Phone it in Friday – Happy Labor Day Weekend

My brain and body are catching up from the insanity of the week, and we are leaving tomorrow/today for a camping trip with our best friends for four days. Normally this trip is kinda crazy (we rent out a 70′s boys scout camp) but this year i’m just psyched for 3 days without wifi and with my boys and best friends.

This week was so fun with the studio being done and a launch of a new partnership with TinyPrints which is very exciting. A lot to tell you, but since its the last week in August, i’m just going to phone it in and post this photo.


You’re welcome. That is Charlie Henderson. Not sure if you’ve heard about him – otherwise known as my favorite thing on this planet. He’s sitting on my new chair from The Citizenry, with toes and skin tone from ‘The Starke’s’ (my family/maiden name), the poor kid. Brian brought him to the little event we had this week, which made me intensely happy. He had just come from a business meeting, obviously.

Its 11:30pm and he just woke up for the second time, wailing in pain due to teething (the cutest, little white nubs I ever did see). I rocked his crying little body back to sleep which is all at once sad,  priceless, exhausting and satisfying. Whoever thought that you would actually opt to be the one that soothes a crying baby? Not me. And i’m sure if it happened often I wouldn’t volunteer, but because it doesn’t happen too often (knock on wood) and because I was so absent this week I just needed some more rocking and lullabye time.

Anyway…. Sorry for the lack of posting and for the ‘phone it in’ post. Happy last week of Summer, folks. May your labor day be full of whatever you want it to be.

Oh and I turn 35 on monday. So theres that …. :) I mean … I started this blog when I was 30. Thats weird.

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QUICK UPDATE: studio craziness

Yes. I’m alive. No, my lack of posting isn’t going to become a habit. We are just pretty much pulling all nighters between finishing some projects and finishing the book so the blog suffers. The blog is so innocent in all of this. In fact the blog is what actually is responsible for all of this and yet its the first to suffer. Dear blog, I still love you.

Anyway, you may have seen some pretty images on instagram of the studio design (that has to be camera ready by 3pm tomorrow).

They looked like this:

cobalt blue bench

Hygge and West wallpaper – flea market rehab bench. It’s so fun to look at I squeal like Charlie does every time he grabs Bearcat’s fur in total delight.


Paint chips are going on a wall. Hopefully it looks like a random artist studio installation and not a weird DIY craft wall.

pretty drapes

Curtains are up and looking super romantic. These could go so bad (A-la the lovemaking scene in The Room) or they could go so pretty. In this case, friends, it’s so pretty. Thank you Karley for sewing them! (Fabric from The Fabric Store on La Brea – more on everything later).


We put up a whole wall of the portfolio, which is strangely satisfying to see (more on that later, but it has to do with Tiny Prints and check out their Metal Wall Prints when you have a second).  And that delicious paint color? Coral Echo by Dutch Boy.

But really, 6 hours ago it actually still looked like this:


We left tonight at midnight. THANK YOU GINNY, BRADY who stayed til the end, and Robbie and Karley who stayed til 9pm. Such troopers. I’ll be at the flower market at 6am tomorrow. Why? Because i’m insisting on doing the flowers like a weirdo. Nay, idiot. I mean, of course right now I’d die to have literally anyone else be in charge of another decision, but we’ll pull it off.  Anyway, this isn’t for your pity – I love late install nights and going early to the flower market, I just feel bad for being absent so I feel the need to over-explain ‘why’. Hopefully the reveal will be worth it!

Anyway, sorry, for the lack of programming. We’ll be back sooooooooonnnnnn. As soon as we figure out how to combine these 20 different wallpapers in one 1200 square foot space.


2 Music Videos for your monday

I had book deadlines this weekend, and I was dying to hang out with these two boys, so no, a proper post didn’t get written for today. But, more importantly I have two music videos that I’m addicted to that you should watch.

The first video is by my friend Taylor. Its pop and its wonderful. It’s all about shaking off negative criticism because haters just gonna hate. You see, folks, the lovely internet (that is responsible for my career so I actually love the internet) has allowed a lot of anonymous ‘freedom’, shall we say, for comments. Often, there actually is a seed of truth in it that I try to learn from. Sure. Great. I take it and adjust my behavior. And sometimes its less than positive. I wrote about it here. But whether you have a public blog or not, you undoubtedly have something that you can shake off. Its just terribly fun to dance to, too.

Also … just don’t be a hater, k?

Another music video that makes me feel even more empowered than T Swifts is this one below. It’s a musician that I’ve been pretty obsessed with for 8 months now. He practices more conceptual music – it’s very avant-garde and some might even call it ‘dis-harmonic’. But disharmony is trending in 2015 and this young pianist really is leading the pack.

This is when he first discovered the vintage piano that I bought him at the flea market. It’s probably not riveting to anybody but me, but for those of you who want a sneak peek into the living room, this was taken 2 weeks ago so you can kinda see where we are at now.

Happy Monday, folks. Now go shake it off.

The Fig House Stained Glass Design; Judson Studios

If you follow me on ANY social media you have seen a lot of stained glass on my feed – mostly from Judson Studio and The Fig House project. Hell if you’ve breathed near me in the last year you were likely to hear about The Fig House. And Charlie. Hopefully y’all aren’t sick of hearing about this project, it was just huge and there were/are so many design components to it, so its taking a while to document them all. I wrote about Judson Studios a month ago, but now its time to document what we actually did with them.

Lets bring you back to the beginning (and read this post if you haven’t). When I first signed on for Fig I said ‘Stained Glass’ immediately. I had been wanting to do a project with custom stained glass so bad and this seemed like the perfect one.

So let me guide you through the project (and yes, there is a whole video at the end):

stained glass

First we met with Tim Carey, an artist, at Judson Studio and talked about general art direction. I said I wanted something geometric, modern, saturated colors and large-scale. He said that they hadn’t done that before (mainly because it’s not what clients want) and he was psyched to get started.

So he sent through this first sketch with some initial ideas:


It was so fun to see the potential. We really liked it but it didn’t quite feel modern enough. It felt too fluid for a new build, not quite geometric enough.

And Tim totally agreed. So easy to work with. So he went back with our notes and came up with this pattern. A common motif throughout the Fig House were octogons, so he took more inspiration from that and started the process again:

stained glass

He sent this through and we flipped out, in a good way:


Yes yes yes yes yes. The thick verticals and horizontals were the window frame.  It was a 12′ window I believe so it had to have mullions help supporting it. Yes, I say fancy words like ‘mullions’ now. Hopefully I’m correct in the usage …

Next he printed it out, all life-size which was sooo fun to see.

stained glass

He took a first pass at color and sent us through this:

stained glass

Sorry, its fuzzy. I think it was just a screenshot of his computer. We liked it but it wasn’t quite the colors that we were working with.  So we went in and played with the color combo for hours.


Lisa’s House: The Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to the last post of Lisa’s house. I’ve blogged about the living room, dining room and office already, so here’s the bedroom.

Lisa had just moved in and the only thing she did was have the walls painted with this texture – well, and the chandelier, but otherwise it was just kinda left over furniture from her old house/life. She wanted it to feel calm, feminine, pretty, french country but updated. Not to mention, cohesive and finished.

Designers are constantly asked what room people should prioritize – what room to start with and I don’t really know the answer. I used to say wherever you spend the most time – which is usually the living room (or family room) – that’s the room people are going to see, where you spend most of your (awake) time entertaining. No one really sees your bedroom but you. But at the end of the day walking into a pulled together and inviting room is such a luxury and really does make you feel more special and grown up.


Click through to see the afters …