Emily Henderson
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The New Guest Bedroom Bed

With the baby quickly on the way, things are changing around the house. It’s insanity, actually. New baby, means new (additional) nursery, which means no guest room but Brian’s parents are coming for 6 weeks so that’s not really an option if we can help it. We decided to convert our old studio space which was downstairs and not being used into a new guest suite. Things are almost finished, thank goodness. In a perfect world I would reuse some pieces from the old guest room but stylistically I wanted things to change a lot. My new plan included a dark linen bed (click through to see what we did to ours to make it work)

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Getting Comfortable …

5 1/2 more weeks (I was 32 weeks here). I’m entering the “don’t even try to guess how much weight I’ve gained or figure out whether I’m wearing pajamas or real clothes” stage of the pregnancy. But my legs haven’t gained weight really, so I wear bigger baggier things on top for comfort and because… Read More …