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Oh Joy’s Nursery/Office official reveal

…through to see the whole makeover Can’t you see the, ‘who’s this chick?’ expression of Joy’s face? I’ll assume it had to do with the fact that I have now designed almost every single one of Joy’s spaces. Hell, I might even renovate her perfectly good rental kitchen just to assert my power over her. To recap – here was our nursery inspiration – neutral, modern, with a playful Scandinavian ben… Continue reading

A kid-friendly, baby proof yet stylish living room, ohjoy 2.0.

…e that one blanket that promoted hugs or that one rug that absorbs all spit? Any and all secrets welcome … Oh and yes, you’ll have more problems and solutions next week … this post was long enough. P.S. The Honest Company has kindly offered a discount to all Oh Joy and Style by Emily Henderson readers on their wonderful and eco-friendly baby and household products (they have the cutest diapers!). Simply enter JOY10OFF40 at check… Continue reading

Oh Joy’s Nursery/Office makeover plan

Five years ago I wrote this email to my now good friend, Joy: Hi Joy, long time reader, first time emailer.  big fan.  you have good taste, and you aren’t cheesy, which is like finding gold in the lifestyle blogging world. i’m a prop stylist and I would love for you to take a look at my new blog. i’m sure you get many-a ‘look at my blog’  requests, but I would love to get your opinion.  xx Emi… Continue reading

Oh Joy’s Studio: the ‘living room’

…d she did an incredible job (hire her!!!). After the first meeting where we hashed out all the needs, wants, and Joy’s general studio desires, she came back with this rendering: A lot normally changes from the first rendering, but this gave Joy a really good visual of where we were heading, what elements we planned on bringing in, and where we were going to put everything. I believe Sam did this in Auto-Cad and then did… Continue reading

Oh Joy party at The Fig House

…no one really thinks about it as a day time venue – and its such a beautiful one. No one except my friend Joy and The Land of Nod, that is. Joy has a line of kids furniture/accessories that just launched at Land of Nod and I’m VERY proud of her. The Land of Nod team, including Crafting Community came in and transformed the space although I have to say that it’s almost as if The Fig House was made for that pa… Continue reading

Oh Joy’s Studio mini-reveal!!

photography by Zeke Ruelas As you know I’ve been working on designing my good friend Joy’s studio the last few months. Well, it’s all finished, folks, and we can finally post it. But of course no good/smart blogger spends 11 hours writing a 12 page long FRIDAY post, please — I know you all are just counting the minutes when you can get out of the office. So instead it’s going to be national Oh Joy week on the blog n… Continue reading

Oh Joy’s Studio

I’m so jealous of this Oh Joy’s Studio it’s stupid. It’s making me decide to either rent a studio or wear Joy’s skin as a coat. It’s just so happy, inspiring, colorful, but still feels so bright and airy with enough negative space to not let your little brain go insane. The general design direction of the space was to be bright, happy, airy, fun, and young. Joy from Oh Joy blog needed the space to function as… Continue reading

Oh Joy for Target is here!

Well now that my partnership with Target is announced (Yeah!!!! and thank you all who left such supportive comments last week on the announcement post) it seemed only appropriate that I shout out my good friend Joy’s collection.  Joy and I have worked together for years and have become good friends although we certainly don’t see each other enough. I’m just so psyched that she is working with them as well. S… Continue reading