2 Music Videos for your monday

I had book deadlines this weekend, and I was dying to hang out with these two boys, so no, a proper post didn’t get written for today. But, more importantly I have two music videos that I’m addicted to that you should watch.

The first video is by my friend Taylor. Its pop and its wonderful. It’s all about shaking off negative criticism because haters just gonna hate. You see, folks, the lovely internet (that is responsible for my career so I actually love the internet) has allowed a lot of anonymous ‘freedom’, shall we say, for comments. Often, there actually is a seed of truth in it that I try to learn from. Sure. Great. I take it and adjust my behavior. And sometimes its less than positive. I wrote about it here. But whether you have a public blog or not, you undoubtedly have something that you can shake off. Its just terribly fun to dance to, too.

Also … just don’t be a hater, k?

Another music video that makes me feel even more empowered than T Swifts is this one below. It’s a musician that I’ve been pretty obsessed with for 8 months now. He practices more conceptual music – it’s very avant-garde and some might even call it ‘dis-harmonic’. But disharmony is trending in 2015 and this young pianist really is leading the pack.

This is when he first discovered the vintage piano that I bought him at the flea market. It’s probably not riveting to anybody but me, but for those of you who want a sneak peek into the living room, this was taken 2 weeks ago so you can kinda see where we are at now.

Happy Monday, folks. Now go shake it off.

  1. Diana Martini

    I have been watching the Taylor video ALLLL weekend. I even think my boyfriend secretly likes it because he will occasionally start to hum it when he thinks no one is listening. :) And the other video is my new fav!

  2. Saneth

    The only thing more impressive than your lil music prodigy is those cute and chubby arms! Love those baby rolls!

    • Beezalah

      Love those chubby arms too!! So smooshy!

    • Jane H

      Adorable! Love your piano man.
      You have the right attitude about those haters, they are just so much noxious gas.

  3. Tiffany B.

    I am now currently in love with this music video.

  4. Sarah

    Perm. A. Grin.
    My cheeck muscles hurt from watching Charlie play the piano.
    You three are a lovely family!!!

  5. Kiana

    Love it SO much! The Charlie video not the other one (not a t swifter). I just want to bite his chubby little arms. I know that makes me sound like a freak but I swear I’m not. My own baby boy still has all his limbs intact.

  6. Kimkay

    love it!

  7. Lynn

    The part in the Charlie video at 2:16 where he does the single eyebrow lift? I swooned.

    • alison


  8. kelly

    I’m so excited for your book! I hope it’s ready by christmas, please please please. Today’s post was hilarious and perfect for a monday, thanks Em!!

  9. Danielle

    eeks! sooo adorable!

    and taylor swift’s ok, I suppose. ;)

  10. White couch with baby & cats? Bold move Henderson! That is one cute baby you got there!

  11. jeannette

    he’s delightful he’s delicious he’s delovely

  12. Meg

    I’m equally as in love with Taylor’s video! I had to stop the ladies at work on Friday to share the bliss that that video is, with them. I dance partied is up (with my 4 year old and 18 month old) several times this weekend to that song. My husband doesn’t quite understand the obsession. Weird.

    Love your work and your educational posts! My aesthetic is very different from yours but I’m always learning so much about good design and styling from you. Even made a quick nod to that on my post up today: megmilamhome.com

    Thanks for being inspiring Emily!

  13. Um Charlie officially has the cutest yummiest little arms ever. He’s so cute!

  14. I had a huge smile on my face watching Charlie’s video – so adorable! My favourite part? His wobbly standing and wobbly head. Oh my gosh, I love that stage! Mine are waaaay past it but it brought some lovely memories flooding back. :)

  15. ryan

    ain’t nobody got time for haters. let ’em hate. you just continue to rock on with your bad self and pinch charlie’s cute cheeks, rolls and belly. that kid is RIDICULOUS cute.

  16. melissa

    oh charlie hendo you are the cutest. that is totes adorbs! i so miss the slap slap slap crawling phase. so durn cute!

  17. His arm rolls are the greatest things that exist in this world! In the non-creepiest way possible I want to give those little rolls a squish! Thanks for sharing!

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  19. Jenny

    That second video is pure awesomeness. Thanks for sharing your little munchkin with us. He is adorable!

  20. Annie H

    I could put some butter on Charlie’s arm rolls and eat them up! I know I can’t be the only mom who wants to do this.

  21. Kaytie

    Loved watching your little man strike a chord! I too have an 8 month old, and my only question is where is your pack n play? My living room is a similar size, and I feel like all I see is brightly colored plastic.

    Do I sense a perfect blog post topic?!

  22. lola

    my heart just melted! charlie makes me want to have babies right now!!

    is that a loloi rug?

  23. Victoria

    Adorable, when Charlie up it was like an Elton John in the making.

  24. kyla

    hahahaha, i’ve had that taylor song on repeat in my car for the past week…my 2 year old says “shake it” and “sick beat”

    baby charlie is getting soooo big! such cuteness!

  25. Geri

    That kid is freakin adorable (Charlie Hendo). TS video is fun too! Thanks for sharing!

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  27. Rosemary

    Really liked the Taylor Swift video – thanks for that…whenever you have a bad and crappy day, just look at this video of your little Charlie and you will immediately feel better – guaranteed! What a treasure!

  28. Jenni

    Love the Taylor Swift music video but think Charlie’s just might be better ;) Super cute!

  29. Kyndell

    Hey Emily! I’ve been watching that video with my kids all week! My son is 13 and has autism and he just loves Taylor Swift so much! When you spend a lot of time out and about with a special needs child you get lots of mean looks and rude comments basically from people who have no clue and are quick to judge(haters). I went and read your post about some of the mean comments you’ve received and I was shocked! I just want to say that I think you are AWESOME! I love decorating and whenever I’m thinking of making a change in my house, I “study” the makeover photos on your blog first. Seriously! I love your decorating style so much. Btw, I have been checking everywhere for the new issue of Domino daily. When will it be out?! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your house! I know I’m going to love it. (Even though it’s going to make me want to change everything in my house!) I also enjoy reading about Charlie too…he’s just so adorable! I can’t understand how or why anyone would leave you mean comments because you seem like the nicest, funniest, most down to earth person and I just felt the need to let you know. Thank you for being my inspiration, Emily:)

  30. Kristina

    those little michelin man arms kill me! gotta love a baby with rolls.

  31. Thats video is awesome, and also the cute baby… nice!

  32. Tiffany H.

    He’s precious. I love it! Thanks for letting us share in your joy.

  33. Amanda

    What great video’s!!! If you don’t grin through both of them,either you have no sense of humor or no kids. Taylor Swift is so endearing as she laughs at herself trying to pull off dancing. Charlie is a hugely delicious ham…I wonder who he takes after??!! Love it.

  34. Judy H.

    Taylor Swift is cute, but she’s nothing compared to that MAJOR cutie Charlie. Better get him an agent, he’s something else on those keys!

  35. tammyCA

    Charlie is clearly advanced..standing and playing the piano, (playing not banging) @ 8 mos…watch out! :)

  36. Both videos were equally inspiring! If you and Taylor Swift aren’t actually best friends yet, clearly, you should be. Thanks for the fun!

  37. Stef

    Both videos are awesome! That pure joy of Charlie playing the piano and how proud you and your husband were was so fun to watch.

  38. Oh my goodness. That video of Charlie is amazing. What a bundle of absolute adorable-ness.

  39. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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