Oh Joy party at The Fig House

Well, folks, The Fig House is up and running. They have a ton of weddings, parties, and personal events booked (you can even just book a huge dinner party there) but no one really thinks about it as a day time venue – and its such a beautiful one. No one except my friend Joy and The Land of Nod, that is.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_06

Joy has a line of kids furniture/accessories that just launched at Land of Nod and I’m VERY proud of her. The Land of Nod team, including Crafting Community came in and transformed the space although I have to say that it’s almost as if The Fig House was made for that party. Color-wise it was just perfect.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_01

Oh Joy Land of Nod_04

Oh Joy Land of Nod_03

They even brought in the Oh Joy tour bus that sat in the exterior:

LON-launch-party_156 copy

Oh Joy Land of Nod_Ice Cream_Final

Oh Joy Land of Nod_07

Oh Joy Land of Nod_02

Oh Joy Land of Nod_08

Room Forty catered the party and they made these delicious sliders, macaroni and cheese (except they don’t do anything simply so this macaroni and cheese tasted like 100 angels crying on your tongue), and corn dog lollipops – all a play on kids snacks, but delicious enough for us grown ups.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_Food_Final

It was incredibly fun and satisfying to be there and see the space in action. It turns out that The Fig House really works for events. Thank god.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_05

Besides me wearing a really unflattering shirt, I’d say that the day was a total success. So yes, this is my post to promote my friends adorable project, Oh Joy for Land of Nod, but also to remind y’all that this space isn’t just for night-time events and certainly not just for weddings. Book your photo shoots, film shoots, or bring in a food truck and book a day drinking birthday party here. The exterior is one step away from being finished and then I’ll show you photos (it’s basically done now, we just don’t have any photos yet).

This post was brought to you by Oh Joy for Emily Henderson. Kidding. No sponsors on this one, just proud of my friend and love promoting The Fig House. 

Want more info on The Fig House? Check out the construction of the Fig House Here: Fig House Inspiration, Fig House Opening, Fig House Opening Party And email events@fighousela.com for bookings or inquiries.


Photographer: Casey Brodley for Oh Joy

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Customize It… Bracelet Tower


This is one of the simplest reinventions of a household item i’ve seen in a while – the paper towel holder to a bracelet tower. So simple its almost weird. For this I teamed up with Beth Ziegler, AKA organizing expert BNeato who did this DIY as she is super good at making organization look good. (Not all organizers care about that, which is why i’ve forced her to be my friend).

Here’s what you need:

1. Scissors 2. White household twine 3. Neon pink mason twine (or any twine, obviously) $5.21 4. Neon yellow mason twine $4.21 5. hot pink spray paint $3.98 6. super glue $5.98 7. IKEA toilet roll stand


1. Pick a fun spray paint color and go to town. This is definitely one of the easiest DIYs i’ve attempted.

2. Starting at the base, pick a thread color and tie it around. Make sure to leave a little extra thread so you can pull the twine and it won’t slip out. You can cut off the excess when you’re done.

3. The options are endless for pattern here–just make sure to keep pushing the twine down as you wrap so that it sits nice and evenly on the tower. Who knew there were this many fun colors of twine– not this girl! We went with a three color pattern but I think this would be equally as striking with just one color and letting the pink pop through.

4. Load this bad boy up. And since they’re chunky bracelets, it’s no big deal to take them off in order to reach the ones on the bottom.


And naturally we gif-ed it out because why live your life in still photos when it can be poppping in all dancing style? Its just so visually fun. Normally i’m kinda anti some upcycling DIY’s but this to me just seemed so simple and could be so modern. Do not get the paper towel holders that have the other little vertical piece that holds the paper towel in it – you really don’t want people to know what you repurposed. So if you find a really simple vertical rod like this go for it.


Thanks, BNeato for the DIY and Tessa for the photos.

Thanks, BNeato for the idea and the DIY. Check out the other posts i’ve worked on with BNeato –bracelet towers, hanging lucite filing folders, and jewelry blocks and shoe organizer ll big old hits. xx

Trolling Craigslist… Cincinnati!


Trolling CL Cincinnati

Yo Ohio, I’m coming at you in a couple weeks. Sure, I’m headed to Columbus for my Sunrise Makeover, but just trolling Ohio is getting me excited. Here’s what I found, Midwesterners:

trolling cl campaign dresser rolling desk chair and side table

1. $195 Campaign dresser Not a steal, but pretty good since you don’t have to refinish it. I like this scale, too – it’s not a typical chest of drawers or tall boy – its kinda in between which is easier to use and decorate.

2. $60 Rolling desk chair You know how I feel about attractive desk chairs – i love to sit on them so hard. They are the only chairs that you normally only need one of and can be really expensive.

3. $ 35 Bright school desk These retro things aren’t hard to come by but this poppy green color is way more fun, indeed.

4.  $60 Blonde wood side table Oh hey little man. You are just so cute with streamlined legs. Could be the perfect guest bedroom side table or kids room nightstand.

trolling cl cincinatti hutch rocker chairs

5. $100 Vintage cabinet There is a huge part of me that can’t wait til I get a country house so I can go all traditional on your face. I love antiques very much and something like this has a lot of character and history – like Betty White. You need to watch the finish and make sure its not too shiny, but otherwise this is a solid little piece that can add a lot of depth and interest to your space.

6. $100 Retro Chair It conjures up thoughts of PeeWee’s playhouse, certainly, but maybe that’s why I like it. It needs  a certain space with the right furniture near it (I’m picturing a large loft, a wood clad modern den, a reading corning with a weird hanging industrial pendant). Its ridiculous but it’s also a statement.

7. $35 Rolling side chair There is something so cute and charming about this guy. He’s not going to make your living room but he might be the perfect side chair in your kitchen desk area.

8. $ 150 Thonet style rocking chair . I’ve always loved a Thonet and have used them as often as I can get my hands on them. This price isn’t ridiculous but it sure ain’t bad …

trolling cl cincinatti tifted sofa and eames chairs

9. $200 Tufted sofa Calm down there, sofa. That is A LOT of tufts. Perhaps too many, but I’m still interested in sitting on you and looking at you. You belong in their right space, sure. You need to be next to some caramel leather, teak wood, a Saarinen or two … You alone, are a bit freaky but with some more respectable friends you just might hit the big leagues.

10. $65/pair Eames style chairs Nothing amazing, but cute on a porch, for sure. They are a bright poppy color and a super playful shape. I’m into you.
trolling cl cincinatti vintage sectional and chair


11. $60 Vintage desk chair Comfortable, cute shape, good price – get thee.

12. $195 Floor length mirrors If I had a more traditional house this would be something that I would love to own. It has so much character and age and just sophisticated glamour. Like Meryl.

13. $350  Mid Century sectional set I don’t know … this is very specific and boxy and almost silly looking, but in the right space it could make it. It’s a place you want to hang out and drink and throw your keys in a bucket. Or else its hideous, I’m not sure …

Oh, Craigslist. You never do disappoint.

Where to next?

Guest Orlandopost: I Love it When We’re Styling Together

Photography by Tessa Neustadt


Dear Emily,

A lot has changed in the past few years. I started my own design practice. You and Brian made a human baby with your bodies. I become the West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish. You started ruling the world and representing Target. It’s been a crazy few years, but super fun. And one of my favorite things about our new careers is that we still get the chance to collaborate every once in a while. So when the chance to play in your dining room arose, I was stoked. The space is amazing, bright, high-ceiling’d. But it needed some life. It needed art.


Enter the Tappan Collective. Tappan and Homepolish have oodles in common; they make collecting cool art from emerging artists a breeze and Homepolish makes interior design affordable and accessible to all, armed with our dear nation’s best and brightest designers. I want like everything on Tappan‘s site, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to help style the new dining room around this awesome piece by Molly Berman Emily chose for her space. And lucky you, if you pop over to Homepolish right now you can enter to win a version of this exact piece for your own pad!


There are a few things to keep in mind when styling around artwork. And I’d like to tell you about them now. In list form. Because I am incapable of talking like a normal person. I can only list things.


1. If you have lots of bitsy things, put them on a tray. This makes the whole scene feel less busy and more in control. For example, if the alcohol and glassware above were just sitting there on the credenza, they would look totally junky and disorganized. Like me on a Saturday morning after a hard night out (just kidding I literally sit inside eating pizza on Friday nights these days, alone, in Garfield pajamas). If you have too many small objects on a surface and they’re not corralled somehow they’ll look crazy. And then you’ll feel crazy. And then you’ll actually become crazy. And all your friends will hate you. Let this be a lesson to all of us to invest in trays so that our collections of objects (or booze) will look neat and organized.



2. If you are having a styling party, make sure your styling partner is pretty and laughs at all your jokes. That’s why I love working with Emily so much.


3. Make sure there’s enough light. Emily will be adding a ceiling pendant to this room, but having some nice lighting at eye level is never a bad idea. I love these cute lamps Emily snagged from Target.


4. Cluster things in groups of 3. Or 5 if you really must. This helps them look natural and collected. Just like Julia Roberts when she’s wearing that red dress in “Pretty Woman” and she looks totally like a classy lady even though like a week before she was wearing crazy boots and a cheap blond wig. Another thing to remember when clustering is to make sure the heights are distinct from one another. Above, we used a tall vase, a medium vase, and low planter to make a happy family.


5. Make sure you choose items that accentuate the mood of your artwork. This Molly Berman piece from Tappan Collective has such a quiet, peaceful mood. Thus, we chose accessories that complimented the color palette and feel of the beautiful photograph.

With these tips, you will get rich, find the man of your dreams, and get rock hard abs by the time you finish reading this sentence. And you’ll have me to thank for it. You’re welcome.


OMGPS: You can totally WIN the awesome Molly Berman piece from Tappan Collective that Emily has hanging in her dining room. Well, a smaller, more managable version of it at least. CLICK ON THIS LINK to enter. Right now. Or Else!

Resources: Dresser and dining table are vintage from the flea market, lamps from Target, tray from Target (vintage = 2 years ago), vase on dining table from Target (discontinued) and dining chairs from Mid-Century LA (and vintage, but they have more). Vessels are vintage. Morse code rocks glasses from ShopClass in LA. 

Behind the Scenes: The Airbnb SXSW Exterior

Alright folks, this is my 4th and final post about the SXSW Airbnb design project – and this one, about the exterior, was a BEAST which is why its taken me 5 weeks to write. It was one of the most challenging projects i’ve ever done, and I remember even saying once that I was more stressed out than i’ve been in years. Let me tell you why:

We had to turn this 20K square foot asphalt parking lot into a green, lush, backyard oasis full of trees, grass and furniture …. in TEXAS … without ever seeing it and in the winter when most trees didn’t have their leaves on them. 20K square feet is MASSIVE. Like Costco size. Also this area needed to function a very specific way for all the events that were going to happen there – live music events, magic shows, dinners, yoga …. so making the design for those needs was challenging, too. (Check out the first Airbnb event we did HERE and look at at the popups we designed with these celebrities: MobyLake BellMolly SimsAnjelica Huston, and James Franco, as well as Snoop Dogg’s and Capital Cities, and Allen Stone)

Here is what I had to work off of:

blueprint sxsw

To someone like me (untrained in architecture and no FORMAL design training) the above blueprint is about as understandable as a diagram of a car engine … its all just martian language, really.  So then I satellite viewed the parking lot on google maps:

satellite view

Ok, now that I am starting to understand better but its still so abstract. In retrospect I probably should  have flown down there for two days a few weeks before to see for myself, but I was busy it wasn’t in the budget, yadda yadda.

street view 2

And here’s how it looked from the street view – she was a dead, gray asphalt parking lot. So Ginny and I started to brainstorm how to turn this parking lot into a ‘neighborhood oasis’ – using these kit haus’ and 20k square feet.

We brainstormed for a couple of days and came up with this ‘Edward Scissorhands meets the Indie Southwest’. We figured it we were going to create a neighborhood why not create a super iconic suburb with acid colors, a picket fence and topiaries (which got nixed, sadly).

Airbnb SXSW

We loved the idea of taking a really traditional suburban house and neighborhood and plopping it in the middle of a total young, hipster party zone. It acted as both the respite from the craziness, and contrast to the grittiness of the East 6th neighborhood, while still being a total party space. (more…)