Outfit to room, numero dos

Crazy, crazy, day = short blog post.  But my mom always told me growing up, ‘a short blog post is better than no blog post at all’.  It’s up there with the ‘minding of the p’s and q’s’ and ‘no playing war in the house’.  It’s always stuck with me, i guess.

Here’s another outfit to rooms that I did for an client, with a fake bio of who this person is underneath.  
I kind of want to be this chick.  



( fashion: Vanessa bruno)


Room to fashion style, mine and yes, i’m embarassed.



What am I laughing at, you ask? Just the ceiling.  It’s just hilarious. It was telling me the one about ‘the window, the floor and the rabbi all walk into a bar’.  gets me every time.  I’m not accustomed to getting my portrait taken, so in order to smile naturally I make myself laugh, and while I think this is better than a fake smile I realize now that I look a like a loon.  I had to do an ‘outfit to room’ of myself for an outside project.  My friend Teri (who is awesome) took these pics.  In case you aren’t aware of the outfit to room concept, it’s basically that your home style is often inspired by your fashion style or vice versa.   Clearly mine is – the colors, patterns, mix of woods and leathers, random, vintage, etc. etc. etc,  although I had to help the concept along by adding the hot pink pillow, that isn’t normally there.  The flower corsage that sadly i realize was placed to low in this pic, is Ban-do.  thanks, Jen.


and while the blog tries not be blatant self-promotion (that’s why i don’t post a lot of my own work which many of you have ask for, and by many, i mean my mom and my sister), it seems silly to have it be non-self-promotionery.  My spell-check is up in arms over that last word, but i’m going for it.

Where I bought stuff:  The rug was on craigslist for $75 (it’s 8×10, chinese, and prob 80 years old), the sofa is ikea and not the best bt-dubs, the floral pillows are either vintage fabric or fabric from Mood, made by muah – oh except for the white pleated one, that’s from CB2, and the blue polka-dot, that’s from Ikea.  Everything else is vintage.  The biggest painting was done by Penine Hart, who has an art and antique store in Soho that is underpriced and fantastic

I had to do four other examples – not of me, i’ll post them daily.  underneath I did a one-sentence style bio to help the client understand the concept better.

dress by Mayle (no longer exists, bastards), room not sure, sorry!


Monday morning dream house



Oh what I wouldn’t do to live here.  I would never (well, now, now, I never say never) sell myself, but I might pimp out bearcat for cuddles.  No one, truly, no one loves to cuddle as much as bearcat, she could do it all day everyday and it really doesn’t matter who she’s with. A bit of a floosy, I know.


I feel like we could get $80/day for her, easy.  Of course i would prescreen, don’t be ridiculous, a good pimp always wants to protect her property.  And with the extra dough, i shall buy this house and move to whatever  country this is in.  This house feels luxe and casual at the same time. The photography is so beautiful, but I will say that it looks a bit cold. or could that be because i’m cold right now (thank god it’ll warm up to 73 in no time here).



I love to tile flooring first of all, and the ceilings that they kept original, and those linens, so old and soft, like they’ve been through the wash 500 times.  It’s perfect, i’ll take it.  Down payment, you ask? nope, i’ll take it as is.  Mortgage? oh, no that won’t be necessary, you go ahead and keep it.  Bank loan? no, i’m good. got me a money making kitty.  thanks, though.  (and you have no idea how hard it was to refrain from any less tasteful cat synonyms in that last sentence).


Whatever floats your boat, and this floats mine.



Dios mio,  it’s a little warm in here, no?  My, my, my…  Valentines day is sunday, and it doesn’t matter whether you are into it or not, pretty pictures are pretty pictures.   I think this photo essay, www.thevoracity.com, is super beautiful.  It’s shot by the loveliest, Anna Williams, styled by Pamela Duncan Silver, Food styling by Susan Spungen and produced by Mason at Big Leo productions.  All these people are crazy talented.  and super busy.  I’m impressed that they make time to do their own projects.  It’s as if they really love what they do so much they do it in their free time, sounds impossible, but it happens, people, it happens.  It’s a photo essay on aphrodesiacs; an ‘ongoing essay exploring hunger, consumption and beauty’.  Do yourself a favor this valentines weekend and check it out.  Maybe turn off the lights, crawl into bed, grab a glass of red wine or cranberry juice if that’s your cup of tea.  I would not crawl into a bubble bath with it, it could ruin your computer or you could get electrocuted. 

Who needs porn when you have pictures like these?
have a good weekend.  stay out of trouble.  and check out the rest of the photos, this is only a few of them.  all prints for sale, too, I think.




Who, me? nope, no hoarding here.  i’m definitely not a hoarder.  not at all. not even a little bit. pshaw, that’s crazy.  for sure not me.  don’t even worry about that, could never happen….


I know i’m not the only one who watches hoarders. And I know i’m not the only one who while watching hoarders is secretly whispering to themselves (which is creepy already), ‘that’s not me, right? I don’t do that, right?  my stuff is pretty?  but I bet they think their stuff is pretty? they had to start somewhere, right? am i starting? do i have the gene?’ you get the idea.   As a prop stylist you have to have a ton of stuff. it’s just par for the course.  If you don’t buy that awesome vintage brass birdcage for $15 when you see it at the thrift store or flea market, then inevitably a client will ask you for one 3 weeks later, and it might take you days to track one down, and you’ll have to rent it instead for $75.  This scenario plays through my head daily.

Having a lot of cool stuff actually makes my life easier and me a better stylist.  Whilst backpacking last year with brian in southeast asia I couldn’t help but collect textiles, pottery and carved wooden sculptures and shove them in my full backpack, ditching necessities, because I knew that showing up to a shoot with these 200 year old vegetable dyed linens in colors you can only dream of will knock everybody socks off.  I need them, truly.  I can’t just keep bringing the same things to the same client; and at flea markets, thrift stores, antique stores, or while traveling, everything is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’s just really hard to turn it down.


now, you see my ability to rationalize?  is that how they rationalize.  dear lord.
that being said, I really really really really don’t want to be a hoarder.   But that’s like saying ‘I really don’t want to be a crack addict’.  Nobody does, but it still happens. ( But how??????? I truly don’t understand…or do i????) So i’m going to go in the direction of these pictures, instead.  Putting all my pretty things together in a fairly organized way really does have a strong impact, is super pretty, feels really warm and you don’t look like a freak, more like a collector. yes, that’s it, i’m a collector of pretty, pretty things.



oh, and for the record, i don’t keep anything that isn’t, a. vintage, b. handmade, c. used often for work, or d. has sentimental value.  thems the rules.

images:  1. sibella court book, etc. 2 – 4 style files blog, which is awesome, bt-dubs.