Emily Henderson

DIY lamp

1 Lamp, 3 Different Ways

For the most recent Redbook DIY we were tasked with taking one simple lamp, and doing it up three different ways. We used Target’s Double Gourd Lamp in Shell because it is a super classic, simple shape, and a Threshold large white shade for all three of these lamp DIY’s. The rest of the supplies can be found… Read More …

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Marriage Equality

As we watch the news I often run to my computer to google ‘most progressive city’ or ‘safest country’ and even ‘private island to buy’ just in case there is somewhere else, somewhere we can ditch all this bad stuff and raise our kids safely, surrounded only by people who will only love, accept, support… Read More …

Plexi-glass, Disco Balls, Glitter, OH MY!

Ban.do Custom Pieces

We joked that everything in the Ban.do project was custom – that nothing was just simply purchased at a store or easily figured out (HA HA HILARIOUS JOKE, RIGHT JEN/GINNY). Because of that there is just too much good info that I refuse to take to my grave. So this post is all about a lot of those details or smaller projects that were missed in the other posts that I know at least 14 of you are interested in – the reupholstering of chairs, plexiglass projects, window gels, wallpaper, disco ball and nude murals of both Jen and I on the bathroom walls. (Click the title to get into the post – and yes, we are working on some functional issues on the blog back end right now. Stay tuned)

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Design Mistake #3

How to Hang Art Correctly

Art hung the wrong way on a wall is like a character in a movie wearing a really bad wig. It’s just kinda hard NOT to see it, and you wish so bad you could just rip it off, knowing that everything would be so much better without it. It doesn’t ruin your experience, but… Read More …

Orlando + Homepolish make over a bedroom

DesignMilk Makeover

Dear Emily, Every once in a while you get an assignment that terrifies and thrills you to your very core. It keeps you awake at night. Then, the moment you fall asleep you have a stress dream and wake up, PANTING. I had an experience like this recently while designing the master bedroom at Jaime… Read More …

Family Shelter Update

Crafting Party For The Shelter

Well folks we only have a week to go until we do our install at the shelter and since we were there last there has been a ton of deliveries from the companies and artists that have so generously donated. The past two Saturday’s there have been volunteers on site unpacking and putting furniture together… Read More …

The Evolution of My Extra Space

  As you know, the progress of my “extra room”, which is downstairs in my house, has gone through many transformations. When we bought the house, it was an extra room used completely for storage – with a weird inside room that was fully padded (because they were musicians, right??????). It was a catchall for… Read More …

Store Tour

Sunbeam Vintage

I’ve been shopping at Sunbeam vintage for years and during the HGTV show I bought A LOT of furniture there. It’s close to where we live and their inventory is huge and changes constantly. You can go all the time and never know what you’ll get – which is what makes these stores very addictive… Read More …

Ban.do Champagne Room

This room in the Ban.do studio started out as a dude name Todd’s office (the big boss that oversees a few different businesses). It was to be ‘rustic midcentury vintage surfer dude’ – kinda. But slowly Todd came to the office less and less, probably because we did this to the front of the studio…. Read More …