I do apologize for the late notice.  I just strangely found out myself.  Tonight on HGTV at 9pm and 9:30 (thats 6pm and 6:30 pst) i host two episodes of a show called ‘Behind the Sets’ where i went on the set of some hollywood shows and interviewed the set designers and creators and some actors.  It includes:

Modern Family

Malcolm in the Middle

Desperate Housewives

Big Bang Theory

How i met your Mother

The Good Wife

I didn’t have much to do with it, just hosted it. But it was super fun. Please watch or DVR and tweet this post if you love me.  


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  1. Mary

    Behind the Sets sounds awesome! But I work until 7 pst, and it's too late to DVR. Please let me know if there's an alternate way to watch (a re-run or online). I'd love to check it out.

  2. Petra

    will def watch, and tweet out the love as well!

  3. Thanks for posting. I really wanted to watch that show. I will DVR.

  4. Kh

    I love set decorating! Thank you!

  5. Erin O

    I randomly caught this – the TV was on HGTV, I wasn't really watching, then I looked up and saw you! It was interesting, I watched the part about How I Met Your Mother. It's funny, I've watched that show countless times but can't recall having seen Barney's apartment before.

  6. Christa

    Why doesn't HGTV make episodes available online? Having cable is so 20th century!

  7. goodgirlsdontcry

    I checked HGTV and it looks like either this episode or another episode (HOTS2) will air on May 12th @2:30PM E/P…here's the link. HGTV is referring to the show as HGTV On The Set. I can't find a mention of airing the first episode again. Darn!


  8. uniceverse

    So when are we gonna see some new episodes of your show, Secrets From a Stylist? You had, like, seriously, the best show on HGTV and I am jonesing for some more of Miss. Henderson and her wacky personality…along with, of course, some seriously good design.