Emily Henderson

Happy Shopping ...

My Black Friday Wishlist

1. Wool Baseball Cap | 2. Bib Necklace | 3. Peach Sweater | 4. Black Flare Denim | 5. Black & White Polo | 6. Silk Dress | 7. Black Ankle Boot | 8. Curved Yoke Top | 9. Brown Leather Booties | 10. Plaid Sweater | 11. Sleeveless Sweater | 12. Flare Denim | 13. Grey Cashmere Sweater | 14. Shirtdress | 15. Skirt | 16. Denim… Read More …

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Makeover Takeover

Brady Picks Some Lighting

Hey Folks, Brady here. This time on “#MakeoverTakeover Brady Edition” we are tackling my quest to find the perfect Living Room sconces. Working in the design industry I have heard it said time and time again that lighting is the jewelry of the room. We all know I love me some man jewelry … lest you have forgotten, head on back to the first post that Emily mentions me in, “He is tall, blonde, from Utah, full of skills, creativity, brawn, enthusiasm and very nice necklaces.” BUT, room jewelry is a whole different ball game.

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Welcome to LA!

Serena & Lily’s New Store

Whether it’s the striking wallpaper on the cover of the latest issue of Domino (featuring an equally striking Mindy Kaling), or various gems right here on the blog, you’re probably familiar with lifestyle brand Serena & Lily’s joyful home goods. Their website, and new West Hollywood location, is a happiness-inducing cornucopia of intoxicating patterns.

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And The Winners Are . . .

STYLED Instagram Contest Winners

There were over 800 entries for the #STYLEDthebook Instagram contest. I can’t thank you all enough for buying, styling, photographing, and posting/sharing those photos. I’m convinced that it’s because of you that the book has become a New York Times Bestseller (WHAT!). I’m not sure what to do with that information except open that bottle of Cristal that we’ve been saving for years (this weekend, is the plan).

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Store Tour

45Three Modern Vintage Home

45Three is one of those places you instantly feel at home in — and not just because it has major “your grandma’s attic” vibes. This store’s got soul…and also really cool stuff. Owner Staci Cain has a passion for people and their stories, which is heavily apparent in the eclectic vignettes arranged throughout her shop — many of which contain multiple items from the same estate. It’s also why every person who walks through the door seems like an old friend of Staci’s. Although it’s small, it’s still one of my favorite places in LA to get lost in.

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A Furniture Makeover

Lacquering A Dining Table

Transforming high quality vintage pieces from dated and ugly to modern and beautiful (like this table) is extremely satisfying. I’ve been doing this since I was 7 years old when I refinished my first desk by painting it a blush pink. I subsequently entered it into the county 4-H fair where I’m pretty sure I must have won the purple ribbon for cutest, most fashion forward desk ever.

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Makeover Takeover

Brady Picks a Gray Paint

Hey guys, Brady here! I’m back and this time it’s all about grey. The perfect grey for my living room that is. When I first moved into my space I knew that I wanted to do something dark, moody, masculine, and slightly modern. I also knew that I had loads of natural light, as you can see from the pic below. It is a 1920’s Spanish style with high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and lots of charm and original character, so I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to go dark.

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