Lo and Sons – Whats in my bag?

I have ‘same place disorder’. Its up there with ‘inability to stop watching Bravo syndrome’ and ‘Instagram thumb’. Its nothing to be worried about and yet it actually causes me a lot of stress.  It’s a condition where you are unable to put something back in the same place. I have to consciously stop my hand, daily, from putting my credit card in my back pocket instead of its designated slot in my wallet after a purchase. When it comes to organization I’ll tell you this much – its VERY hard to be me. I’m about as organized in my personal life as Charlie is tan – not very at all. And yet it actually drives me nuts and I get so frustrated with myself constantly and it becomes a huge source of stress in my life.

Whats in my bag?

It’s in all aspects of my home life – my closet, my bills, my files and yes, my bag. I received this OMG (Overnight Medium Bag) from Lo and Sons 6 months ago and have been using it a ton (especially when traveling) because it’s so lightweight and it has pretty supreme packing and organizational abilities. Its been helping me combat my ‘same place disorder’, and it’s getting better. When I have a bag with just one big pouch, it could take me 15 minutes to find my keys – 15 minutes where I’m cursing myself, desperate to be someone else for just a day to see how the other half-lives.

I thought I’d show you what  I put in my bag (and how) because we are all secret voyeurs and all I want is in your bag. Oh and just to be clear, this is me on a good day – showing you my balled up napkins, wads of business cards that i’ll lose and 9,000 bobbie pins just doesn’t seem necessary. You guys get it. And just posting photos seemed boring so here’s a fun little gif/movie that really shows it in action.

It’s a lot of stuff that can turn into a total snow show inside my one big pouch purse, but if I’m good about combatting my ‘same place disorder’ then it makes my life easier.

Whats in my Bag Lo and Sons Emily

Here are all the features that I love about it:

lo and sons favorite features

But here is the real clincher – It slides onto your roller suitcase (and yes, this is the black one, which Ginny has so I could show you both). Since I travel a lot and now have been traveling with a kid you have no idea how much easier this makes it to get around. My purse or small carry-on doesn’t flip over or fall or I don’t have to hold onto two handles. I simply slide it on, and then grin with total satisfaction as it stays upright on its own.

lo and sons_suitcase feature

See? Look how satisfied I look. VERY. Oh and that’s the entrance of my home, which I know y’all haven’t seen them much of. I’m not 100% done with it – I want to change the lucite table to be something more solid, but its the perfect size/scale right now so I’m just waiting til that perfect piece pops up.

lo and sons emily door

lo and sons bags by door

There you have it – the Lo and Sons bag, OG and OMG bags. Right now they are 20% off, y’all. They aren’t cheap, but they are crazy practical because they are so lightweight, have lined pockets (that are coated so yes, it can be a dipaer bag, too), a shoe insert (for your disgusting gym shoes or your back up flip flops, and the sliding on the roller bag thing is a winner.

Now who’s got tips for healing my instagram thumb?

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The Full Living Room Tour

Our living room has been made over, all ‘Hollywood Style’. Well, less like Renee Zellwegger, more like Kim Kardashian –  total improvement in every way, but still recognizable. We didn’t reconfigure the house, no major walls were knocked out, but everything got a ‘face lift’. Lets take a little trip down memory lane before we jump into the ‘after’ shots of our living room, shall we?

When we bought the house (one year ago) it looked like this:

emily henderson house

Lots changed immediately before we moved in: the carpet was ripped up, the false low ceiling was demo’d out,  the rounded stairs were demo’d and the tint on the windows was removed.

emily henderson house

Just lifting up the ceiling made it look and feel soo much better. The walls were skim coated (they had an insane texture) and painted white, the ceiling was painted white, the iron-work was painted white, the new stairs were built, the fireplace bench was painted white. My 8 moth belly was painted white. We painted a lot of things white, apparently. And its wonderful.

December 2nd of last year (2014) we moved in and it was magical. As you can see (below) I was 38 weeks pregnant and it really just represented such a new fresh life for us. I didn’t care that the kitchen, bathrooms and exterior were in their 1960’s state – that living room with that light and the fresh new walls and floors made everything feel so fresh and full of possibility.

emily henderson house

Even looking these photos makes me tear up. So much has happened in a year, and I’m not just talking about the living room. I remember crawling into bed that night with such an intense excitement – the fact that we were 34 and finally buying our first house, that we were about to have our first baby, that I had purged and sold everything I didn’t want or need so I was stylistically starting fresh. I don’t want to go back because it means that I wouldn’t have that baby, but I’m so nostalgic for when we first moved in. So much possibility, so many projects and it was before I really knew how much it was going to cost or the fact that we had mold, virtually all the sliding doors need to be replaced, that we need to replace the central air, fix the fireplace, and all the other boring/stressful stuff of home ownership. We are making dents in all of them, but the not knowing about them beforehand was just wonderful.

We slowly made progress – I bought a temporary indoor/outdoor rug, we arranged all the furniture, (well, I arranged and re-arranged and re-arranged every day), and while I couldn’t commit to hanging art, I loved just having it all lean for a while. I kinda love that shot on the lower left (above) and we should reshoot  that angle now – it’s just so nice to see the whole room. Meanwhile yes, I miss my sofa. An avid reader purchased it and I needed the dough because I was spending an insane amount before we shot it, and I had already bought a new sofa, so turning down the offer of $3k was too hard. I know she reads this, so dear sofa purchaser, you are so lucky. And yes, I kinda regret selling it now.

Four months ago we shot the house for Domino Magazine (as surely you must know by now). One of my best friends, Scott, teased me for months about how it was if  ‘The Domino Shoot‘ was a major milestone in my life – like birth, high school graduation, college graduation, marriage, birth of first child, The Domino shoot, retirement, death, etc….  I talked about it SOOOO much. It was this looming deadline and it forced me to do some things I wouldn’t have otherwise (in a good way) and to do somethings fast that might have needed more thinking, too.

So here’s how the living room looked, four months ago, featured in the September issue of Domino:


Here’s the deal – a house only gets one feature in a print magazine. And especially for me, who has been documenting/hyping it up on the blog for months I knew that I couldn’t just sit back and have it be mediocre or even just pretty. So we worked hard, we spent money, we splurged, we BOUGHT A 14′ TREE, and we were still painting walls and hanging art the night before.

For this spread we were ‘airing on the side of elegance’ so it was a little more pulled back than I usually am. And that’s cool. In this photo you don’t really understand the impact of that Nek Buddha tree (one of the splurges) and you don’t see the view, but you get the idea – a mid-century Scandinavian inspired space that feels happy and yet quiet – or at least that’s how I see it.

When we shot this Charlie wasn’t crawling yet, so it didn’t need to be quite so family friendly, but as he has become more mobile I realized that I needed to shift some furniture. The coffee table was fine (and don’t worry, I’ve kept it) but Charlie kept almost crashing into the corner which was ruining my morning quiet coffee/play time. So we stored that and instead I stole this large pouf from Joy’s house.

So here is where we are now, as of 3 weeks ago:

Emily Henderson Living Room Blue Pink Mid Century Modern Tree

And I think it looks sooooo much more like us and more inviting. Of course now I look at this photo and I’m like WHY THE HECK DID WE NOT JUST PULL BACK THE SOFA 7 INCHES!!!!  It looks crowded in the room. But at least you can see the leather strapping on the back of the sofa which is ridiculous. Yes, those are leather arms, too. Check out this post for the full sofa post.

How do we actually use the room? Well certainly not with a tray with flowers on that pouf. I didn’t go out of my way to actually style these photos – instead I cleaned the house and arranged things as if my friends we coming over and then asked Tessa to photograph it like that. The toy trunk is in the corner, Charlie’s piano is out. It’s definitely more pulled together than it is on a daily basis but no, we don’t really have things on surfaces.

Emily Henderson LIving Room Playing Charlie

This is where we hang out and play every morning. Charlie has a toy trunk near the window that has enough toys to keep him occupied for our play sessions. Sure, it’s not normally this clean (and normally there are a few plastic standing toys/walkers), but photographing the mess seemed a little too try-hard in a way.

I love the Wegner style saddle chairs in the Domino shots, and I’ve kept them, but I missed the comfort of these safari chairs. I thought that they would be too matchy with the strapping on the sofa, but they aren’t. And they are just so unbelievable comfortable and so kid-friendly. The second they came back the room became wildly more comfortable.

Emily Henderson Living Room Charlie Emily

I love the shot below so much because it gives you a sense of how the house works so much.


That is the entrance on the left and the stairs on the second level go up to the bedrooms. Also please  note our extremely child friendly stairs going down into the living room. The stairs used to be rounded and carpeted and they took up WAYYY too much real estate in the room. So we replaced them with modern stairs and it was fine before Charlie started crawling and now, clearly, it’s a problem. Just yesterday Brian called again about getting a quote to add a banister (which visually I don’t want to do, obviously). Meanwhile we are adding a baby gate at the bottom. Man baby proofing is a massive bummer.

Sofa: Vintage from Amsterdam Modern| Blue Blanket: Vintage | Floral Pillow: Vintage | Pink Pillow: Ikea | Blue Velvet Bench: Target | Teal Tray: Target| Side Table: Vintage | Tree: Nek Buddah from Tropics Inc. | Entry Chandelier: Park Studio Collective LA

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Leather Blue String Art

We moved the collection of pottery on the hearth for obvious reasons – old ‘wrecking ball Charlie Henderson’ would break them all, but also I wanted to add more pillows – again, I just wanted more warmth and more layers. Shocking, I know. That credenza above needs to be replaced because it is bowing REALLY bad (read this post about that).

Rug: Loloi Byron | Blue Velvet Bench: Target | White Pouf: Lulu and Georgia | Teal Tray: Target | Safari Chair: Vintage | String Art: Nike Schroeder | Dining Room Chairs: MidCentury LA | Dining Room Chandelier: Park Studio Collective LA

See, you can see it bowing here pretty bad.

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Nike Schroeder String Art Bench

Lets talk bench cushions. Scott had this old piece of vintage indigo that he had been hoarding and I had a much large piece of vintage indigo that I got in Laos years ago that I had been hoarding, so while they didn’t match, I didn’t care because they are both beautiful. I took them to my upholsterer, gave him the dimensions and he sewed us up these little cushions. Definitely something you could do yourself, but we were out of time. I think they were $120 total to sew.

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Bench Windows

For this shot we moved the toy trunk because it, well, ruined the shot. Not because its ugly but because you couldn’t tell what it was, and it confused your eye and I hate it when my eye gets all confused. Most morning I’m sitting up there or leaning against the bench, playing with little guy. Adding more pillows actually made a HUGE difference in the space. It doesn’t feel busier, it just feels more inviting.

The blimp painting has a lot of sentimental feelings for me. So much so that I wrote a whole post about how/where/how much I purchased it for and the whole framing process. Check it out HERE. 

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Leather Bench Seat Pillows

Art: Vintage, framed by Curve Line Space | Cream Pillow: Target | Cream and Gold Metallic Chevron Pillow: Target |Pink Pillow: Vintage | Grey Pillow: West Elm| Floral Pillow: Vintage | Pink Pillow: Ikea | Blue Triangle Blanket: Happy Habitat | Brass Floor Lamp: Vintage

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Blue Relaxed Bench

Cream Pillow: Target | Floral Pillow: Vintage | Geometric Blue Pillow: Steven Allen for West Elm (no longer available) 

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Leather Blue

Art: Vintage, framed by Curve Line Space | Cream Pillow: Target | Cream and Gold Metallic Chevron Pillow: Target |Pink Pillow: Vintage | Grey Pillow: West Elm| Floral Pillow: Vintage | Pink Pillow: Ikea | Blue Triangle Blanket: Happy Habitat | Rug: Loloi Byron 

Emily Henderson Mid Century Modern Blue White


Emily Henderson Living Room Poof Couch Tree

Here’s what we do when we set up a shot – we find the angle we like then we make sure that every thing looks good – this takes sometimes an hour to tweak. Every time you tweak you take a new picture (because its hooked up to a laptop and you can see it better on the bigger screen). So we took some of the photos/progress and turned it into a gif for you:

Emily Living Room GIF

You might notice yes, some people i it, a bunch of stuff in the dining room, a black box (I think it’s the doorbell box) up on the wall on the second floor, and then yes, we brightened it in post. The magic of shooting and styling a space, right?

This one, below, was more about tweaking everything:

Emily Henderson GIF Living Room Sofa

We started with the blue pillows on the sofa and the empty tray on the coffee table and gradually tweaked and tweaked until the pink floral pillow was on the sofa and the pink flowers on the pouf.

This one shows you how we started, how we style it when guests are over, fully styled out and then how we have it every day (in other words with nothing on any surfaces):

Emily Henderson GIF Living Room

So that’s our living room all madeover. As of right now I want to change a few things (the white bowing piece needs to be replaced) and I’m still grappling with the fireplace surround (which is another post coming up), but I pretty much love being in it. Its feels good in there and while I’m sure I’ll change it, the morning play/coffee time with Charlie and the sunset occasional happy hour is pretty wonderful.

For related posts check out the story behind the string art piece, the blimp art piece, the sofa (and its white stain-resistant fabric), and the design of the bookcase. 

We put together a ‘get the look’ board, but a lot of the pieces are vintage so we did our best to find replicas:

get the look living room


1. Brass Chandelier: Park Studio Collective LA | 2. Blue Triangle Blanket: Happy Habitat| 3. Wood Hand Chair | 4. Blue Velvet Bench: Target  |  5. Woven Textile Art: Jane Denton | 6. Glass Agate Tray: Target | 7: Safari Chair: Anthropologie | 8. Wire Table: Target | 9.  Pink Pillow: Ikea | 10: Blue and Purple Wool Blanket | 11. Blue and Green Floral Pillow: Etsy | 12. Hand Sculpture | 13.  White Pouf: Lulu and Georgia | 14. Byron Rug: Loloi | 15. Gold Foil Pillow: Target  | 16. Copper Barware: Target

Photos (except the Domino magazine shoot which was by Brittany Ambridge) by Tessa Neustadt. Thank you Tessa!

Just joining and curious about the other rooms? Check out the family room, kitchen, nursery (final not posted yet), the built-in bookcase, our guest room, our master bedroom (new update coming soon), the deck, and the unfinished bathrooms. 

EMILY SHOPS: the fabric district

I’ve lived in LA for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. At first I hated it – as in I stopped bothering to put on mascara because I would cry it off immediately. It took me two years to like it, and 3 years to NOT want to leave it. That might sound like a lot of time but LA is a tricky place full of tricky people and weird neighborhoods. It never feels like a traditional city and even more rarely feels like a community – at first.

As a stylist it was EXTREMELY hard to maneuver because unlike New York it’s spread out over 30 miles, and a lot of it is kinda unsightly. Most people aren’t heading deep into the valley for the best welder or going to Pomona for reclaimed wood.

But we stylists do. So I figured it was time to document this stuff and bring you along for the ride.

First stop? The Fabric District in DTLA (Downtown LA). Thanks to our friends at NatureBox (healthy snack delivery) for sponsoring this excursion. We love snacks while we are shopping (see this post about the flea market), especially in DTLA where the street food isn’t exactly GMO-free.

Emily Shops the Fabric District

I started shopping the fashion district for jobs probably a year after living here and now, after 7 years, I don’t get lost that often. It’s the area around 7th -9th Street and Wall – Maple that is the heart of the fabric district.

It’s an insane neighborhood near fancy/hipster restaurants like Bottega Louie and the Ace Hotel, but also near skid row which is a not so happy place full of hundreds (if not thousands) of displaced homeless. It makes for a really interesting, dynamic, strange, sad, exciting and intimidating shopping destination to say the least. So let me help you with the fabric part of it at least.

One of my favorite go-to upholstery fabric stores is Home Fabrics. When I only have 1 hour downtown I DEFINITELY only go here. It has the best selection of velvets, linens and a lot of other less cool fabrics that I skip (but that are probably popular), and its sheer volume, selection and price makes it worth it. And yes, it’s for everyone (not just wholesale).



downtown-la-fabric district

emily michael lavines fabric district

Those velvets, below, are sooo beautiful. We used a lot of them in The Fig House and the Ban.do projects. Some are as cheap as $17.95/yd and some are more like $35.95. There is no minimum yardage and to swatch (get a sample) you simple ask one of their dudes. Don’t even think about bringing your own scissors.


Meanwhile check out this pretty floral fabric ALSO WHAT IS FREAKY BRADY DOING TO THE FABRIC IN THE CORNER? Hands (and all body parts) off the goods, sir. Weirdo. Although in a way I look way more like the weirdo because I’m all posing casually for the camera not knowing that there is a freak show behind me. I think he was just trying to get out of the shot but instead he photo bombed hard.

fabric district_tassles

Besides fabric they have lots of upholstery trimmings; tassels and fringe and tie-backs galore. A lot of these are super decorator-y, but if you comb through enough you can find some chic ones made from cotton and way more paired back, less Marie Antoinette and more Laurel Canyon. Although sometimes those crazy ornate ones can be totally awesome.


That’s the crew. Doing the team posing thing (Brady, Ginny and me).

emily brady ginny home fabrics fabric district

Who is that dutch boy in the middle of that silly stacked head photo???

They also have a section of $1.99/yard ‘no cut’ (meaning you have to buy all the have). I have found some decent stuff in here and if you are having a party or event this is a really good alternative for tablecloths or runners.


If you don’t want to shop through all the fabrics or of you are looking for additional ones they have books and books of fabrics upstairs that you can peruse and then either have someone go get for you or order it if they don’t have it in stock. You can purchase these books for $25 each (which is what we do for our favorites).


Shopping for fabric can be exhausting and make you very hungry so this seems like a good time to snack on, you betcha, NatureBox.

This is like the mid-podcast sponsor shout out and it’s important. So thank you, NatureBox. I love your snacks and your support.


I go for the more ‘nuts and fruit’ based snacks. Brady would eat sugar for 9 meals a day if we let him. When he first started working with us I asked him to go grab a bunch of ‘healthy snacks’ from Trader Joes. I was picturing dried fruit, nuts, maybe some hummus and chips, fuji apples, etc. He came back with low-fat cookies and chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. He actually thought those were healthy snacks. It was VERY hilarious and once we stopped laughing I fired him.

But we don’t have to worry about it any more because we have NatureBox a-plenty in the office now. One of the best things about it is that its abides by a strict policy of  ‘No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Partially Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors’. I don’t have to think about it – it does the healthy part on its own. And there are a ton of different snacks (over 100) to choose from and you can change it every month.

emily naturebox snacks fabric district

We ate the Toffee Almond GranolaPumpkin Spice Nom NomsMexicana Mango Fuji ApplesMango Almond BitesCitrus Kick Almonds.

Also Ginny has such pretty hands. I constantly look at them with such envy. I want to cut them off and sew them onto my wrists so I, too, can have long luxurious un-bruised, un-pale fingers instead of my sausage fingers.


So we headed out to 9th street, between Maple and Wall street where there is fabric store after fabric store. A lot of them are selling the same stuff but some of them are surprisingly good. Maybe not for upholstery but for pillows, curtains and definitely costumes and parties. So much sequins, organza, fur, etc. A lot of it soo tacky, but a lot of it could be rad.

You can’t predict what is inside so if you have the time just go down there and pop into as many as you can handle.

Here are some random tips/info for you to know:

1. You can negotiate at the smaller stores. Sometimes I feel like they are making up pricing on their whim. Michael Levine and Home are not negotiable (well, sometimes they might give you 10% off if you buy A LOT) but the other small stores are.

2. You can buy 1/4 yard if you want a larger sample (some places only do 1/2 a yard). Sometimes the smaller samples are so small.

3. Park in a lot – not on the street. You’ll look forever for street parking and then you’ll get a ticket if you are one minute over.

fabric district_grid outside

I mean, $1.99 for crazy colored lace yardage has got to be good for something. Its more event or art installation-y but so fun.


Also if you are in the market for foam, there is foam. Just sitting there on the street. Get yer foam, y’all. Also you want to know what is expensive? Foam. And styrafoam. you know why? Because they have petroleum in it so when the gas prices go up, guess what else goes up? The cost of foam. Mind blown. That is why if you think your foam is good in your chair you should have your upholsterer keep it instead of getting new foam – it adds a lot. However if you are buying it used from someone you don’t know, then get yourself some new foam… trust me.

brady and emily fabric district

Next up is Michael Levine. Now I’ve been shopping at Michael Levine for a long time. It has two stores – one for apparel and one for upholstery/drapery. I go into both. The upholstery/drapery never has super fresh new hip patterns, but they have good simple velvets, linens and sheer fabrics, and its way easier to navigate, much less crowded and better customer service.

emily brady ginny michael levines fabric district outside

I’ve actually scored a lot of fabric in their ‘Designers heaven’ row that is $6/yard. You can’t get a ton of yardage but if you need under 5 yards you can probably get that there.

emily brady ginny michael levines fabric district designer fabric



The apparel side has a TON of pretty awesome fun trendy patterns that can be used for simple pillows or sewn into napkins, table runners, etc. OR if you are crazy like I am you can buy 1/2 yard and photo copy for cute unique wrapping paper.

The service here is mediocre on a good day. Every now and again I’ll get a nice employee to swatch fabrics for me, but it’s always a circus in there. It seems like there are 45 employees at all times, but it’s like winning the lottery to get someone’s attention long enough to BUY LOTS OF FABRIC. I’ve never understood businesses that make it difficult to spend money. I hope they read this and change. They need some serious customer service improvements. There. Sorry, it’s just that bad.

emily brady ginny michael levines fabric district

There is also a Michael Levine annex that is upstairs on the upholstery side of the street. It has crazy cheap yardage of not soo good fabric but I’ve found some decent stuff in there for events.

Also there is a strange amount of tutus downtown. Fun for the whole family – if you family is into that sort of thing.



Also miniature hats. I found this little guy and immediately had to have it for Charlie, and it quickly became the inspiration for his first birthday party in a few weeks. (Geez, I’ve GOT to get on that).

emily fabric district hat

So that’s the fabric district. It’s a very wonderful and weird neighborhood full of fabric, people (tons of people) parking lot flaggers, fringe, tassels and foam. Lots of foam.



downtown la fashion district map

Alrighty folks, a big thanks goes out to NatureBox,  a company we support, whose sponsorship allowed us to bring this original content from our lives to your computer screens. For those of you that do not know about NatureBox – stop living in the pre-interstellar age (if you have yet to see the movie you will not get my reference) and GET with it. They are a subscription service that offers the ability to discover and enjoy healthy snacks on a monthly basis, delivered directly to your doorstep. They come in resealable packages that have a generous portion size in them (i.e. one bag is just enough for Ginny and I to share, or just the right size for Brady to inhale in a matter of moments).

The lovely folks at NatureBox were kind enough to send some FREE snacks through to my readers, so click HERE to head over to their website and get started. Free trial is available for new and US subscribers only. Not valid on gift subscriptions and may not be combined with any other offers.

In addition to free snacks… I feel like Oprah right now (you get a snack, and you get a snack, and you get a snack) 2 lucky readers will each win a free 6-month subscription to NatureBox. All you have to do is click HERE and then comment below on which of their snacks you would be your favorite. Make sure to leave your email address when you comment so that I can get in touch with you once we pick the lucky winners. (Open to US readers only. Must have a US shipping address and the contest open for a week – so the more you comment the more likely your chance to win is)

Obviously a video of us shopping never hurt, so for your viewing pleasure here is Brady, Ginny and I in action.

Also one time – I did this (below) probably to be funny but decidedly just kinda weird.  2.50/yard. ‘no cut’.


* I climbed in and laid horizontally on the fabric rolls. Apparently to be ‘wacky’.  Also I’m terrified of myself if I still have this blog when I’m 68. You guys are going to get some real gems of insanity that you haven’t even seen glimmers of yet.

*All photos by the lovely Jayme Burrows for EHD. Video by Scrunch Media.

*This post was in partnership with NatureBox. Thank you for supporting the posts and brands that make this original content happen.

Tucson vintage finds

We spent the weekend in Tucson and I might have spent some time shopping. Brian and his brother and uncle were at the UofA/Washington game and then golfing so I took a little Emily/Charlie time to peruse the local goods. There is honestly nothing that makes me happier than the possibilities of a whole new city of thrifting and antiquing. The excitement is palpable.

First stop: Toms Furniture Finds.  It was pretty good as far as how much stuff they had, but the prices were closer to LA prices than I wanted to spend.

Toms Antiques

All the things above were pretty great and had they been in LA I might have splurged, but I didn’t have a purpose for any of them right now. That brass Paul McCobb table (in the middle) was tempting. Its $250 which is just too much for a side table that I don’t need (plus shipping) but if you live in Tucson and need a simple modern investment side table, go grab that one.


There happened to be a flea market on that sunday at Brandi Fenton park where I met some very nice readers and met this pretty adorable rug. Charlie wasn’t totally impressed.


Copper Country Antiques was pretty awesome and I specifically loved the enthusiasm of the exterior and signage.

So here’s what I came home with:

Emily Tuscon What I came home with

The lucite/brass folding chairs were from Tom’s and they were $119 for the pair. I’m hoping that shipping won’t be more than $60. I can just picture them around my Saarinen table in the studio (although, man I wish we had four) or maybe I’ll keep them at home for extra seating for the 3 hour bachelor premiere in January. Not sure.  But I have a serious thing for folding chairs which probably stems from my years living in New York. They are in perfect condition (still in plastic) which is hard for lucite and brass which is probably why I snagged them.

That adorable rug was $15. So cute. Then I snagged a couple of adorable baskets ($6 and $8), some brass butterfly napkin rings ($8) and that shawl which has metallic thread in it that you can’t see. I think I might make it into a pillow because its pretty cozy and soft. It was $12 I think.

Lastly that string art is big, like 24″ wide and is going to look pretty dope on my credenza or in my shelving. It came from Copper Antiques.

And that’s what I bought in Tucson. I didn’t make it to Bon Boutique after all, but I will catch it next time, for sure. Thanks so much for all your recommendations. We had such a great time and relaxed very hard.

Which would you have hoarded? Which is your favorite?

Happy Friday + Tucson shopping recommendation?

Happy Friday, y’all. We are headed out to Tucson, Arizon-ey this morning to visit Brian’s brother and his wife, with Brian’s awesome uncle in tow. I’m very excited. There will be a lot of guy time (college football and some golfing) so I’m looking for some good shopping recommendations for my girl time with my sister in law, and Charlie, obviously.


Charlie is specifically interested in the obscure out of the way places. Any Paul McCobb or Milo Baughman are welcome.


In fact when I asked Charlie how he felt about buying more gold or brass, this is how he reacted:


Me too, Charlie. Me, too.

Make it rain, folks. What thrifting/vintage or antique stores can I not miss in Tucson?

Also sorry about the gratuitous charlie/family photos today. I suffer from a syndrome called ‘being a mom that gets easily overwhelmed with happiness by photos of her family and feels compelled to unnecessarily share them in social media’. Don’t worry, its not contagious (or is it?).

* photos by Stephanie Todaro. Steph has a family/portrait photography business and she is WONDERFUL and affordable; holiday cards anyone?