Emily Henderson
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Drab to Fab

48 Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware Knobs & Pulls

“How do I refresh my kitchen without renovating?” is a question that we get asked every single day here at EHD, and it’s a very good one my friends. Renovating your kitchen is not budget friendly by any means, but there are a few things that you can do quickly and easily to give a facelift to that rather boring kitchen without breaking the bank. Not everyone has the budget for waterfall countertops, a custom backsplash, and brass barstools with legs to die for like this kitchen above, but by simply swapping your outdated hardware for some new pieces you can go from drab to fab in just a few hours. So we have round up some of our budget friendly favorites for you to get that kitchen in tip top shape before the in-laws come in town next weekend for Mothers Day.

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How We Transformed Our Studio Windows in One Hour

As much as I lack a sense of privacy, having completely exposed windows in our office wasn’t ideal. We do some top secret styling stuff here, so having Lookie loos peeping in and reporting back to the New York Times could really take down our business. As you may remember, we recently added some window film to our living room and bedroom windows at my house that helps protect against UV rays and helps keep rooms cooler when it is warmer. But for our studio we had a slightly different issue to address. We needed to add some privacy and a pop of color to our rather drab floor to ceiling windows.

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My 63 Favorite Temporary Wallpaper Patterns

We all know that I am no stranger to wallpaper. I love it, I use it and I constantly find myself trying to get every single one of my clients to use it in their homes. We even did a massive wallpaper roundup last year where I showed you some my favorite sources. But, wallpaper can be daunting to shop for, commit to and hang. Not to mention it may not be the right solution for everyone… cue renters, commitment phobes, and squatters.

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