Teaser for Sundays Secrets from a Stylist


Alright folks, I can’t show you pics from Ian’s house (although you can see a bit of it above), but I can show you the inspiration pics for his house.  These have been on my mood board (or notebook that i carry around shopping) for Ian’s house since I started working on it.  I love how they feel finished, yet not decorated.  Despite co-creating Glee, Ian is a straight dude, so I didn’t want it to feel overly designed. Just natural and lived in.

Photo by Mikkel Vang for Vogue Living


In the show I combine three different styles.  Very distinct, from different decades or countries.


photo from Emma’s design Blogg


But I keep them coherent with the color palette.  Which looks pretty amazing in person, and I hope looks as good on camera.  I’m learning so much about how things are different on camera.  Being a prop stylist for photography helped me because I already know the rules like: shiny things are annoying to photographers (they prefer matte), small busy patterns screw with the camera and ‘amore’, and mirrors are always a problem.  But now I have a whole new set of lessons to learn.  Everything from the fact that I HAVE to wear more fitted clothes (my blousey blouses are making me look about 4 months along) to my lipstick should pop more, to TV interiors need a lot of color and even then, the color can look much different in person than on camera.

When shooting interiors for magazines or books, photographers can use natural light with the perfect lens and you don’t need color (like above) to make a provocative, beautiful picture.  But for TV, they have to put these films on the window so they don’t blow out and get really hot (tv speak for blaringly bright) so natural light isn’t really an option.  

Of course I’m slowly trying to revolutionize this process, because set photography is normally so so so so much less beautiful than this kind of editorial (magazine) photography and being the total photo snob, it makes a HUGE difference to me.  BUT, i will say that our set photographer (the guy that takes behind the scenes as well as all the beauty shots) has an editorial background so I have higher hopes.


Ok.  so without giving away any of my secrets  you kinda get the direction that I was going in, right?  Man, I hope you like it.    
I’ll break it down next week, room by room and show you my detailed process and give you all the sources.    


3 days til the premiere of SFAS


It’s no secret that bloggers are kinda taking over the world.  And I mean blog readers, too.  If we could all come together to decide on a different word for ‘blog’ that would be awesome, btudubs.  It still sounds a bit like a sickness or a real quick little throat gag.  blog.   
Regardless, some of these lovely blogging ladies are starting a new on-line magazine, Rue Mag, that drops in September and one of them, Anne Sage, who has been one of my longtime go-to’s is rad and wears very incredible glasses on her face featured me in her blog today. YES!
  I met Anne and Crystal whilst shooting in our apartment a few weeks ago – non-design star related, extra hard to keep that secret then, by the way.   And they are both the loveliest.
Here is a sneak peak of the mag (not my shoot).  http://www.shelterpop.com/2010/08/19/rue-magazine/ 
photo by Manny Rodriguez
I know.  Magazines are like the 80’s.  They were almost gone, off the shelves, and then WHAM, they are back, except different,  a little reworked.  Well, magazines are awesome and the 80’s were questionable, but i’m not the best analogy-er.
photo by Manny Rodriquez
Hello new media, you are awesome.  
On to other topics.  Oh right, i saw my TV show yesterday for the first time.  ‘I-saw-my-tv-show-yesterday’ seems like a very weird thing to say.  I filmed it in July, then the film production company (which I LOVED) has been doing their magic so I its been kinda outta my hands and i’ve had no idea what it actually looked like (or what I actually looked like). 
 So I was excited to watch as you can imagine.  I’m not giving anything away.  
And I am DYING to know what you guys think.  That’s all I’m gonna say.
Except this:  Ahem.  
Dear readers, please tweet, facebook, and blog as much as you want about ‘Secrets from a Stylist’ which premiers this sunday on HGTV at 10pm.    
It’s up against the Emmy’s and Mad Men, and I think True Blood, too.  harsh.   Ian (and Glee), are up for 19 Emmy’s so when you are tuning away from SFAS, you best be rooting for my friend.  


Wooh, I’m back and almost fully recovered.



yo yo yo.  i’m back.  Woah, that was a rough couple days.  Besides interviews, i kinda just checked out of life.  I’ve never been so exhausted in my life, strike that, since my honeymoon.  It’s weird how your body knows when you were stressed even when you don’t feel stressed.  I had the most low-maintenance wedding ever (we literally had a taco truck cater it) but still i must have been exhausted because i slept roughly 16 hours a day on our honeymoon. And that is pretty much what I did this week, too.  I feel better and ready to roll.  ish. 

I’m working on the new blog (or should I say, somebody else is, to be disclosed soon***update, don’t worry it will remain the same, run by yours truly, i just want it redesigned and updated, all fancy-like), web-site, interviews, you know, general ‘taking-over-the-world-and-building-my-empire’ stuff.  

Kidding, well kinda.  

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and so appreciated.  I’m just so happy to know that people (not all, mind you) wanted me to win and are excited for my show.  I promise it will be unlike any show out there, ever. (aka, the fashion to home thing has been altered to create a more original show….curious, eh?).    

Secrets from a Stylist airs this sunday at the same time slot as Design Star – 10pm/7pm.  Just a reminder, which i’ll probably do everyday until sunday.    

photographs are styled by me, in my apartment, and shot by Terilyn Fisher

I heart all of you so much.


Yep, it’s all over……well not really…..


So, that happened.  Nuts, i know.  I’m crazy excited and so exhausted.  I took the day off yesterday to relax, i was pretty wrecked from sunday night.  We had a ton of people out to celebrate with us.  I’ll post some pics as soon as i get them.
My saratonin has plummeted, such a big build up and adrenaline rush – almost like a wedding.  I’m probably going to take today off again and go to the beach and relax.  because that’s what tv stars do.
Oh, and my ‘client’ (and friend) for the special is the co-creator of Glee, Ian Brennan, so if you like Glee you best be spreading the word about that.  He’s hilarious and awesome.  And single, for all the ladies out there.  Just sayin’.
So a lot is going to change here.  The blog is going to transform a bit (it will still be a daily style blog), but we are still working out the details.
But for now, thank you guys sooooooooo much for all the support.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  You feel vulnerable when you are on national TV, and some people you can never win over.  So having this kind of fan base that has supported me long before Design Star means a lot.


Design Star, Emily Henderson



I can’t believe I won.  I mean, i can, but i can’t.  What a secret to keep, and i’m a bad self-secret keeper.  I can keep others, sure.  But i have no secrets of my own because, i’m the most transparent person in the world.  and i like to talk. a lot. obviously.
So keeping this GOOD of a secret was sooooooooooo hard you have no idea.  I feel like lied to all of you, pretending i’ve been really busy styling shoots, when really i’ve been creating and shooting my special. (ahem, that airs next sunday at 7pm and 10pm, just like Design Star)  
AND BOY am I so excited about that i could wee in my little vintage house dress.   Working on my own show was the most fun i’ve ever had in my life.  The hours were crazy and the days really long and I had so much more responsibility than i’ve ever had, but it was truly a blast and I was sad when It was finished.


And I love how Ian’s house turned out and kinda don’t understand why its not mine. (cut to me showing up every morning, creepily making myself coffee, signing for packages, DVR-ing Rachel Zoe, marking ‘hers’ and ‘his’ toothbrushes…)  

But back to Design Star. It was all so surreal.  I was pretty calm during the entire studio session (about an hour), i just pretended like they were my friends and i just tried to be myself.  To say i wasn’t nervous isn’t true, but I was just like, ‘well its me or not me, but acting differently or trying to impress the judges beyond being myself at this point is only going to make them question me….and think i’m weird’
I remember waking up that morning and thinking, ‘ok so today is the day that i get told by the Design Star judges whether I will get my own TV series.  Perfectly normal.  right so today is that day, huh.’  It was like living in a dream.  It felt like there was no way this was actually happening, that I made it this far after stumbling so bad at the beginning.
When Vern announced it, I was shocked.  I think my hearing shut off and in slow motion i looked over at the screens and saw that only my tv was still on.   Michaels was off.  I looked back and saw the other designers coming towards me smiling.  It was like a car crash, it happened so slowly and my memory is pretty blurry.   
But I won, folks.  
Of course I knew it was a possibility or I never would have auditioned and left a job (in the middle of a shoot, btdubs) and gave up weeks of work, risked humiliation, etc etc.  I knew I could win and I knew that someone should have a style show like the one I am envisioning, but actually winning seemed impossible to even think about.  I mean, who wins their own design show?
And it is a big deal.  You know, winning Project Runway and Top Chef opens doors and you get a cash prize, but winning Design Star is like somebody is already on the other side of the door, with a big smile and an envelope titled ‘Your new job’ that could potentially last years and years after those cash prizes are spent.  You don’t just get a mild form of design-geek fame, you get a really exciting new life and job. 
(with lots of free stuff, maybe? ooh, yes, I prefer age-defying beauty products, gold and leather jewelry, vintage blue dresses…who am i kidding, i’m that person at Costco that will eat a sample the baby food or metamucil because its free). 
Oh, how life is funny, huh?  Two years ago I was struggling to get clients in LA after moving from New York.  I was kinda bored and we weren’t exactly Scrooge McDucking it in money.   But I woke up january 1st, 2010 with less fear than I’ve ever had.  This was my year, I could feel it.  I started a style blog (hello), auditioned for a reality competition show, and its turned out to be one of the best years of my life.



So here are the lessons learned:
Take Risks.  and Watch HGTV.  
I’ll have a behind the scenes and post pictures of my space tomorrow, 
ooh and pictures of the party right now, post sneaks of the special, etc etc.
But for tonight:  
Thank you.
I am an extremely happy little blonde.