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Hey guys, most of you know that I’m a big fan of Danielle from The Jealous Curator. That girl knows her art in a serious way and is always posting really incredible art on her blog. So while I never really have contributors (except Orlando), I think that its high time I learned more about contemporary artists. I’m dying to be exposed to more art you can actually buy (that was the hardest part of this task). Enjoy.  Hello! This is Dan… Continue reading

Art Roundup: Houses

Dear Emily’s Readers, It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator, and I’m back again with more art. And yes, it’s all still affordable! So, if our relationship is going to go further, you should know that I have a small obsession with houses. I’m not sure if it’s actually trending, but #houses are always trending in my head — even if they have plants growing out of the bottom of them:   Oh my. The collage/embroidery work of Amsterdam-base… Continue reading

WE MET THE GOAL !!! The Family Shelter Update

…that have been in touch about donating so far. Amy Coe | Art Resource Group | Chairish | DENY | Kelly Ventura | The Jealous Curator | Jones Group Interior | Kalisher | Leah Koch | Meridian Interiors | Modop Design | Moore & Giles | Strand Books  | Taiping Carpets | Target We also want to give a special thank you to the Marlette Family who donated specifically to the Mother and baby nursery.  We are so excited that we will be able to make this… Continue reading

The Fig House is open for business!!!!!!!!!

…done by yours truly) and the walls have tons and tons of amazing art from local artists, curated by Danielle of The Jealous Curator who did an INCREDIBLE job. In short: It’s Gatsby meets Andy Warhol meets Marie Antoinette.  It definitely has an art deco appeal, but in updated lines and colors – and with an edge. While normally in life I like to under-promise and over-deliver (tempering expectations and then blowing people away is kind… Continue reading

Art Round-up: Florals

Hi there! It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator back with another artsy (and affordable) round-up for you! And now for a little history lesson … as long as there has been art, this has been a favorite subject matter of artists (just ask van Gogh). It was trending then, and it’s trending today: #florals Oh! A face full o’ flowers! This is the lovely work of American artist Clare Elsaesser. Her Etsy shop is called “tastes orangey” and… Continue reading

The Fig House Opening Party

…y and say ‘thank you’ to everyone who made it out and contributed. As you know Danielle Krysa, from The Jealous Curator curated the art and it was pretty darn stunning. That huge painting by Zoe Pawlak is amazing, the portrait by Stephanie Vovas and the weird and controversial (and intensely awesome) string sculptural pieces by Nike Schroeder killed it. Just killed it. I was so excited by how they all looked in the space at night. Sid… Continue reading

Art for The Fig House from Amy Wilson Faville

…son Faville who is a San Francisco based artist that does some pretty freaky and beautiful pieces. Thanks Danielle (The Jealous Curator — read her blog!!) for introducing me to this lovely artwork: She is doing some original pieces for The Fig House project (installing next week, dear God) but these are some of my favorites from her. So pretty. To see more of Amy’s work, please go HERE. It’s all just so weird and beautiful. xx… Continue reading

The Fig House; A New Project

…t ’80s. And you want to know one of the most exciting parts? I’ve collaborated with Danielle Krysa (THE JEALOUS CURATOR) to curate all the art. That’s right. She is going to take the art to a level I can’t because she’s an art expert, has tons of connections, and is a total visionary. (If you are interested in submitting pieces and/or to get more information about the art side of the project — paintings, drawin… Continue reading

Nike Schroeder String Art Piece

…as somewhat quiet or else there would crazy  in front of crazy which equals total insanity. Meanwhile Danielle, The Jealous Curator, introduced me to a wonderful artist named Nike Schroeder. I had used her work at The Fig House and loved it so much. It’s so intricate and compelling but at the same time quiet because the string pieces are just a beautiful texture. One of the hanging string pieces seemed perfect for the space. It was 3 dimens… Continue reading