Flea Market Finds

I was hoping to find a new brain at the flea market.  Not a total transplant, maybe just a supplement, just something extra.  But, alas i woke up with food poisoning, which totally blew – OH YES, PUN INTENDED.

Be not dismayed, i have many a FMF in my inventory:

cute, huh? Sure they are just ottomons (hey spellcheck, give it up, its not happening, i literally will never learn how to spell that word, oh and by the way you have a really annoying personality, spellcheck, how embarassed you must be).  They weren’t cheap, $100 for both, but for those of you who have looked for a pair of good attomons before, they can be spendy (even crate and barrel and pottery barns are a fortune) so reupholstered in the perfect fabric will still be cost effective for custom ittamans.

So mod. so gold. so glam. so obsessed.  might keep the big one.  it was $70, and the small one was $40. the big ones head is tilted (its like a dog when it gets curious) but i fixed it, don’t you worry your pretty little brass about that.

 oh, aren’t you just adorable with your little retro floral brocade perfect fabric and your little rockin legs.  Who do you want to go home with, eh?  Kitschy, but adorable and needs the perfect little corner to rest its little smiley face in.

The show going great, btdubs.  a total total blast. We are on the third episode week, which by the way is Joy from Oh Joy, and Bob from the ‘i actually save lives’ division of the work force – although did anyone catch his ‘dudes market gift charticle’ in Rue this month?….nice Bob, you stylish little surgeon you.

Anyhoo, Bloggers unite! And i had nothing to do with the casting, by the way.  Just luck.

Which by the way, wish me some….these people have taste, obviously, so pressure is on.  



Flea Market Finds

It was a rainy market on sunday,  but nothing keeps this addict away.  So because of the weather, prices be crazy low, and deals were easily made.

This trunk was from the Queen Mary and has so much character and history.  Not sure who’s getting it yet, but for $60 it was worth the risk.  The brass detailing is awesome. 

What am I, cray cray?  I just officially got over that phrase by the way.  I feel like nobody was saying it except my group of friends for years (which i’m sure is not true anyway), and now WHAM the world is all cray cray. Also Ian is convinced that he invented ‘totes’ in 2002 in Chicago and we’ve actually tried to do research to prove him wrong.  

ANYHOO, i spotted this leather folding set at the rose bowl last week and I was all ‘hmmm, there is something about them i love, but maybe i’m just nuts’.  They were expensive $500 for the set, so i passed.  But i couldn’t get them out of my head.  I mean I love leather, i love wood, i love chairs that fold, but they are kinda aztecy……I have a spanish style house coming up and I need some pieces that could work with that style that aren’t totally ugly (and a lot of spanish stuff that is newer and affordable is crazy ugly).  

So now, i’m obsessed and totally convinced that they are going to work.  I think it might be a hard sell to the client because in many ways, these are ugly.  (and i realize they are probably peruvian and not spanish and i’m totally ok with it), but its all in the styling, and paired with some modern pieces in a bright airy room, with some amazing plants and beautiful wood tones……it might just work.

yup.  weird and awesome.  I’m taking the spanish inspiration from this house:

 It’s Diane Keatons and while it is a bit too spanish for the house i’m working on, it was a good reminder that old world pieces can still look modern.  

Oh, the set was now $300 – $200 off from last sunday. I love me some Long Beach.


The Brick House is in the Hizouse

This post comes straight from Hemet California, the land of estate sales and strangely cheap vintage finds.  I’d like to introduce you to the coolest person in Hemet, Morgan from The Brick House.  And let it be known i’m obsessed with this post already:

Thrift Spotting with The Brick House

I spend an inordinate amount of time digging through thrift stores, hunting for some perfect vintage piece that’s under $100 and usually spot something I think could be amazing, but might not currently fit in my space. 

The worst thing about thrift stores is that they are packed full with some of the ugliest crap imaginable. Conversely, the amazing thing about thrift stores is that sometimes, if you’re lucky, they might also hold something incredible at a very thrifty price.

 It’s a crapshoot really. But hey, all thrift stores are regularly getting donations, so you never really know what you might stumble on.


Recently while tootling around at a local Salvation Army I came across this great cane lounge chair. I know cane furniture (or wicker, or rattan for that matter) might tend to make folks think more Golden Girls than super hot home décor, but I’ve always been a fan and think rattan mixes well with more modern spaces. Plus, The Golden Girls rule.

In my head I sort of imagined buying this chair, fixing it up and incorporating it into some sort of 70’s surf shack. Like a laid back and textured vintage den, somewhere you’d want to listen to music and make-out in.

Kind of like this kind of vibe:

Anyways, that very nice cane chair I found was only $20, and this octagonal coffee table I spotted was only $15.

For $35, I thought they could be lovely living room friends.

Mood boarding…

Firstly, I’d have to reupholster the cane chair cushion in a deep navy velvet. Then the ugly too red wood on the coffee table would need to get a dark gray opaque stain rubbed all over it. Yum.

Pair those with a vintage Lafer sofa in a buttery leather and suddenly you’re less Golden Girls and more hot dude with excellent taste sexy time pad.  I’ve seen Brazilian Lafer sofas on Craigslist and at the flea market anywhere form a few hundred to a few thousand bucks. Depends on size, condition, all that kind of stuff.

I’m loving the chunkiness of a jute rug layered under a cowhide and have been obsessed with Fiddle Leaf Fig trees (which seems like the go to tree everywhere I look). Guess what – all three can be found at Ikea, including the PS Vadmal throw.

I found a pair of folding vintage wood chairs for $60 on Craigslist and thought some sort of marble and wood side table would be a great place to throw down a magazine and a drink and chill out on the couch. This Harvey Probber marble table will cost you a pretty penny (especially if the seller knows what it is) but similar tables make the rounds in thrift stores and flea markets and can be found at a pretty reasonable cost. 

For lighting, I was thinking all brass vs. all organic – like Jere vs. Noguchi. Noguchi hanging lamps are fairly inexpensive but a true Jere brass lamp will set you back. Any sort of large-scale glammy type lamp would be amazing, even a big swiveling mid century wall sconce could be pretty perfect .

Throw it all together in front of a white painted fireplace with Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl on the walls and you got a sassy mix of vintage pieces all at a pretty affordable price.

INDEED, Morgan.  Indeed.

Welcome back 70’s, your delicious weirdness has been missed.  Now, to get me to Hemet to buy me some wicker….

And go to The Brick House.  Be prepared to get lost in her insanely awesome DIY’s and really beautiful pictures of her own house….   


Flea Market Mondays

I know. its tuesday night. But my excuse is that i’m getting used to the show schedule and also i have very few brain cells past 9:30.  We finished the first episode and it went pretty great.  There were the ‘first week ‘how do we all work together’ bumps’, you know figuring out what our strengths and weaknesses are.  But already the second week is going swimmingly and its stupidly fun.

So this weeks flea market post is tempting to not post.  Some of these pieces i love so much that i’m considering buying them back from the show and keeping them for myself.  I worry that no one will appreciate them as much as i will:

See. i told you.  Trust.  Suede, leather and chrome.  totally totally amazing and such show stoppers.  I want the world to see them in action, but I also want them in my own home for my own action.  Which will probably include watching the telly.  while using weird british words like telly.   They weren’t cheap, but I know they are worth a lot more…. i gobbled them up quickly at the $600 price for the pair.  

There are more of course, but i need to get my beauty rest, and or watch some real housewives of BH (best RH in a long time, the franchise is back after the not so entertaining DC season).

Expect an amazing thursday post from The Brick House.  She can offer the wit that i’m clearly not delivering right now.  My excuse is that i’m saving it for the camera and it’ll be coming your way come end of february (when the show is slated to start airing).  




really, Emily, you think you can make that work?

Welcome to the first post of ‘Really, Emily, you think you can make that work?’   Which basically means that i have purchased things for the show that are nutso, but by redoing them or finding the perfect environment for them I guarantee you, they will not only work, but look hot.  Money back guar-on-tay.

Today is the first reveal of the first house of the first episode.  Meaning, that i’ve styled the room completely in one look, and have yet to layer.  I like.   I can’t post any pics yet, obviously, sorry.  But don’t worry when the show airs i’ll do a thorough behind the scenes with pics, shopping resources, etc.

I’m trying to figure out how much I can give away about the episodes.  And this is what i have decided – ‘before’ pics of the craziest pieces.  

Here is a ‘before’ piece for the first episode (most clients read the blog, so i won’t be posting anything that they haven’t seen or will see today):


What is it? you ask….It’s gold.  its crushed.  its hot as hell.  I got it at the Rose Bowl for $150.  Money very well spendt as I have now seen the after and it is S.I.C.K.

I know one can make love on a piece of furniture , but is it weird to want to make love to a piece of furniture?