Trolling Craigslist… Toronto!

Shockingly good this week. I’ve never been to Toronto but we went to Montreal for our Honeymoon and liked it. You know, because all Canadian cities are the same. Lets troll.

trolling CL toronto

trolling CL toronto yellow lamp

1. $100 Mid Century Industrial Desk Lamp You should be $80 but I like your shape and style a lot.

2. $150 Thonet Style Rocking Chair If only you were gold, you pretty curvy lady.

3.  $170 Brass Side Table and Shelf That side table is ridiculous in its round simplicity. The shelf could be hideous in person but if styled right  it could be great: think big pretty books, awesome pottery, graphic simple shapes in a larger space … oh and a bar, duh.

trolling CL toronto sets of chairs

4. $300 Pair of Whicker Shell Chairs Yes. And while this sounds expensive it’s actually a pretty good price for these two chairs. They can go inside, on a porch anchoring a corner and just being generally a really playful shape.

5. $80 Pair of Vintage Iron Chairs How dare you, you say? I see potential in these cheap little bastards. Naturally I want the black to be white, (‘sup spray paint) but keep that weird mint. They are 80’s certainly, but pair with a really simple white tulip style table (the Ikea a or CB2 versions aren’t very expensive. I wish they were $40 for the pair and not $80 because I bet these bad boys look like garbage in person. But I’ve been marathoning The Carrie Diaries (RIP) and so the 80’s are definitely speaking to me lately.

trolling CL toronto lighting

6. $95 Vintage Mushroom Lamp Yes. You can use it anywhere that you need a more modern element to make you look/feel/seem cool. Go mod or go home. Why oh, why would i ever write that sentence? 

7. $150 Mid Century Teak Chair GREAT. I’m not sure if it needs to be recovered but either way its a great chair for a good price.

8. $300 Vintage Brass Chandelier That sucker looks BIG. Just put some huge white (or clear) round bulbs on it and call it a night. Huge chandeliers are really expensive and there are a lot of big houses out there that need big chandeliers, so if you are one of those people, and you live in Toronto, then get online.

trolling CL toronto brass lamps

9.  $30 Bamboo Table Set Steal of the day. I bought this set for the Airbnb event in Austin and then had it sent back because it is so good. I ditched the table and use the chairs as just extra seating on my patio. I love them very much.

10. $200 Brass Floor & Table Lamp Yes, totally. Not sure why one of them has a harp, but I’m interested regardless.

11.  $50 Set of 4 Brass Parsons Chairs DUUUUUUUHHHH. Ah man. These are an insane deal. If I had a reason for needing them right now I would buy them and have them shipped. But I don’t and I’m working on not hoarding things from other countries.

trolling CL toronto folding chairs and lamp

12. $65 Pair of Vintage Folding Chairs I have four of these in mint that I bought 4 years ago at the flea market and showed you how I used them in my foyer in our old foyer HERE.  They are just so cute. I’m assuming they were something really common a long time ago that were used for events, but if anyone knows anything about them please tell me.

13. $125 Vintage Chrome Table Lamp Too expensive but I love it. Again, brass that thing and it would be just so much happier (p.s. brass plating is expensive  – I’ve been looking around and will write a post once I find a way to do it in an affordable way).

14. $40 Vintage Rolling Desk Chair If this were in LA I would buy it RIGHT NOW for Jen’s chair in the project (which we are 80% done with and its KINDA awesome). Trying to figure out how to pay for it and ship it from Toronto sounds so annoying, but the shape is wonderful and once recovered (in a custom fabric) it would be marvelous. Shoot, I think I’m talking myself into it right now.

15. $80 Vintage Apothecary Cabinet This one you’ll need to see in person because it could be garbage, just garbage in person. But it could possibly be a good little industrial sideboard in your house that everyone talks about. Hell, you could even put it on some pin legs.

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My Guest Room Makeover

Alright. This is a dooooooooziiie of a design post, including ‘before’ shots, the process, an EPIC FAIL, the remedy, the ‘after’ photos, resources, ‘get the looks’ and a VIDEO. Tell your boss that you ate bad salmon and that you and that you need to go to the hospital for an emergency surgery, possibly even a C section or kidney removal. Something that could take hours. Then go home, grab a cup of coffee, diet coke or wine (I like to give you options) and settle in to read the epic guest room make-over post.

Here goes: The guest room is FINISHED thanks to a partnership with DutchBoy paint. Dunzo. Like President Obama and Michelle could randomly show up at my door for the weekend and all we’d have to do is add some flowers. I mean, for them of course we’d have to get REALLY beautiful flowers, probably open garden roses flown in from Holland, watered by the tears of angels, but other than that, this room is good to go. Finally.

But before I show you the ‘after’ you must suffer through the process. Because I had to (and because the process is what this blog is all about).

We moved into this house 9 months ago and started fixing up this bad boy. BEFORE we moved in the room looked like this and I blogged about its needs HERE:


To recap: disgusting pee carpet, gross painted ceiling, lovely ‘vintage’ ceiling fan, etc. Oh and you can’t tell but there is an insane texture on the walls – as if it was a gothic cathedral in Prague in the 1700’s. Like serious texture.



So we skim-coated, painted the walls, put down new beautiful hard-wood flooring and it started looking way better.


TA DA!!!!! Isn’t it beautiful, you guys? It only took 9 months, 2 design assistants and 3K to do that.

Kidding. This is what it looked like after we moved in and unpacked and it clearly wasn’t designed or even thought about. It was good enough for the parents to come and sleep in for the holidays but needed some serious considering.



We lived with it like that for about 6 months while we worked on the rest of the house.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether I like that brick wall thing ever since we bought it. But dry-walling it sounded annoying and expensive, so I wanted to try to work with it and it seemed like a good opportunity to use the grid of bricks in an interesting way.  So one night, 3 nights before the Domino shoot I decided to grab some beer, put on Season 3 of the OC, grab 18 different colors of paint and see what the beer tells me to do, because that’s how real designers design.

In my defense I will say that this idea was endorsed by Ginny, Brady and Scott and we all picked out the colors together. It was kinda thought out, but we all had our doubts.

all paints_evening

What I did to that wall was a G.D. masterpiece. I’ve since decided to quit styling and dedicate myself to my true passion – tipsy public performance painting. How do I create such beauty, you ask? Well, how did Mozart compose such melody, or how does Sara Silverman think of a joke?

You can’t explain it, the genius is the true miracle.

Also I did have some inspiration pics/references to work off of, these weird 80’s color blocked buildings, but sadly the wall never really came to resemble them at all.

color inspiration

I started with just a few colors and kept them looking more ‘water-color-y’ without hard edges (especially since there aren’t any hard edges – the bricks were rough). Then I was all, MORE, I NEED MORE NOW AND COLOR MORE COLOR FAST HURRY I’M SOBERING UP!!!

wall paint treatment steps

But then that looked like a drunk monkey took over painting the wall with those crazy pops of color. So I decided to have it be more tonal and just do these kinda weird pastels together (the last photo). And then it looked like Easter threw up on my wall. It was terrible and incredible all at once. I hated it in an aggressive sort of way where it actually made me angry. It’s probably because the rest of the house is open and white/bright so all of a sudden when you caught this through the doorway your eyes were bombarded with these annoying colors, challenging your controlled temper, making you want to do violent things to helpless animals. It was that bad.

Click through to see the afters …


I’m off …


Well, folks, I’m up in Sacramento on a much-needed staycation at Brian’s parents house. We had a wedding here on saturday (which I actually didn’t make because I was finishing the shoot, but Brian and Charlie did) and then his dad’s birthday bash next saturday so we decided to just stay here for the week because it’s just so relaxing. Big old sofas, fridge full of food, grandparents dying to entertain young child, etc. We thought about going somewhere (Tahoe, Napa, etc) but the idea of just chilling and having a built-in babysitter here for date nights actually sounded less stressful than trying to coordinate housing, a sitter, etc. We might change our mind, but as you can tell from my face up there, I’m so exhausted that watching TV, reading magazines, going on dates with Brian, making dinners with his parents, vintage shopping with his mom and playing/cuddling with that kid actually sounds perfect.

I have a few planned post that are prepped but not written but I may decide to just, well, not. This brain isn’t going to relax itself and I don’t want to risk an actual burn-out. So right now on my calendar I have ‘Parenthood season premiere’ on Thursday night and ‘Brian’s dads birthday’ on Saturday night and that’s it. I’m very busy.

But knowing me I’ll wake up tomorrow, feeling all fresh and be like, ‘maybe just a quick post ….’. Either way it will be a very chill week.


Videos, vintage, babies, Target and general nuttyness

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I’m in the middle of shooting a bunch of videos for Target. Not little ‘one camera, 2 hour, maybe there will be a siren in the background’ kinda vidoes. Nay. These things are planned, supported and executed with an intense level of creativity and professionalism. Like a 70 person crew and working with one of the most best creative agencies in the country, Partners and Spade. Its awesome.


I mean, look how much fun I’m having. My friend Bri stopped by to do a post for her blog and we just laughed and laughed. I think she just got done telling me the one about the blogger, her ballet flats and the huge round balloon. It was hilarious.


Then that baby, Charlie, came to visit during lunch/touchups and he was terrified/entranced by what Danielle was doing to my face (she does miracles on my face every day, by the way). He stayed and watched the videos a bit (during non-talky times so he couldn’t disrupt the sound) and it was insanely fun to see his face amongst the SEVENTY crew members watching me. He was sitting far away but still had a massive smile on his face every time I caught his eye. Perhaps he is also really into the upcoming Target pieces for Fall and Holiday. Either that or he also heard the one about the blogger and the big round balloon. Trust me … its hilarious.

I’ll explain more later, but there were four sets like the living room below, full of different furniture (mostly vintage) and lots of accessories (mostly Target). They were designed BEAUTIFULLY by production designer Meghan Duran and styled by Scott and of course my life-lines, Ginny and Brady (and yes, I helped, too).


And by the way there is a MASSIVE room of vintage pieces (in addition to the massive room of Target Product that I didn’t take a photo of today) that is very exciting to be in. Its hard to really see what is there but trust me that there are a lot of amazing things to help compliment the Target product i’m styling with. Scott Horne (one of my very best friends in the world) was hired to style the shoot and is responsible for all the vintage pieces here. He’s wonderful and I want everything in this room.


Yes, there are christmas trees because we do holiday very early in the commercial world. Also Charlie saw the holiday set and freaked out and now I CAN’T WAIT til Christmas.

All in all its been a totally wonderful week. Every single person on set is awesome, so helpful, has a good attitude and most importantly cares about making these videos good. I seriously don’t have ONE thing to complain about. Its just awesome. Sure, I miss Charlie, what with my 7:30am – 8pm days (by choice, they wrap me at 6:30 but I like to stay to prep for the following morning). But next week Brian, Charlie and I are on vacation all week so I know i’ll make it up to him then. I’ll be in his face so much all week that he’ll be like, ‘hey lady, maybe give me some space, eh?’ because apparently he is a 1950’s mafioso from Brooklyn.

Anyway. So, thats why i’ve been a bit absent. More details and behind the scenes next week, but I just wanted to check in real quick and say ‘hi’ and ‘tgif’. Stay tuned for these videos. Unless I somehow royally mess them up, I think they might be pretty good thanks go all the people involved. xx

Trolling Craigslist… Norfolk, VA!

Norfolk, Virginia. I don’t know you, but I like you. Lets troll.

Trolling Cl norfolk \

trolling cl norfolk set of chairs

1. Vintage Brass and Cork Table Lamp $200 You, sir, are overpriced, indeed. But you are kinda wonderful. Offer $120 and you’ve got yourself an awesome lamp. Or if you have some dough, buy that lamp fo r $200. It would be worth it if it were in a store, but I take issue with that price on CL.

2. Danish Modern Wooden Lounge Chair $200 Its classic and simple, but it ain’t cheap. Again, offer $120 and up to $180 for that bad boy. I love it, but its pretty undramatic to warrant a $200 price tag.

3. Set of Vintage Dining Chairs $100 So pretty and simple. These could go with an old farm table or with a Saarinen white tulip table. They have integrity and detail without being too busy. My inner country mouse loves these chairs.

trolling cl norfolk 80s sofa leather chair

4. Vintage Leather Chair $395 Beautiful. Wonderful. Way more expensive than all other side chairs sold in stores, but way better than them. So pretty and generally awesome.

5.  Mid Century Chair $100/e These are intensely good. That’s a lot of architecture in a $100 dollar chair.

6. 1970’s Sofa $300  Oh, I’m sorry. WHAT THE EFF IS THIS??? I’m dying to figure out how it could be awesome. As a massive proponent of comfort I’m trying to figure out how I can make this stylish. I may not be able to, but man, I’m intrigued.

trolling cl norfolk bamboo headboards

7. Mid Century Accent Chair $125 Oh you want a fun, interesting desk chair? Congrats. You just got one. Start writing that novel, because that red desk chair is pretty fun.

8. Retro Patio Set $180 Vintage patio sets are hard to find/buy/love. I really like this one. You are cute. Not blowing my mind, but cute.

9. Bamboo Twin Size Headboards $20/e Makes me want to have twins. And if you think I’m kidding I’m not. Off the subject (and record); I kinda want twins.

trolling cl norfolk patio set

10. Vintage Magazine Rack $10 You are pretty ‘dorm room’, but also pretty simple and retro. I’m kinda into you but not really that into you.

11. Vintage Deco Dresser $75 So pretty and classic. I’ll put my underwear in you. And by underwear I mean lingerie as that’s all I really have in my underwear drawer. #ha #really

12. Pair of Danish Modern Chairs $380 These are actually crazy beautiful. The woven seat mixed with the beautiful curved arm. Ridiculous. I love them.

13. Vintage Patio Set $75 It’s a fun outdoor cutesy set. Nothing that will be in a magazine but good small-scale for smaller sitting areas.


trolling cl norfolk sets of chairs


14. Pair of Mid Century Chairs $50 Nice lines, lady. Paint those bad boys, and redo the seats and you have two chairs that can nicely flank a credenza or become king chairs in a dining room. They are crazy cheap.

15. Set of Breuer Style Chairs $200 I feel like I see these on CL on the time now, but these guys are still good and classic. Put them around a white tulip table and call it a day. Easy, peasy, friends

Where to next?