Small Business Tips and Tour: Nickey Kehoe


I will have a retail store … someday.

Here’s how it will go: I’ll go shopping and buy a lot of my favorite things, then arrange them all together in cute little vignettes while we all sit in an architecturally interesting space, on a popular street, and gab about wonderful reality TV, while drinking (and offering) fancy coffee from our $2K espresso maker. People will come in to shop and chat with us about where we got each piece, and tell us how much they love our taste and style as they spend and spend and spend. Some days we’ll rearrange our pretty things just for fun(!), bring in flowers and have surprise sales to celebrate happy hour or Groundhog day. And some days we’ll just sit there and count our money, which takes alllll day long because there are buckets of it every day. In fact, I may just have to hire a money counter – not an accountant, but more like an adorable baby animal or, better yet, a talking robot to count my millions.

My friends that own stores tell a different story, but they are all running successful stores despite the crazy overhead of retail. Now, as you know, I am not exactly a retail business consultant. I learned what a ‘P&L’ was 2 years ago. But what I am is an expert on what makes a store appealing and popular to us customers. My shopaholism has had to become more acute with my busy schedule and kids, allowing me only the time to go to the good stores that truly feeds this beast (like Nickey Kehoe). These stores also happen to be successful businesses, which makes me think – perhaps giving your customers certain things is the key to a successful store. Let’s explore what these things are, shall we? Listen up, small businesses, this one is for you. Watch this video for the full store tour and all my retail tips:

Click through for the full post, including a tour of this incredibly beautiful store, Nickey Kehoe. 


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DIY Upholstered Headboard

Redbook_Upholstered Headboard_Ikea Hack_Emily Henderson_Floral_Pink_before and after

A lot of you remember the ‘1 bed, 4 ways‘ post and commented on the bed. Well, that was a DIY’d bed that we made for the Redbook column. And here’s the DIY for all of you who are looking to recreate it. I actually loved how it turned out – super simple and modern and it was WAY easier than any tufted crazy DIY bed I’ve done before.

Items Needed:

Ikea Bed Frame, Paint and Paintbrush, Scissors, Staple GunFabric, Batting, Foam (2 inches thick). We bought our fabric from Spoonflower and its insane, but I kinda love it for either a girls room or your crazy-person guest room.

Step 1: Painting

After you assemble the main parts of your bed frame, then it is time to paint. We chose just a plain white color so that the fabric would really stand out. Give it two good coats as the wood will soak up the paint a bit, and it will help with durability.

Redbook_Upholstered Headboard_Ikea Hack_Emily Henderson_Floral_Pink_upholstering

Step 2: Upholstering

Lay your fabric, batting, foam, and headboard out in reverse order on the floor, like you see in the picture. Your fabric and batting should be at least 6″ longer than all sides of your headboard so that there is plenty of fabric to wrap around and staple. You can trim the extra after you finish.

Starting with the two shorter sides, add a couple of staples in the center of the wood post, then switch to the other side, pull the fabric tight and do the same. This will insure that your fabric is taught and straight. You will want to add a staple about every 2 inches or so to insure that you don’t have any puckering on the other side. Once you finish both of the short sides, do the same with the long side.

For the corners, we just used stapled the short side all the way up to the corner and then folded over the fabric on itself and stapled down to form a clean corner.

Step 4: Lastly you will want to fasten the headboard to the rest of your bed, and you are good to go.

For the shoot we painted the walls pink, which I thought was questionable at the time – but I was like, sure, lets see how it looks. I thought that a gray would look good, but we had done gray background in the latest few columns so they said ‘no white or gray’. But they must not have liked the light pink either because when I got the magazine it looked like this:

Redbook_Upholstered Headboard_Ikea Hack_Emily Henderson_Floral_Pink_PDF_

And since one bed transformation isn’t enough, we used the same bed frame and recovered it with a grey linen then used it in our ‘one bed 4 ways’ series we recently did on the blog.

See how the same bed can look so different?

Black White Masculine Clean Modern

Happy Tuesday, y’all.


12 Annoying things I ignore every day


I once kept an egg roll in my fridge for over a year. And the only reason it is no longer in my fridge is because I moved, not because I reached in and threw it away. I was 22, living in New York, rarely ate at home and thus rarely opened the fridge. Every time I did, I thought I should throw that away, followed by Ooh there’s the ketchup!! Then I’d shut that door and eat my french fries with the ignorant bliss of an amnesic baby, until the next time I needed a condiment. To be fair, it was full of MSG and totally well-preserved.

Well, my house has one too many stylistic egg rolls. Let’s go through them.


Store Tour: Gibson

store_tour_emily_henderson_gary_gibson_west_hollywood (14 of 53)

I’ve been visiting Gibson for years. Mostly because he has this crazy store with one million beautiful things curated in such a compelling way, but also because he is a such a lovely and generous person. When I was first starting out as a designer with real clients (as opposed to a stylist with corporate clients) I would go in there and basically say, ‘Hey Gary, so how do you exactly make money and charge clients?’. And he gave me real answers by a seasoned pro – stuff you can’t get in design schools and very few designers will tell you (I will, just ask me).

He is a very well-known interior designer in LA and his store is clearly his special place/studio full of vintage curiosities and original artwork that he loves. He also sells his original custom furniture collection that is beautiful. Things are not necessarily priced to sell, and I think its because he only collects and sells things he loves and maybe would kinda rather hold on to them. I can certainly relate. CERTAINLY. It’s absolutely a must-see and worth going into to just to get lost in his world full of inspiring artwork and weird, found pieces.

Click through to see the whole tour and read the interview.