Beach house inspiration

You might know that i’m not the biggest beach girl.  I find the ocean to be really big, I find sand to be kinda annoying and I burn like a mother in the sun.  I like the days when we go with friends with picnics, otherwise give me a river anyday or an Oregon beach which is insanely beautiful….a la Twilight.

But I’m working on a modern beach bungalow, which is decidedly not boring.  I’m collecting inspiration pics now.  I don’t want to give away too much (the client might be reading) but here is where my little brain in going right now:

I love the clean modern vibe, yet totally romantic and vacationy.  my spellcheck thinks that vacationy isn’t a word, and so i ask you, sir. spellcheck, what do you call something that is like a vacation?  ding ding ding, the answer? ‘vacationy’.  wikepedia that s**t.  And no, that is not cursing if you put the little stars in there.

Love that hanging chair.  Brian won’t let me get one because he thinks its a ‘can i actually sit in this chair’ kinda chair, which is a bummer for guests.  Not exactly inviting.

So clean and white.  I’m actually not doing a bedroom, but I love all these images. they make me love the beach.

This one was shot by James Baigre and I picked the flower.  

Need more living room modern beach inspirations, send them my way….

OH! and my segment on Nate Berkus airs on October 4th, so set your tivo’s people.  And people have been asking when the show airs, and it won’t be until Spring. I promise the second that I get an air date you will be the first to know.  

I got me a new bloggity blog, folks.

Why yes, I did get a new blog.  While The Brass Petal suited my needs pre-HGTV, it was getting annoying to have to say and spell and explain in interviews.  Style by Emily Henderson sounds much more, well, pretentious, but also rolls of the tongue and needs no explaining.  So that’s what is happening now, folks.  It’s the same blog, with just better everything (thanks to SquareSpace!!).  

You need to resubscribe to the RSS feed over there to the right, the Brass Petal web-site is being forwarded but not the feed.  

Since I skipped Blue Tuesdays yesterday, I give you blue wednesdays today:  

Elle Decor, via Coco and Kelley

I’m pretty into the combo with this orange.  Orange is a tricky color for me.  I like it with Charcoal, hot pink, navy or peacock, but other than that its a hard one for me.  I’ve been crazy about this pic for a while  now:

OK, i’m going to play around for a while with my new toy – the blog, and then i’ll have a proper post tomorrow.  Do you guys like it???



Flea Market Find Mondays ish.

I’ve been traveling the last two sundays, so i actually haven’t been to the flea market in two weeks.  I’ve been getting the shakes and taking my withdrawl rage out on Bearcat.  I’ll snap at the smallest lack of purr or start weeping randomly.  

Poor thing doesn’t understand what is ailing her mother.  I want to explain it to her, but there is a huge cat/human language barrier that no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get over.  
but that’s another story.

So Corbett and I went to South Bay on Saturday to check out Big Daddy Antiques, which was great in a way, but also every thing was the same expensive John Derian vibe.  I thought it was going to be a big junk store, but nope, kinda fancy pants.

So not wanting to waste a perfectly good day of shopping we headed to an antique mall even further south that wasn’t awesome, but not terrible.  And determined to have something to blog about and to not have wasted 5 hours and a half a tank of gas i did find a few things after like 3 hours. 

Why yes, this is a brass tic tac toe set, of course.  It was $10, which is probably too much, but I kind of love it.  Not sure what i’ll do with it, most certainly NOT play tic tac toe, but its my objet-du-jour.

’60’s bar set.  I don’t need, but I love.  $5 each.

Awesome little turquoise vase.  It’s gonna look perf in my shelves, although a bit brighter than I normally go for.  It reminds me of this Amazing pottery:

Except decidedly cheaper at $25.

And every house and horse lover needs a wooden foot-thingy to put in her shelves.

It’s pretty and rustic and natural and overpriced at $28, which I bought anyway.  

And then for future clients I bought these two things;

vintage green chalkboard, 18″  $12
and Hugo Guiness-y 1929 original car drawing $16 – perfect for a bachelors gallery wall, no?

It’s pretty awesome.

Must run, doing my first series of holiday commercials today for HGTV.  Back in New York and shooting at a studio I used to style in for years.  Except this time i’m in the hair and makeup chair instead of schlepping and unpacking boxes all day.  

So weird.  And
completely awesome. 

I do not look like Judith Light

So Ian tells me often that i dress like Angela from Who’s the Boss.  And then he goes off in Tony’s bronxian accent, ‘, JOna…tan……….SamAn……..ta’.  Which is hilarious. 

But saying that I dress like Judith Light is not.
NO way. 
Except I just bought this dress which has shoulder pads  (which i wore this week for the blogger lunch and the RUE party)
It’s by Joie and you can find it here.  Yes its slightly 80’s, but not like this:
I always protest and say that I dress more 70’s, less 80’s and he says I dress like Angela circa ’83 but still wearing her late ’70’s clothes. which i find quite specific,  and i don’t totally understand.  and then i remind him that he is a straight man who wears rodeo pants and gold medallions.  everyday. 
So in my defense, here are my latest ’70’s inspired fashion pics.  not 80’s, mind you, the 70’s
Dsqared2 tennis blouse.  and can not find where to buy it for the life of me, so if anybody knows, please help me out.  I need this shirt.
Emersonmade bluebells.  These are on their way in the mail and that makes me very very very happy. 
Buy them here
I bought my first vintage coach purse when i was 16 and wore it for 5 years.  
I’m not a handbag chick, and i hate the branding aspect of them, but Coach did it so well in the 70’s -just leather and the necessary hardware to keep it together.  
I still have the one that i rocked for years, but its pretty beat up. 
So last week in New York I bought this one:
Pure and simple design and function.  and with a bit of brass thrown in there.
And maybe i’ll top it off with this shirt from etsy:
With either these vintage 70’s frye boots (which i can’t find) or these new ($100) wedges from Lucky:
Yep.  The 70’s.  
I hope i proved my point, but pretty sure that I didn’t.
Am I the only one that secretly wants to look like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver?



sans the shirt-thing and the hat, but just the overall vibe, right?


Finally its announced…

Secrets from a Stylist has been picked up for 26 episodes!!!!!!
which is also my age.
or was my age a few years ago.  whatever.
So my midnight post is dedicated to trying to find new houses to cast for the show.   If your grandparents need a restyling, if your brother-in-law needs a restyling, or anyone really that lives in LA that owns there own place needs a restyling by yours truly, please follow the directions below.


Here are the conditions:  You have to live in L.A. (if the house/people are so great I think we can travel to Orange County or within 30  miles of LA, but really ideally we are in LA)
You have to own your space.  I know. I’m a renter too and it would totally bum me out, but this is how it is will all these shows.

If you live in a duplex and are best friends with your landlord then you might be able to swing it, but apartment buildings with a bunch of other tenants create a lot of problems)

We will only be doing 1 room, not a whole house.

At this time we are not doing any bathrooms or kitchens, if that changes i’ll let you know. It’s not a reno show, its a style show and those are to costly and timely for production.

You will be on TV.
And your schedule has to be flexible as we shoot 6 days a week
(you won’t be on all 6, but will need to be available when necessary).

The bigger the personality, the better.

Oh and the room should be 15×20 or else amazing.  We  need big rooms.

In your email, include pictures of you/your family/your space and info on what your styles are and what you see for the space.  And don’t be conservative with your personality, bring it.

Everyone that left a comment, just go ahead and email them to casting.  I’ll try to get back to people, but I probably shoulda just waited ’til I had the proper email to post….but instead I had some sake and was really excited to tell all my virtual friends…

And remember – I want to do anyone.  woah…

You might think that your cousin that lives in LA has completely different style than me, but that’s what we want.  As much I love doing all vintage-flea-markety-hipster, I want to do some traditional styles (shopping from flea markets, too, don’t worry) or crazy minimal styles, anything that will make the show interesting week after week.

I can do any style tastefully – because every style can be beautiful when shopped correctly and when mixed properly.

Bring it.
and email