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…8212; what a gem! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Next up: Sigh. I absolutely love these oil paintings by Canadian artist Carly Waito. Yes, I said paintings … crazy, right? Most of her work is around 12″x12″. A few of these originals are still for sale, and can be purchased through Carly’s gallery rep, Narwhal Projects in Toronto. And a little birdie just told me that she’s currently working on a… Continue reading

Art Roundup: Houses

Dear Emily’s Readers, It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator, and I’m back again with more art. And yes, it’s all still affordable! So, if our relationship is going to go further, you should know that I have a small obsession with houses. I’m not sure if it’s actually trending, but #houses are always trending in my head — even if they have plants growing out of the bottom of them:   Oh my. The collage/embroidery wo… Continue reading

The Fig House is open for business!!!!!!!!!

As you know I’ve been working on my first big commercial project called The Fig House for about 11 years, and by 11 years I mean 8 months – as long as I’ve been pregnant, actually. Lots of birth metaphors could happen here, for sure, but despite the timing I will not be having my child at the opening party and no, his name will not be Figueroa (the street its on for which its named). So, here’s the story, Steve Fortunato,… Continue reading

Art Round-up: Florals

Hi there! It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator back with another artsy (and affordable) round-up for you! And now for a little history lesson … as long as there has been art, this has been a favorite subject matter of artists (just ask van Gogh). It was trending then, and it’s trending today: #florals Oh! A face full o’ flowers! This is the lovely work of American artist Clare Elsaesser. Her Etsy shop is called “taste… Continue reading

Art for The Fig House: Clare Elsasser

The Fig House project is wrapping up, folks. We are in the super intense phase where everything is getting done at the same time. I’m off for an early site meeting now, but I wanted to share with you the work of Clare Elsasser whose work we are featuring at the space. Its 100 percent weird and beautiful … which is my favorite design combo.                … Continue reading

My Custom House Portrait

… The exterior of it was (and still is) my biggest beef with it … well, the kitchen …  and that VERY intense texture on the wall in the photo above (I mean, its like they were trying to make it look like it was the 15th century). Of course I thought they would let me paint and landscape but the property manager said they had just painted so ‘no’ i wasn’t allowed to. Jerk. I don’t want to bitch too much about the… Continue reading

The Fig House; A New Project

…So we sat down and I had every intention of saying sorry, I’m too busy right now, but then he told me about the project, showed me his ideas, and told me that I could take total (almost) creative control over a 10,000 square foot event space in LA. I told him that that sounded awesome, but that I didn’t know commercial codes; I don’t know or necessarily care about ergonomics; I don’t know how to disguise air condi… Continue reading

Art for The Fig House from Kai Samuels-Davis

Good Monday, folks. Check out these paintings by the incredible Kai Samuels-Davis. Kai is contributing four or five paintings for The Fig House project (not these pieces, actually), which is VERY exciting, indeed. They are a little intense, so but are we all at times. They are on the darker side, but are going to bring a lot of depth and interest to the collection. As much as I love happy bright pieces, I don’t want to the whole space to… Continue reading

The Fig House Opening Party

…ortrait by Stephanie Vovas and the weird and controversial (and intensely awesome) string sculptural pieces by Nike Schroeder killed it. Just killed it. I was so excited by how they all looked in the space at night. Sidenote: 1/2 the art sold that night and many more pieces have replaced those … it’s very exciting. This is Mr. Steve Fortunato himself with his pretty adorable family adorning that… Continue reading