HGTV Design Star. Yep this is actually happening.

Finally.  I can tell you.
I, Emily Henderson, am on a reality tv show,  not only ‘on purpose’ but I even sought out the auditions, went through a ton of interviews, portfolio reviews, etc, etc and finally made it on the show.  here we go.

I guess there comes a time in every stylist’s life to be in a reality show.  Now is mine.


Here are the details:
it airs June 13th, sunday at 10pm.
It’s produced by Mark Burnett, which to those who are unaware, Mark Burnett productions pretty much rule in the reality show world with the apprentice, survivor, and the new Sara Palin show which i’m pretty psyched to watch.  they are total total pros.  
It’s a design competition.  and its drama.
If you check out the link above, you can meet my castmates and read all their bios and look at their portfolios.  
Wager your bets carefully.  There might be some surprises.  
Hands down the most exciting time of my life –  no sarcasm here, pure and simple excitement. 



would it be weird if I brought a blankey to work today?  is it weird I still call it a blankey?


cover girl


You’ll be happy to know that I found 7 old issues of Domino that I didn’t have.  Embarrassing that I didn’t have them all, I know. Oh you don’t care?  that’s weird because it was only the best shelter (watch me use the lingo) magazine ever.  They were at a random thrift store in Portland.  And the clerk heard me gasp.  then he heard other sounds of pleasure, but quickly i paid for them hoping that this was not a joke, that ashton wasn’t lurking amongst the tchockes ready to punk me.
I styled this cover a few years ago.  We did about 25 different versions, and maybe this isn’t my favorite. but i’m still happy to have it in my book.
Melanie Acevedo shot it. Tom Delavan was the editor.


My mom commented the other day that she didn’t know what covers i’d styled, so the next few posts might be emily-centric, some of my work.  also i’m outta town and don’t have my scanner, so i’m digging  inside.

The rug is from Maison Monsour modern – really amazing rugs.  The mirror is from Andrianna Shamaris 


Love me some Oregon-lack-of-sales-tax.  It feels like i’m getting away with something. Whenever I pay for something I feel like I just pulled one over on the man. Makes me want to pick up the bill at the restaurant, buy everything I see, take advantage of the 12 days of gubernatorial freedom. (woah, surely not the right word, i have no business using it.)  Hey Unca Sam! you don’t know me.  Take a hike.  Bark up someone else’s tree.  
New purchases, to be shipped to LA via greyhound (weird, i know, but super cheap – $30).
Vintage Wegner knockoff folding chair (still vintage, people) $150 from The Good Mod
60’s french wall art –  $50 – Hawthorne Vintage.  

Technically i am working, but when in rome…




Dear Anthropologie, remember when you did things like this?
I still like you a lot and still want to work for you, but I fear that things aren’t as good as they used to be (sorry Jen Gotch, I know that were we just talking about this and you reminded me of this pic, i’m kinda stealing from you).  I mean, this picture is ridiculously amazing, weird, unpredictable, and just generally off the hizook.  Styled by Madame Robyn Glazer (is she knighted yet? no? should be) and shot by Rolland Bello.  oh and recently i’ve had clients/friends resisting the rubber tree, they don’t believe me that it can look chic and actually doubt my taste when I suggest it.  Well, look above, peeps and get on board.


Up in Portland for two weeks shooting the Pendleton catalogue.  So happy.