they are even close then i’ll be a happy little stylist.  

What’s weird is how my job doesn’t seem weird anymore.  It took a few months to get over the sheer fact that i’m going to be on tv, then even longer to deal with the fact that i am totally in charge of all of the designs and i spend my days and night shopping.  Sure every now i get hit with a ‘how did this all happen’ chill, but mostly now it’s like, ‘yep, day one of shooting my show starts in a few days.  lots to do. and can’t wait’.  I’m sure when i start seeing commercials for it (it’ll start airing in the spring) then i’ll be reminded of how nuts my 31st year has become.  But for now, i gots an awesome new job.

So my assistants and I were organizing our storage units by client the other day, check it out:

Worlds best garage sale:

A lot of different styles, i know. 

Which leads me to this:  We still need more people for casting.  You might say to yourself ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I DIDN’T GET ACCEPTED’ and its true, some people who are too similar to already cast clients (in house style or personality) might not have been selected. SO if you guys have one of the following, please please audition because:



OK, so we need more bedrooms 

guest houses

multi-use spaces

outdoor living areas – why not?

family rooms

and living rooms

NO kitchens and bathrooms at this point  and all rooms need to be at least 15×20

And if your style is kinda weird in any way, please audition.  I need someone that has a thing for Brazilian 70’s furniture, or art deco or 80’s or freaky deaky, something that’s not ‘Mid century modern’ and ‘traditional’.  If you have a beach house, GREAT.  If you want a sort of mountain cabin…. man cave, meditation room, etc….awesome.  

And while we are discouraging rentals, if your landlord gives us permission, its not in a huge complex and its big enough, they will consider it.

And finally , I have NOTHING to do with the casting.  Even friends of mine, much to my disappointment, have not been accepted, so please don’t email me about it. it’ll make me feel bad, and kinda stresses me out.  

What you do is email Give them a rundown of you and your style problem – if you email and say how you have such great style and just want free stuff, be prepared to be rejected.  We actually want to solve style problems, so please think of your real style needs.  Send along as many pics of the room that you can. And bring the personality.  This is not the time to be shy because we can’t have shy people on camera.  Then the casting department will probably have you do a video so they can get a better sense of your personality.  

And again, this is not a renovation show so if you talk constantly about how you want walls taken out or your ceiling removed, you will probably be overlooked.  

And of course you have to be in the LA area.  I prefer you to be in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hollywood, but we are going as far away as Woodland hills (20 miles) and long Beach (25 miles).  

Tell your friends, grandparents, preachers, anybody.  



Flea Market Mondays

Whoops.  Where did those two days go, eh? I took monday off because i realized that i hadn’t taken a day off in a long, long time, like not even a half a day.  I wasn’t going to go out on Halloween so I could go to bed early and wake up early the next day.  Then i remembered that i can sleep when i’m dead.  So i went out.  And we had a blast:


I was Judith Light (AKA i went into my closet and put on my clothes – notice the awesome emerson made jeans? huge hit – my sweater was green and we were in front of a green screen, so it went all wonky-color like).  I really just coulda been a hipster from Echo Park, but i kept talking about my ‘deposition’ that i had to deliver in the morning, so that kept me in character – and everyone was pretty non-plussed by me.  Brian was John Oates from Hall and Oats – check out the resemblance:

 He’s good, i know. And what do you call a male camel toe?  manel toe? huh.

Leigh was a tea-bagger, Corbett was a chicken, and Ian was a bumble bee.  

So I spent the day yesterday relaxing, and i mean serious atrophying of the muscles.  I didn’t get online all day, i’m not sure if i got off of the sofa either, a lot of tv might have been involved and a cat or two.  and it felt real, real good.

So here were my flea market finds from Sunday:

4 bertoia chairs for $75 each.  I later saw 4 at a store in Long Beach for $1200.  hmmm….score.

Awesome huge old globe.  $20, which was a steal. I was ready for the guy to say $60 and i still woulda got it. It’s probably 24″ in diameter. And it rocks.  my world.  yep, the requisite pun of the day.

60’s weird architectural painting.  Totally jetsons, and the details are beautiful:

it looks like a computer rendering, but nope just a really, really detailed painting with really saturated colors. 

$20 bones. It’s perfect for one of the show clients, but I need to get it cleared (aka, ask the artists permission, if we can find him/her).

I got a lot more stuff, but there has to be some secrets…from a stylist….right?

And I was met happily with a gift from a vendor – a toothpick holder that had ‘Emily’ inscribed in it. Thank you, Kate, so, so, so, sweet.  I’ve always thought that schwag should be part of the flea market.

We are still casting for the show, so if you are interested or know anyone in LA who wants a large room made over for free, email